If you've been watching the news recently, you'll know of the huge debate in the U.S over the role of the Confederate flag in contemporary America. Many see it as a reminder of the many pre-Civil War injustices while others see it simply as a way to honor the soldiers who died for the Confederacy. Many large US companies, including Walmart and Amazon, have already banned the sale of any Confederate flag merchandise as a reaction to the recent events. Now, it appears that Apple has decided to join them by pulling many Civil War wargames from the App Store. As of the writing of this story, games like Ultimate General: Gettysburg and all the Hunted Cow Civil War games are nowhere to be found. Apple is famous for reaching for the axe rather than the scalpel when it comes to political issues (like rejecting Hunted Cow's Tank Battle 1942 for depicting Germans and Russians as enemies), so this move doesn't come as a great surprise.


Apple's Tim Cook has recently spoke against displaying the Confederate flag, so I suppose this development was to be expected. However, censoring historical games (if that is indeed the reason why the games have been pulled) is always very tricky because those games don't glorify or promote a cause but, rather, represent historical events using the symbols and insignia of the period. Still, I can also see the political and social pressures mounting at the moment, which makes pulling the games the "safest" action for Apple. What do you think? If Apple has indeed pulled the games for displaying the Confederate flag, is Apple's action justified, or was there another way to eradicate racism and remove the symbols and words that feed it, as Tim Cook put it?

Update: It's looking like Apple has pulled everything from the App Store that features a Confederate flag, regardless of context. The reasoning Apple is sending developers is "...because it includes images of the confederate flag used in offensive and mean-spirited ways." We just spoke with Andrew from HexWar Games, who have released many historical strategy games. He insists, "We're in no way sympathetic to the use of the flag in an offensive way, we used it purely because historically that was the flag that was used at the time."

AmericanCivilWar_SplashScreens 2048 x 1536 Plain Screenshot 02
This is how the Confederate flag was displayed inside HexWar titles

HexWar Games plans on attempting to re-submit their games using the lesser-known 1861 version of the Confederate flag. But, who knows if that will even be approved. No one is sure yet if Apple is banning all mention of the Confederacy, or just the specific image of the flag which has since become such a hot button issue in the USA.

Update 2: We just received a statement from Maxim Zasov of Game Labs, the developers of Ultimate General: Gettysburg. It is as follows:

We accept Apple's decision and understand that this is a sensitive issue for the American Nation. We wanted our game to be the most accurate, historical, playable reference of the Battle of Gettysburg. All historical commanders, unit composition and weaponry, key geographical locations to the smallest streams or farms are recreated in our game's battlefield.

We receive a lot of letters of gratitude from American teachers who use our game in history curriculum to let kids experience one of the most important battles in American history from the Commander's perspective.

Spielberg’s "Schindler's List" did not try to amend his movie to look more comfortable. The historical "Gettysburg" movie (1993) is still on iTunes. We believe that all historical art forms: books, movies, or games such as ours, help to learn and understand history, depicting events as they were. True stories are more important to us than money.

Therefore we are not going to amend the game's content and Ultimate General: Gettysburg will no longer be available on AppStore. We really hope that Apple’s decision will achieve the desired results. We can’t change history, but we can change the future.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg wasn't alone in focusing on tasteful, historical accuracy. The vast majority of the Civil War strategy games I've played on my iPad put great emphasis on focusing on the historical significance of the battles, units, locations, and generals. We've also heard that these types of games have been used as teaching tools, making their removal from the App Store feel that much more reactionary.

Update 3: We now have an official Apple statement regarding the removal of the games. Specifically, Apple states that "we have removed apps from the App Store that use the Confederate flag in offensive or mean-spirited ways, which is in violation of our guidelines." Sources close to the company say that it's working with the developers affected by the flag ban to get the issue resolved and get the games back on the App Store. However, the developers will have to either remove or replace the Confederate flag. If this is indeed what Apple is demanding from the developers, it raises all kind of questions about censorship and historical memory as it literally risks rewriting history. Objectionable as it is, the existence of the Confederate flag in these Civil War games is historically accurate, and I'm not sure that any company should have the ability to mold history to its standards and beliefs.

Update 4: Apple has been clarifying their Confederate flag policy with developers who have had their games removed and is working with them to reinstate the games.


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  • gabed-em

    Absolutely ridiculous.

    Let's all just bury our heads in the sand and pretend history didn't happen that's a good next step, yeah?

    • gaymerX

      The Apple App Store offers a lot of games and apps that use the confederate flag in a non historical context. This decision does not surprise me at all. It seems that instead of cherry picking individual apps that use the flag in a questionable way, Apple decided it was easier to remove all apps instead. I am pretty sure that on a case by case basis, those games that use the flag in a historical context will most likely be back up and available soon.

      • hincy89

        Just a example of how unfair Apple is! We need Taylor swift to help the developers cause!

      • AntoxaGray

        People are blaming apple, but everyone forgot that nazi flag is banned too, and not only by Apple but most european countries and Russia. How is that different from banning confederate flag?

      • LaDiablaBlanca

        Games that fly the swastika are usually war games or shooters. Also not things that should be banned.

      • http://ghita.org/ Serban Ghita

        Actually the Nazi flag is used in a wide variety of history accurate games (like World of Tanks). Banning it from displaying it on streets is another topic, because that is a statement!

        I'm amazed on Apple's position and this is something that is embedded in the American culture: "let's all be hypocrite about it and forbid everything now that the tragedy happened". What did the American govt do to prevent it? Nothing. Because votes.

      • http://www.facebook.com/desireelsmith Desiree Smith

        Slavery was embedded in the American culture. It's banned. America got over it.

      • MrVariant

        It is just a flag in a video game. So if a game has slavery, it should be banned too? This is worse than when Apple banned pics of guns in the screenshots of games.

      • Frank Castle

        Really. How many underage prostitutes are living in a slavery in America today? Too many. You had better open your eyes. Also, we should depict history accurately so the generations on into the future will never forget.

      • billpayor

        But if that fact is acknowledged, then they would have to do something about it! When the world screams about a piece of fabric, what are they hiding????????

      • Chris Culverhouse

        Your point is irrelevant in terms of portraying history accurately. By your point, America should not allow anyone to learn slavery ever existed in the U.S. That is a chosen ignorance that is dangerous to everyone who lets that sort of thing perpetuate itself. You ever wonder how things got to the point they did historically? Acting as if it never happened, that won't help anything. It will simply come back one day.

      • Mickey Logan

        but but but I want to walk around enveloped by my safe space where nothing I disagree with ever happened!

      • Nameless

        That's exactly what fascists say.

      • Wayne

        That's exactly what fascists say.

        This is what morons say.

      • Nameless

        Is it?

      • Wayne

        Yes, only SJWankers would everything bad label as Fascist or National-Socialist.

      • Nameless


      • Wayne

        You heard it right.

      • Nameless

        No, I didn't HEAR anything.
        I had to READ it over and over and it still doesn't make a lick of sense.

        Did you mean TYPE it all out of order?

