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‘The Guides’ and its Puzzles Will Drive You Mad This Month

Luke Lisi and Kevin Bradford have announced that their enigmatic riddle-solving game The Guides is coming on August 17th. This game tasks you to solve different riddles on each screen, with 50 different “pages" in two journals for you to try and solve the mysteries of. For example, some early puzzles involve a cipher centered around binary code that you must try to decode to make it to the next puzzle. Thankfully, you have the ability to easily save screenshots and built-in decoding tools will help you along, though you’ll still need to take notes on what’s happening to solve all the puzzles.

The developers are promising hundreds of puzzles across the 50 pages of the game, with more being developed right now. The Guides immediately has me beguiled and trying to solve its mysteries from an early copy I’ve gotten to play. I’m sure it’ll drive me mad from trying to solve everything it’s throwing at me, but it’ll be an interesting ride up until that point! The Guides will launch on Monday, August 17th, for a sale price of $0.99 before going up to $1.99.