      • Wayne

        When someone have different opinion than leftist, liberal, antifascist, SJWanker, they label them as "fascist" or "nazi".

        By the way, it is legitimate to be Commie, Fascist, National-Socialist, Socialist, Anarchist, Liberal, racist, antiracist etc. Different strokes for different folks.

      • Nameless

        WTF are you typing about?

      • Nameless

        Just TWO questions Wayne:
        Why do you support Big Government and Big Corporations removing anything that they suddenly deme 'offensive'?
        How long before YOU are offensive?

      • Wayne

        Newsflash for you, people behind this are not fascists, they are Leftist, liberals, SJWankers, Kosher Conservatives.

      • Nameless

        They are communist fascists.

      • Wayne

        They are communist fascists.

        There is no such thing as commie fascist as there is no such thing as fascist commie. This is oxymoron.

        They are antifascists. Fair and square.

        You know, not all bad things are "fascist" or "nationalsocialist".

        Antifascists commited more crimes than fascists and nationalsocialists combined.

      • Nameless

        They are Communist Fascists.


        Since when does an antifascist take away a mans right to fly a piece of cloth?
        When does an antifascist pull all civil war games off it's shelves?

        This is not an oxymoron. Are you being obtuse on purpose?

      • Wayne

        Commies are anti-fascists. By the way anti-fascist is stupid made up term primarily used by commies covering everything and nothing, to discredit political opposition.

        Since when does an antifascist take away a mans right to fly a piece of cloth?

        When does an antifascist pull all civil war games off it's shelves?

        This is not an oxymoron. Are you being obtuse on purpose?

        One word, ANTIFA.

      • Nameless

        Commies are fascists.
        Look at Cuba/China and gd Russia for proof.

        This is where we are heading.

        What are you defending? Are you a communist?

      • Wayne

        Wat. Commies are commies and fascists are fascists.

      • Nameless

        In this case, they have merged. Try to keep up Wayne. Nothing is black and white right now.

      • Wayne

        Nothing is black and white right now.

        True. But I am calling a spade a spade.

      • Nameless

        If you were calling spades spades...you'd be paying attention to which spades are pushing fascism and communism.

      • Wayne

        Yeah, but I would not call Commies Fascist nor Fascist Commies.

      • Nameless

        Well, then don't.
        But I do, because that's exactly where they are right now.

      • Wayne

        As I said before, Commies are Commies and Fascists are Fascists.

        Learn difference. You everything bad prescribe to Fascists, but not all bad things are Fascist.

        By the way, Commies in the name of equality and freedom commited more crimes than Fascists and National-Socialists combined.

      • Nameless

        If you say so.

      • Emerson

        No, some just keep harping on it and keep bringing it up. Slavery was banned so no one is a slave anymore.

      • Mickey Logan

        That doesn't even make sense.

      • Ciprian Morega


      • Jau

        I have not seen the Nazi flag in WOT, and I have played it quite a bit more than I should.

        They use the iron cross instead of the swastika that would be historically correct.

      • Alexa Smith

        Except in Germany in the games the swastika has to be removed, it's not allowed in them.

      • Frank Castle

        The USA is not Europe or Russia and, we would hope, we never become like them. Showing historical events with the symbols, people and weapons that were actually there and used at the time is how we learn about the past. What is next, removing all German Nazi aircraft and missiles from the Smithsonian? This strikes me as infantile and just plain insane. The KKK burned crosses. Are we going to ban them next. Some Native Americans consider the Stars and Stripes as a flag of oppression, racism and hate. Will we have to ban that too. This is just plumb crazy.

      • Oly

        As an European who has travelled across Europe and to some parts of the USA, trust me, you should hope you become like "us europeans" (Europe is a continent with +40 countries, each one surprisingly different from other barely 200 miles away to the E, W, N or S) in some aspects aswell I hope we europeans become more like you american guys.

      • Pat

        I'm European, and honestly the deep mess Europe is in now will rather push away people rather having the emulate US. Nobody wants to emulated failure and the EU and the Euro are sadly failures.

      • ronald54321

        Yes we will. The U.S. is now psycho.

      • Wayne

        Welcome to antifa(scist) SJWAnker leftard libtard commie Cultural-Marxist world.

      • billpayor

        They are calling to burn the Stars and Stripes on the 4th of July to protest American oppression of all black slaves. They apparently do not care there were white slaves in the US in the early days.

      • Jenkem Jones

        Benjamin Franklin was an escaped slave. He was an apprentice that broke his apprenticeship. He could be arrested in another colony and brought back.

      • Pavel Drotár

        Actually, your information is factually incorrect.

        Only Germany has legislation prohibiting ALL displays of the swastika and the Nazi regime flag. Other European countries permit its usage in movies and artwork that is related to the period. So, games like Return to Castle Wolfenstein features the Nazi flag prominently; the (Czech) movie Dark Blue World or the "Czech Century" TV series show swastika and other nazi symbols wherever appropriate.

        What is prohibited in legislation is:
        1. Holocaust denial
        2. Glorification of Nazi Germany and nazism, antisemitism and holocaust
        3. (Promotion of) Crimes against humanity (such as suggesting that people should repeat the crimes of the 3rd reich against certain demographic, ethnic or racial groups)

      • Oly

        Same here in Spain. We had a Civil War, more recent than yours (1936-39) where both sides (republican-leftist and fascist-like) did terrible unspeakable things; where the Nazis, fascist Italians and some Soviet Russians helped each side accoding to their ideology while testing new weapons and tactics. Regardless of the consequences of that war and the 40 years of dictatorship that followed it, nowadays you can bear the Spanish Republican flag with total legal freedom everywhere here. The same with the Franco's one though, fortunately or not. Obviously you'd face some angry people on the street if you do so...

        What I am trying to say is that to ban things is not the way. Education and respect to both positions while watching any extremist and antidemocratic outbreak is. At least in my country's Constitution opinion, and also mine.

      • Grimloxz

        But dude, didn't the WRONG side win the Spanish Civil War???

      • Bayz

        Both sides were wrong though, the Fascists won but the Stalinists weren't exactly better. His point stands Germany is trying to obscure their own actions by forcing their law on every European country and trying to have everybody forget about 1939 outside of their frontiers, the US shouldn't do the same.

        One thing is forbidding the Confederate Flag from State Buildings, which is how this stuff begun, the South lost, they sucked at war, so their flags should not be displayed in buildings where the victors rule, but trying to do the same to entertainment...hell they want to fucking ban "Gone with the Wind"...

      • Robin Michael Breeden

        The gGerman's ban the flag in non historical representation to keep the Nazi party from reemerging. They teach what happened in the schools, the have museums and monuments the allow people to learn what happened, where the uniforms and flags are displayed. They are not trying to hide their past... just trying to avoid repeating it.

      • zombiekiller117

        Obviously you never had relatives who had to suffer years of Communist oppression.
        Hitler, the great humanitarian, saved 1/2 of Europe from the atheist butchers of Communism.

      • Bayz

        On the other hand I had relatives suffering decades (not years, decades) of Fascist oppression (also relatives who did the oppressing). Even two relatives fought in Leningrad against the Soviets with the Blue Division and did what the Wehrmacht failed to do, and yet this doesn't have anything to do with the issue at hand.

        Adults are talking, go to bed Cartman.

      • zombiekiller117

        Wake up to yourself and be thankful that Germany's preemptive defensive strike thwarted Stalin's Operation Thunder, the invasion of Europe. Be thankful Hitler, the great humanitarian was able to save 1/2 of Europe from the atheist butchers of communism.

      • Bayz

        Hmm? Hitler had his country becoming part of those "Atheist butchers of communism" for 40 years...he was the one who lost, you are talking about Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

        The URSS Before WWII was well nested in the Easternmost part of East Europe, after WWII was well deep within Central Europe¡s boundaries, if anything Hitler gave the Commies half of Europe in a silver plate, were it not for the Yankees, the URSS would have reached Lisbon by 1947...

      • zombiekiller117

        Claims USA saved Europe from Soviets after USA armed Soviets and USA opened a 2nd front to ensure Soviet invasion of Europe.
        Due to Hitler, the great humanitarian, 1/2 of Europe was saved from Communism.

      • Bayz

        Russia was already winning when the USA opened the second front. Normandy didn't happen until 1944, the Germans literally had nothing to go on against the Soviets after Kursk, almost a year before.

        Hitler gave the Soviets the excuse they needed to move forward, and trashed the war capabilities of the two only nations capable of having a chance to stop the Soviets, the UK and France. If I am not speaking Russian nowadays (other than by choice) was because the USA managed to appease Stalin by basically lying to him and letting him down on their promises, and I thank America for all that.

      • Егор Бочаров

        Sure thing, except for Communists never intended to eradicate whole nations or make them slaves to Russians.

      • spartusrings

        The south didn't suck at war. They were out numbered. Plus the north was more industrialized. Verse the south were more agricultural.

      • Bayz

        I know I accept that my comment was inflamatory, but then again the "outnumbered" thing is bullshit. Cortez was outnumbered, Blas de Lezo was outnumbered, being outnumbered and winning is actually pretty normal in Western Military History (Unless it is something like 10:1, but the propoirtions at least on the start was more about 6:1).

        The industrial differences I concede though, it sucks when your enemy can out produce you.

      • spartusrings

        The north had better (so-called) technology. Like using trains to keep a fresh supply of soldiers. The flag in South Carolina, should be left up to the people of that state. It shouldn't the rest of the countries say. Put it to a vote, during the next election.

        I thought we lived in a democracy. Not a dictatorship.
        I was trying to read up on some of the U S civil war. Its hard for me to believe it was just about freeing slaves. When some of the northern states still allowed slaves. Also Grant had slaves. Many presidents also did. Most wars are fought over power, control, or money. Old glory, the stars and stripes, first flew in 1775. While slavery was still legal. For nearly a hundred years. And still flew until the 1960s. Until the civil act was passed. Just saying. In my mind old glory has a lot more blood in its hand. And has the appearance of being clean. How many people have be killed by it? All over the world.

      • Diogenes the Dog

        So, the South "sucked at war" eh? Wrong. Go read about the Battle of Chancellorsville, the battle of Fredericksburg, and the Battle of Brice's Crossroads then come back and talk to us about Southern military prowess in the Late Unpleasantness between the North and the South. It is a fact that the CSA held off the USA for 4 long years despite having virtually no navy, 1/4 of the manpower available to the North, and 1/10 the industrial capacity of the North. Lincoln went through 7 generals in 3 years before he found one who could figure out a way to defeat Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. Even with Grant, it was not superior generalship nor fighting spirit that led to Appomattox, it was sheer weight of numbers and an endless logistical base. Had the South had the same amount of manpower and resources Yankees would need a passport today to come vacation in Dixie in the winter. Read some actual history written by professional historians before spouting off with uninformed opinions on subjects about which you obviously know very little. Being told "the North won" hardly provides one with a fully informed knowledge of the details of the conflict.

      • Bayz

        You fought 1 war, you lost 1 war. The only State that could be said not to totally suck was Texas who at least fought 2 wars and won 1.

        I am not talking about battles, I am talking about war, and since you lost the only you fought, yes you do indeed suck at war.

      • zombiekiller117

        How is it possible for 'the WRONG side' to win a war ?
        If it was it means it's possible the wrong side won WW2.

      • Jenkem Jones

        If you are a communist. The Americans didn't have a dog in that fight.

      • Jenkem Jones

        That's the way I feel about the Americas 2nd War for Independence.

      • Spencer Mack

        I don't think all of the displays of the Swastika are banned. For
        example, as I used to live in Germany, I saw many of the war museums having them,
        but only because it was historical. Out of the Historical context, yes,
        they were banned.

      • candbar213

        Because we are not most eu countrys we are the USA were we have the freedom to burn our own flag but not the freedom to display a flag that is a part of our history. It really does not matter how much people don like it game developers should be able to make any game they like if content must be viewed by adults then so be it but the dictating company's are really just making it worse.

      • klepp0906

        It's not. That's the epitome of ignorance as well.

      • AntoxaGray

        Banned in Europe and Russia.

      • J. Williams

        Hmmmm... let's lay down some statistics. In WWII, the Nazis killed c, 11,283,000 people. They performed horrific medical procedures so painful, they were equal to or greater than torture. They ruthlessly murdered a seemingly countless number of souls. That is why Apple and so many other companies have chosen to ban the Swastika, or more specifically the Nazi flag. Do not even begin to compare the Confederate flag with that of Nazi Germany. The Confederates did nothing near those evils. Yes, they did have faults- some were even major; however, do not try to ask how the flag of a ruthless genocidal country is different than the flag of those defending states rights.

      • zombiekiller117

        Let's look at facts instead of reciting 70 year old wartime propaganda.
        Hitler, the great humanitarian, saved 1/2 of Europe from the Communist butchers and returned Christian religious freedom to the countries he liberated from Stalin's jewish butchers.

      • Emotive

        I'm willing to bet the phone you're typing that comment on is because of Nazi technology. Directly or indirectly they had something to do with it.

      • AbsolutGrndZer0

        Everybody thinks Germany has a blanket ban on all Nazi things, but they don't.

        For example even though it's an atrocious movie, a great example is Uwe Boll's "Bloodrayne: The Third Reich" it was released in Germany. Has Nazis. The plot involves an attempt to make Hitler a vampire so he can be immortal. However, it is absent of Nazi flags on the cover. In the movie? Yes.

        For an extreme example however of German censorship, is the edited for German release is Go Nagai's anime Kekko Kamen. The first 'episode' one of the teachers is wearing an SS uniform and says she last taught at "Auschwitz Academy" and so the German release changed that because it was making a joke out of Nazis and they removed most of the sections where it showed her in her SS uniform.

      • BrunoFehr

        @AntoxaGray, are you seriously comparing those 2 flags? I could give you 60 million reasons on why they differ, but why bother? It's clear you wouldn't get it!

      • AntoxaGray

        Give 1 reason.

      • Nameless

        No flag should be banned.

        Russia is Communist and most of Europe is Socialist, that was supposed to be the difference.

        Apparently, the USA is Communist and Fascist as well.

        You okay with that?

      • BrunoFehr

        Russia is communist and Europe socialist? Damn, what year is this?
        The U.S. Politics are not communist nor fascist, just stupid!

      • Nameless

        Very much communist/fascist...I mean in which free society would a game about a war, that the government doesn't want us to remember unless it's through their propaganda, be banned?

        In which free country are flags suddenly gone over night and certain store claiming the government mandated it?

        It may be stupid, but it is communist fascism. And it's happening before our eyes.

      • BrunoFehr

        @Nameless, it is not communism nor fascism, it is stupidity which the American people allow. If it was communism or fascism it would be great since political systems may be changed, while stupidity is eternal!

      • BrunoFehr

        Russia is communist and Europe socialist? Damn, what year is this?
        The U.S. Politics are not communist nor fascist, just stupid!

      • Ertik

        Something about genocide and six million Jews

      • AntoxaGray

        How about banning Monglols, Attila, Napoleon. How about banning Star Wars for planet destroyers?

      • BrunoFehr

        Star Wars? We should ban YOU from talking, since your stupidity is pollution!

      • BrunoFehr

        Star Wars? We should ban YOU from talking, since your stupidity is pollution!

      • Ertik

        How about growing up

      • zombiekiller117

        The Soviet flag isn't banned and they killed 9 million White Christians in Ukraine.
        It seems White Christians aren't even worth 2/3rds of a jew.

      • Bobby leon

        This is America, the Nazi flag is not banned here..it's that pesky 1st Amendment we in the land of freedom have.

      • AC

        Because the Confederate flag is not associated with killing 12 million Jews or Catholics.

        Should we ban the American Flag because in 1775 the traitors of the Colonies in America left England during a war ?

      • Minnalousha

        One difference is that the Confederate flag is the latest, hottest "cooties" game of the race pimps of the cultural Marxists.

        The other is that it's NOT the Nazi flag, though I'm probably an evil racist for pointing out that hatefact.

      • http://adamsimmersive.com Adams Immersive

        There's a way that process you describe could indeed make sense, and I hope you're right (plus Apple could decide to re-admit legit apps even if that wasn't their initial plan).

        But that process should involve clear communication, not leaving developers to guess--yet again--and making Apple look like they are tone deaf.

        I'm working on a game about political disappearances--I worry very little, but more than zero, that the topic might offend some overzealous policy that treats games as different from books and movies. If my game were set in WWII I'd be even more worried. These kinds of fears can stop a game from existing: when you fund your game with your day job, you must evaluate the risk of the app getting stomped. Apple could make developers more confident by simple communication practices--but instead they keep making mistakes (and correcting them) year after year. It plants a huge seed of developer doubt that is unnecessary and unfortunate.

      • The Deuce

        If I were making a mobile game now, I'd just steer very clear of Apple.

      • Al B

        Really? Seems like most game developers are more than happy to have a dedicated audience with money to blow.

      • lfdev

        Some people care about principles more than money. Caring only about money gets you an amoral company and spineless CEO like tim cook.

      • Diogenes the Dog

        Well said. I own an iPad and an iPod. The iPad is now sporting Confederate Battle Flag wallpaper. The iPod is now clad in a protective shell bearing the design of the Confederate Battle Flag. Take that Tim Cook, you Stalinist sissy Agiprop wannabe. This is still America - and thanks to my ancestors who served in America's wars all the way back to the Revolution we don't have to tolerate Herr Cook's pathetic attempts to erase history and to instruct all of us in how to think. What a moron. Apple deserves every bit of backlash against it's Orwellian instincts that boneheaded decisions like theirs will generate.

      • Nameless

        That was in the before 'Fascism is now so American' time.

      • http://www.facebook.com/desireelsmith Desiree Smith

        Then you would lose a lot of money because Android doesn't have the same market base as Apple.

      • Mihos Bubastis

        Android is actually larger

      • boxtor

        But Apple users waste more money.

      • BrunoFehr

        Well then don't make one, since without Apple you would be looking for a job in no time and have an APP no one uses.

      • lfdev

        Buy a mac to develop a game tied to that specific API, invest your time and then watch as tim cook, decides it offends someone.

      • jr565

        How many games out there are promoting slavery? They simply depict the civil war and allow you to fight as the sides that participates in it.

      • kiljoy616

        The sheeple who are for this are not going to listen to your logic. They are as brain dead as teabaggers but with a different agenda.

      • Space Chief

        Teabaggers = lefties?

      • OnePissedOffAmerican

        YOU are the brain dead one. We all know what objectives Democrats and Republicans have (we see them every day) but it is painfully apparent you have no idea what the Tea Party is all about. I'm not a member but I have researched what they are about. You are showing your ignorance with your statement because you have no idea what their agenda is.

      • http://politicsy.blogspot.com/ zeph1

        Don't expect the politically lazy to do research into anything.

      • SMH

        They get their "informative news" from Comedy Central...

      • Al B

        Too bad studies have shown viewers of shows like the Daily Show and The Colbert Report are better informed than viewers of Fox and CNN.

      • Chronos Z. Wonderpig

        horse patoey

      • Jono

        Those so-called studies were written to provide the desired report, Anyone who takes them seriously is a sheeple.

      • Al B

        And what exactly about the writing of "those studies" do you find faulty? Your comment is meaningless unless you actually have a legitimate grievance that you can point to with the way the study was set up.

      • Jason Collins

        Where are these "studies" you speak so highly of?

      • Jono

        All you have to know is that the studies were conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson U. This college has the worst undergraduate ranking of any school in NJ. And every "study" that is released by them is slightly to the left of Elizabeth Warren

      • Al B


      • AntoxaGray

        Unreal Engine!

      • adplatt126

        Agreed. Very fair point.

      • SMH

        Saw that on The Daily show right, or was it The Onion.

      • Jason Collins

        Colbert finally finished his "study?"

      • Al B

        In the comment above yours, I put a link to the study, Colbert is a comedian. He does not do studies.

      • Nameless

        So now comedians are valid news sources to the Left?

        WTH am I reading here?

      • LifePilgrim

        When you say such things, link to the studies...

      • Al B

        I learned my lesson, good sir. It's just above the gentleman who uses the confederate flag as his avatar. either as a troll or he is just very ignorant. in either case, it's a legit study conducted by the pew research center.

      • Nameless

        Why is he a troll because of his avatar?

      • CaliforniaLDS

        Studies? What studies? Ones done by Obama?

      • Nameless


        You realize Jon Stewart is a Socialist...right?
        So of course he is okay with fascism...why are you?

      • Robert Ivey

        The tea party is a group of individuals who are run by corporations who use them for political gain. A vast majority of them are extreme right wing nut jobs who think that destroying America is the right thing to do. From racist view points to libertarian ideas we are better off without them.

      • adplatt126

        Then why were paleoconservatives in Middle America, associated with the Tea-Party movement, the only sizable political resistance to TARP and the only group that had a majority vote against it? It's true of course that corporations steer the Tea Party agenda, but not to the same degree that they steer the R and D parties.

      • Frank Castle

        You just proved how ignorant you are. I consider myself a member of the "TEA Party". TEA stands for TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY if you must know. I and many others, support and defend the idea that we MUST follow the US Constitution, which is the highest law in the land. Under that said Constitution, the Federal Govt is supposed to be limited not growing into the out of control monster it has become. I don't support endless mindless wars like NeoCons do and abhor racism. I love my Filipina American wife and our son from our marriage and could care less what your race is.

        The problem is many Americans are MORONS, who listen to talking points and follow some narrative from whatever side that the Media is peddling. Fox News is just as bad as MSNBC or InfoWars. Use your brain, read widely and then, hopefully, using common sense, realize the truth.

        To sum it up, if you argue points that will subvert the COTUS, you aren't my friend and you are trying to destroy the American Constitutional Republic (not a Democracy, by the way) which is on life support.

      • Roberto

        Thank you for that Frank. I was going to post something simlar, but you beat me to it. The Tea party has been demonized and discredited by the republican elite and the left for so long that their lies about them seem to have become popular opinion. The Tea party was never a party in the first place, it was started as a grass roots movement.

      • Nameless

        The hatred for the Taxed Enough Already party was the only thing the R's and D's can agree on.

        Now we know why...fascism was their mutual goal all along.

      • Nameless

        Banning flags and banning games is NOT a Libertarian idea!

        It is pure fascism...the Left has moved towards the dark side.

      • Roberto

        They've been moving that direction for a long time, they have just greased the skids a bit more now.

      • Nameless

        You are right Roberto!

        It's despicable and dishonest how the Leftist Liberals have been pretending to be Libertarians. It might be because dumb people like Robert Ivy have no clue what the difference is.

      • http://politicsy.blogspot.com/ zeph1

        Are you for real?

        Tea partiers' only agenda is to support and vote for politicians that hold views similar to theirs. You don't see them flooding society, colleges, universities and media with actions of political correctness and "social justice".

        Is it so hard to criticize the commonplace left on its own without bringing up an unrelated conservative group as a buffer from criticism?

      • Jenkem Jones

        I just read the most stupid thing ever, and then I read some more of your comment.

      • John Doe

        Who are you replying to?

      • MonsterBansheeRage3D

        Jenkem Jones -> kiljoy616

      • Jim Shorts


      • John Doe

        I resent your comparing TEA PARTIERS, with the liberal left. It make me wonder if you are even real or just trying to stir up trouble.

      • Jono

        And I bet you think that if you resent something everyone should immediately do all they can to make it go away - whether it's real or not.

      • Brian Hall

        Yes, don't be so crass and inventive as to compare Tea partiers with the liberal left.

        I imagine that a better analogy for the Liberal Left would be the Nazi party.

      • Nameless

        Or Chinese Communism.

      • CaliforniaLDS

        People who have to use childish terms like "tea baggers" are the most brain dead of them all.

      • AntoxaGray

        they should ban games about planets destruction. It is far bigger evil than some confederate flag.

      • kiljoy616

        What do we call what they are doing? Censorship and no it should not be the norm.

      • Mr Smart

        What they are doing is no different than what Hitler did in the 1930s with his Hitler Youth. The Tea Party preaches hatred, misogyny, intolerance and the supremacy of the white race. They are radical christian lunatics, period. The Tea Party should be banned. Banned. The police, the army, SOMEONE needs to round them up, they should be arrested, tried for treason and all found guilty. Every damn last one of their pasty white racist asses. This country doesn't need a gaggle of militaristic, white-only, racist mad men running around screaming about our Leader Obama like rabid animals. Sorry folks, but it's 2015 and we do not tolerate non-diverse bigoted anti-Feminist scumbags that preach hate. Arrest them, shoot any who fight back or try to run and give the rest a fair trial where they are found guilty and locked away for the rest of their bigot lives. PERIOD

      • John Doe

        Then why are you posting, just to show your ignorance?

      • NorCal Native

        Come on over to my home and try to enforce it. Please!

      • Jim Shorts

        So your solution to your lunatic rant about "tea baggers" is to enforce a police state? You really are smart, Mr Smart.

      • Jono

        >>Sorry folks, but it's 2015 and we do not tolerate non-diverse bigoted
        anti-Feminist scumbags that preach hate. Arrest them, shoot any who
        fight back or try to run and give the rest a fair trial where they are
        found guilty and locked away for the rest of their bigot lives. PERIOD<<

        The spirit of Joe McCarthy.

      • QuarterSwede

        You do realize how you just generalized all Tea Party affiliates as racist, white people. You do know there are plenty of black people in the party, no?

      • twitchy67

        Much as I think the tea party is a bunch of hypocritical gits and a blight on society, I'd like to point out the irony of having a military or police force rounding up and arresting a political group because they're too much like nazis...

      • “justpassingthru”

        Look whos preaching hatred and intolerance. Praying for you. So much hate.

      • Death Lord777

        Not correct we are not nazi you are the nazi for posting your political comments on a mobile game forum.

      • Jono

        I have given your diatribe as wide an audience as I could. You are such a perfect example of the storm trooper mentality on the left that I will post your speech as many time as I find appropriate.

      • CallahanAuto

        Self-awareness? Uh, negative!

      • AJ Price

        Really? Ban political opposition, have the army round them up, try them in mock courts and what? Put them in camps? Yeah, Tea Party members are just like the Nazis. Sounds like you don't tolerate anyone who doesn't follow your uberliberal agenda.

      • CallahanAuto

        I think he is too over-the-top to be serious. He's kidding.

      • Nameless

        Not so sure...I'm reading the same type of posts on other websites as well.

      • Spaulding666

        Quite the little diatribe for someone who doesn't like racists and bigots. Also, as far as I know it isn't illegal to dislike feminists. In fact only about 20% of Americans identify as feminists.

      • eddie willers

        I up-voted you for superb satire.

      • boxtor

        The assumption is that this is satire. But there are people stupid enough for this to be serious.

      • adplatt126

        Wow. We should kill everyone who disagrees with you, eh? It's you who would have a lot in common with Hitler and Stalin, indeed most any historical totalitarian. You're an absolute fool, not to mention lowlife. You're the definition of bigot, and the way you've generalized a very diverse group comprised of tens of millions of people, that is in the most inane and round way possibe, is absolutely no different structurally from the logic of the most racist, genocidal Neo-Nazi on Stormfront or the most committed, delusional Lysenko loving Marxist on HuffPo. It's you who are a threat to the body politic. It's you who should be hunted down. Anyone who calls for the murder of innocent civilians merely because they hold the wrong ideas in their heads is a sick, sick puppy far removed from any branch of humanity worth preserving. Period.

      • Frank Castle

        Wow, I hope to never meet you in person. You are really mental!!!

      • Nameless

        Wow...fascist much?
        You all for ovens and gas chambers too?

      • Asurea

        As an openly bi male, who has been to three different TEA party rallies with both of my partners, your "description" is an absurd, hateful, bigoted caricature.

        Religion does not matter (politically) to any of the other TEA party people I've spoken to. Nor do they preach white supremacy, misogyny, or any other form of bigotry.

        Which makes your proposed "solution", and your mention of the Hitler Youth, all the more ironic. You're demanding a Night of the Long Knives against American citizens, you filthy brown shirt.

      • Nameless


      • PoodleSheep

        Yes, it is much more logical to burn your house down to get rid of a spider than hit it up with a rolled up newspaper.

      • TheyCallMeBruce

        Actually, it's best to relocate the spider or just leave it alone. They eat much more annoying bugs that spread disease.

      • The Deuce

        No surprise that gaymerX would try to justify every absurd excess done in the name of "social justice."

      • Keirnoth

        "We'll ban everything and only let what we like back in."

        While I acknowledge it's a business' right to do it, it's still fucking stupid. Offense from something like a flag is TAKEN, not GIVEN. This is animal farm levels of silliness.

      • AAPL.To.Break.$130.Soon>:-)

        Apple is supposedly removing the flag on a case by case basis but I'm sure there are people will challenge each case and will still be upset with Apple's decisions. Tim Cook is a Southerner so he must be looking at it from a Southerner's perspective. However, I know he can't possibly represent every Southerner.

      • BrunoFehr

        @gaymerX, yeah lets hit a couple a companies very hard financially because we are too lazy to check all Apps to delete those abusing this symbol! Was it just this time or you don't make sense on a regular basis?

    • Chris Jones

      Great comment. At the same time let us deny the severity of slavery and tell everyone affected by it, directly or indirectly, to move on and forget about it since we are now in 2015 and it happened centuries ago.

      Sometimes the audacity of you people hypocrisy is astounding.

      Sorry you do not choose which history to remember and which to forget.

      If you deem it necessary to remember the history of the confederate flag, others would also wish to remember the history of the atrocities committed in its name.

      • Senza

        What do you mean "you people"?

      • 5Cats

        He means White Americans: ignoring all the other peoples throughout history who practiced slavery... all races, most nations, pretty much everywhere at one time or another...

      • accolade

        Well 5Cats we are talking about the Confederate flag, we are talking about the United States. Most of us here are Americans. Do you need atrocities committed in other countries to justify your point and say we she be like B, or because B does it's okay for us to do it?

      • 5Cats

        If the USA were the only slave nation? You may have a point. But since many others did it too, shouldn't their flags be banished also?
        That's the issue here, not if slavery is 'justified' or not, but if the Confederate Battle Flag should be removed from culture "because of slavery". If yes? Then ban the flag of France, who imported FAR MORE slaves than the USA to the New World...
        No one is questioning if it was "an atrocity" or not. That's a non-issue. There is some doubt as to the flag's connection to slavery, just like the flag of France...

      • accolade

        That's for the people of France to decide. I'm an American and I care about American issues.

      • hincy89

        I have no idea what he means,but I don't think he means black people. Open your mind ignorance is bliss.

      • Chris

        Let's not guess at what he means, let's find out for certain. Ask the Supreme Court.

      • kiljoy616

        If you don't know what he means then read again.

      • http://ambaryerno.wordpress.com ambaryerno

        If you don't know what he means you've probably never seen Tropic Thunder, at least that was my first impression.

      • knightmese

        What do YOU mean "you people"?

      • Dyler_Turden

        What do YOU mean, "you people"?

      • http://illyaking.com/ Illya King

        Tumblr users.

      • mycoolroy


      • Winston_from_the_Ministry

        So how do you feel about the quotes from Lincoln saying he'd allow slavery if it saved the union?

      • Chris Jones

        What Lincoln said is irrelevant to me. I am not an American and do not want to be one. I am simply here to point out the hypocrisy of the neo-bigots who cherish their past so much but want other peoples past erased since it reminds them of their own shortcomings and evil.

      • vvtim

        Maybe some people just like history and strategy games and think censoring the civil war isn't a good idea? MAYBE?

      • Douche McBags

        Clearly, White people need to be punished. Next will be reparations to the nation's minorities. 10% of all White persons income will go to Blacks, Hispanics, and Natives. Serves you right.

      • Amanda

        Why do "white" people need to be punished? Your statement shows how backwards the world is. Instead of punishing and taking money that I need to raise my kid, Let's just never forget what happened. Money solves nothing and to me you saying throw money at it shows that some people are still trying to hide what happen. I am Metis and don't want someone else's hard earned money all I want is for people to never forget for people to say yes this happened and we are sorry and let's work towards making sure it never happens again! That flag won't go away, ever and it shouldn't. Yes it represented a group of people fighting to keep slaves, but people still died that weren't fighting you know women and children, well dome kids were on the front lines as drummers, so it should stay at the war memorial and no where else.

      • Nameless

        Ask Malik Shabbaz and his group getting a pass for his white people need to be murdered speech.

        It seems it's okay to incite murder, but may the world end if anyone plays a game about the civil war.

      • Cyclops

        Good luck figuring that one out. Prove someone doesn't have African or native American genes. My grandmother was a Cherokee, that excludes me. What about black slave owners. This could get interesting.

      • eddie willers

        How much money do I owe Oprah?

      • Brian Hall

        Wow, Chris is a fascist. 'I dont like it, my idealogy, ban it' Go back to 1939 Chris.

      • Nameless

        And he isn't American.

      • Sunspot

        Projection. As you declare your support of erasing the past, you talk of the "others" who want people's pasts erased.

        No. It's all you.

      • Recon5

        The "neo-bigots" are capable of distinguishing the difference between history and the present. The perpetually aggrieved making canned rhetoric and perpetual outrage a cottage industry cannot, because it undermines both their narrative and relevance.

      • Jim Shorts

        I get what you saying Chris... don't think your point is fascist nor cynical.

      • ibnt

        There's nothing "wrong" with slavery per se. Every civilisation historically kept slaves (including the Romans, Greeks, Persians, Africans, Arabs, and most aboriginal cultures). As we dance to our genetic masters, the strong will do what the strong always do, and the weak will ... well, be the weak. Quit with the neo-religious moralising.

      • kiljoy616

        Two thumbs up.

      • jr565

        we're glad you're not American.

      • Henric

        Bullshit. Wanting games with historically accurate symbology does in no way make anyone a bigot. Neither does it inherently belittle anyone's experience of anything nor can it be used to argue that anyone is evil because of it. You are making shit up and considering yourself to be morally superior to those in here. But you utterly and totally fail to argue a single point in favour of your little crusade against the "morally corrupt". You aren't even arguing the point, you're just making shit up out of thin air.

      • Douche McBags

        Are you White? If you answered "yes", then you are indeed a bigot.

        White people are the problem, and they're finally being punished. Praise Allah.

      • Saatiya Patel

        You're the problem, you piece of human garbage.

        Do you say Allah? If so, Indians have every right to kick you out of our country and drop nuclear weapons right next door on Pakistan. The street goes both ways.

      • yodawgboy

        Can't you see when someone is trolling? But then again, I suppose I shouldn't expect too much from a nation of curry-smelling gang-rapists who bathe in rivers of feces, urine and decomposing bodies. Good God, China and Pakistan cannot wipe your "people" out soon enough.

      • Great White

        You idiot - Muslims start slavery in the first place. Your people and Africans sold slaves to the white man. Your religion still believes in slavery.You got some nerve.

      • Chadwick

        Why don't you go ahead and re-read the original comment and point out where gabed-em states he wants anyone's past erased.

      • John Doe

        Which side are you defending?

      • Winston_from_the_Ministry

        Wait, which side are you talking about?

      • Jim Shorts

        I'll answer your question directly, regarding Lincoln's reference to "allowing slavery if it saved the union". His duty as president was to save the Union. He did not like slavery, nor did he feel like he had the power to outright ban slavery (he did not). The brilliant twist to all this is that, if he couldn't save the Union, then how would slaves in the Southern States ever be free? So winning the war was the only option. Later, in the emancipation proclamation, he clarifies this.

      • Earl C. Bedford Jr.

        But the Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery and indentureded servitude in the south and not really the north. Plus it was still something that only the states through Congress and the Senate that truly had the power to ban slavery and proclaim all slaves Free.

        Lincon did overstep his power as president. Which is the reason Obama made the speech he did with the immigration eo. And what he was referring to in that speech.

      • Jim Shorts

        Good point. It does state in the constitution "Equal Rights to all Men". I guess it's how you look at it. At the time, the slaves were viewed as property. Once you remove the "property" from the equation, which Lincoln successfully did, Lincoln would be abiding by the constitution, and therefor, not overstepping his power?

      • Winston_from_the_Ministry

        Your brilliant twist is not really so brilliant. Slavery would have become obsolete in the south anyway with the advent of industrialisation. As it has done elsewhere around the globe, generally without civil wars.

      • Jim Shorts

        oh okay. I was just kidding anyways.. I meant to say it was a stupid twist, because of the advent of industrialization in other parts of the world.

      • http://donatstudios.com Jesse Donat

        I lost family to the Nazis much more recently than slavery, yet I have no issue with a Nazi flag being in Wolfenstein.

      • Milotorou

        Thank you. Thats exactly how people shoukd think.

      • PHUCKO

        I lost family on Alderaan. I want Apple to remove all games with the Empire logo 🙁

      • gabed-em

        Damn it, now we will lose all Star Wars games

      • Chris Jones

        Please give me a break and do not act like you don't know what I am talking about.

        I am from Germany and any depiction of the swastika in this country is wholly outlawed and it is a grave offence to deny the holocaust.

        I guess it is fine for white Americans to underestimate and lower the severity of slavery and its impact on subsequent generations but it is absolutely unthinkable to deny the holocaust right?

        You do not get it. The problem isn't the flag but trying to deny others of their past. If you expect people to remember the confederate flag for historical purposes then do not moan when others remind you of the atrocities you committed with that flag.

        The difference between the swastika and the confederate flag is that the present day Germans have sincerely and deeply apologised for their genocide and have taken steps to prevent its reoccurrence but in the United States, they proudly fly the confederate flag on public buildings showing no remorse for their evil past. It is a thing of pride to be a "country" boy who can display the biggest confederate flag in front of your home thus indirectly implying that slavery was right.

        So please give me a freaking break. Your comparison is way off.

        By the way I am in no way in support of Apple censorship since the confederate flag is worthless and meaningless to me just that I find it highly laughable how everybody is about to burst a vein because Apple is censoring the useless flag but would be quick to tell the next African American or Original American to stop whining because slavery and their genocide happened centuries ago.

        They are both history and you do not choose which to retain and which to forfeit. Simple logic.

      • bhayes444

        You are completely wrong in your interpretation of what the Confederate flag stands for. It stands for southern pride plain and simple. People associate it with slavery because the South had lots of slaves, but so did the North. Some people have misguided feelings about the flag and use it in a hurtful manner, just getting rid of it isn't going to make that go away.

        You act like the South should be punished for fighting for what it believed in, and it was. But, this is history that won't be easily forgotten. Just apologizing and trying to ensure it won't happen again isn't going to do much. Almost every nation on this planet has a genocidal/slavery loving past.

      • Velcroe

        " It stands for southern pride plain and simple." Some people may view it that way but considering the in places like Virginia the flag was placed outside the Charleston in protest of the civil rights I think its pretty safe to say that your interpretation of its meaning is not the only.

        That said Apple is in the wrong here. A global purging is just plain stupid. Historical games that concern the era are just that historical games. They teach and their subject matter is an actual historical even. We can't put our heads in the sand and pretend these events did not take place - they are a part of our history and banning games or things that teach that history is just wrong.

      • Bouldergore

        Well with that line of thinking anyone can interpret anything....so just ban everything....

      • OnePissedOffAmerican

        That may happen soon enough

      • bhayes444

        I agree that people do have other interpretations of what it means, just like I'm sure the American flag does not mean freedom to other occupants of the world.

        I also wholeheartedly agree with your take on the matter. Pretending things didn't happen is worse than just acknowledging them and fixing the issue. Banning the sale of the flag (digital or otherwise) is just a PC move to not piss off the majority of people, while alienating others. Very poor PR move on all companies.

      • jr565

        wasn't it place there as protest for federal govt telling the south what to do?
        Leaving aside the issue of slavery, the south has a beef with the North and the federal govt imposing its will on them. The south well remembers that the North INVADED THEM.

      • Jim Shorts

        "The flag then is often put up as a sign of defiance not specifically about civil rights." - Bo and Luke Duke

      • bhayes444

        Yes, sadly you are right that my interpretation is not the only one. In fact many people just feel it stands for slavery because the South had slavery when the war started and the North did not. Lots of countries have had or used slaves, but there flags don't necessarily mean that to them. I agree with you 100% that you can't just forget about the past. Getting rid of a flag won't make the problem disappear, all it does it make it seem like you're trying to cover it up to appease the masses. I just wish people would attribute the actions of a person to the person and not a flag. What if some racial bigot was using an iPhone before his/her acts of violence? Then future bigots started doing the same thing too? That wouldn't make Apple a symbol of bigotry and racism would it? Nope.

      • visualplayer

        LOL the Confederate flag was raised to defend the right to own slaves. THAT is the 'pride' of the South.

      • Joe Marco

        It was raised to defend states right, the people of the South wanted to abolish slavery, just they knew they couldn't do it immediately because it would damage the economy, because the slaves atm didn't have the skills necessary to get jobs,

      • misterfilmgeek

        "It was raised to defend states right, the people of the South wanted to abolish slavery, just they knew they couldn't do it immediately because it would damage the economy, because the slaves atm didn't have the skills necessary to get jobs"

        The South did not want to abolish slavery - that is what the entire war was about, whether or not you choose to call it "states rights". That is completely laughable. And how do you figure slaves didn't have job skills? Because they sat on their lazy asses all day doing nothing and were clothed and fed and housed just for existing? Here's a reminder - they were working harder than you or I ever will, in a "job" that required skills. And even if the no skills argument were true, are you seriously arguing that it's better to keep people in slavery than to set them free?

      • OnePissedOffAmerican

        I guess historical ignorance is running rampant today. The Civil War was NOT about slavery!!! Go back to school.

      • misterfilmgeek

        Forgive me. It was about an individual state's right to keep slavery legal and whether or not to admit new states as "slave states". I'm sorry for my ignorance.

      • Robert Ivey

        Actually it was entirely about slavery. But hey don't take my word for it just actually read up on it.

      • jr565

        Im sure slave owners wanted to keep slavery. But it wasn't black and white as in the North is for free blacks and the south wants to slavery. not all white southerners fought Civil war for slavery.

      • bhayes444

        Not entirely. The South seceded from the Union, the North didn't like it so went to war to put down the "rebels". The reason for secession was related to slavery and the effect it would have on the economy. Slavery isn't the cause for the war, merely a contributing factor.

        There is much more to the "pride" of the South than what you assume. Please educate yourself more.

      • Saatiya Patel

        I find that hard to believe when people flying those flags all over the place has the nerve to call my family "sand N****rs" and "You ain't belong here, we have Southern pride!!"

      • bhayes444

        Different people, different values. Can't say much different from people waving the American flag and doing something similar. You can't attribute a person's attitudes to a flag, just the person him or herself.

      • bhayes444

        You just can't attribute the attitudes of a person to a flag. I remember an article a year or two ago about the high amounts of racial bigotry in Football clubs of Europe where even the fans of the player's team booed him and called him slurs of all kinds, until it brought him to tears.

      • yodawgboy

        Don't like it? Go back to India.

      • J H

        Well, glad to see how the human race is degrading. Excuse me while I tell all my neighbors to go back to Kentucky. That must certainly solve the problem!

      • OnePissedOffAmerican

        I'll bet you were a grade school dropout visualplayer. What a ridiculous and stupid thing to say. You are showing your total ignorance of anything history. either go back to school or go bury your head back in your hole.

      • Masoner

        Rich men from the north and rich men form the south wanted to control what was imported and exported so they went to war and like always young poor white men died for rich people.

      • jr565

        actuallly the American flag was raised for that.

      • Larry Garfield

        The confederate flag was the battle flag of an armed military insurrection against the government of the United States by US citizens. That is, it is a flag of treason, even the narrow definition of treason defined in the constitution. to fly it is to support and endorse treason.

        Look at the statements of the major leaders of the Confederacy at the time; they were very clear that secession was about slavery, maintaining slavery, and expanding slavery, in the name of "keeping the blacks down where they belong".

        The confederate flag is a symbol of treason in the name of racism. There is no other interpretation. The "heritage" argument was developed a century later as an excuse to *fly it even more* in the face of the Civil Rights movement.

        And what is that heritage it supposedly represents? That's right, a heritage of treason in the name of racism.

        That said, I agree with most others here that Apple is over-stepping. If you play Wolfenstein, or any other WW II game, there will be Swastikas all over the place. Because the game is set in Nazi Germany. That's not an endorsement of the Nazis or their policies, but a historically accurate artwork. There's a vast difference between that and, say, a White Power app that encourages antisemitism. That Apple can't differentiate between those two shows that their app review process is broken.

      • 5Cats

        The flag of the USA is treasonous against England and their rightful King... just sayin...
        Northerners owned many slave too, and passed many laws keeping the slaves "in line" and forbidding their freedom. Re-writing history won't help anyone, eh?

      • bhayes444

        While the treason argument is all well and gold, isn't the American flag treasonous to the British? Doesn't that mean we should change the US flag to appease other people and not dtep on any toes? It's history and still a very real part of the country. People want to put down this flag as a symbol of bigotry and racism instead of dealing with the actual problem. There is nothing wrong with the flag, just the people who use it for hatred against others, or the people admonishing them.

      • OnePissedOffAmerican

        Another totally ignorant person spouting made up crap. Try cracking a history book. Just make sure it doesn't say "Common Core" on the front cover. No wonder our country is going to hell in a hand basket.

      • jr565

        The american flag is a flag of treason and insurrection. You remember we had a revolution right?

      • OnePissedOffAmerican


      • Xifus

        The issue here is with the definition of freedom. If one's choices/actions, be they individual or corporate, impinges on or violates another's rights, then that choice should be taken away. Such was the case with slavery in the USA. However, if one's choices/actions do not impinge or violate another's rights, then in this country they have, and should continue to have, the freedom to continue in those choices/actions. Flying the Confederate flag does not impinge upon or violate rights. It does, however, show at best a lack of compassion or empathy for the evil actions committed under it; at worst, an moral alignment to those actions. I'm a 6th-generation Texan whose family was in South Carolina during the Civil War, and whose ancestors fought for the Confederacy, by the way.

      • GoldenOreo

        Yes. We got idiots like Tom Petty & southerners who embrace this racist flag. They don't care about the despicable history and have made it into something to revere. THAT is backwards and THAT is a reason why that racist kid is pictured with the flag. He was not raised racist. He saw others with the flag like it was nothing! THAT is the problem in America.

      • model1911

        "I am from Germany." This ain't Germany.

      • Chris Jones

        Then you must be from east Germany then where hungry and tattered looking neo-fascists are a daily sight. Don't just bring that nonsense anywhere Hessen.

      • 5Cats

        You do know that France and England bought & sold more slaves than America, right? Should their flags be banned?
        The Confederacy never bought ANY slaves from Africa, afaik! During the war I mean.
        The Nazi flag is far different from a "battle flag". It wasn't the symbol of the Confederacy at the time, but one of many flags they had. But banning ALL swastikas world-wide would be stupid, many pre-date Nazism and have nothing to do with Germany! Context matters!

      • L.j. Lee

        Sorry to burst your bubble but the civil war was not about slavery. The president at the time used that as propaganda.

        Before hoping on and fussing about another country's flag from the past, be sure to read up on its history first.

        The American Civil War was about more or less economics at the time and the north not supporting the south the way it should. There were some that benefited by separating from the union with slavery but it was by no means known by the mass of the time.

        I do not come to you speaking of your countries past atrocities but you come here to put your two cents. It's ridiculous to think they are even comparable.

      • CJinPA

        Nothing better than getting lecture about race relations from a European, who exhibited perfect behavior up until the time their continent actually began receiving residents who were not white. Then they behaved like those ugly Americans.

        It's a game. About a war. With enemy flags. Nothing more. For the Left, there can be no sliver of life that is not politicized.

      • Jonathan Wilson

        It was only the Confederacy that allowed Amerindians, Free Blacks, Tejanos and Asians to vote. It was only the Confederacy that allowed from day one to enlist and be commissioned officers. Only the Confederacy had racially integrated units. When the North was extremely antisemitic, the South had a Jewish Secretary of State. I as a native American am damn proud of that flag.

      • Space Chief

        Of course it doesn't stop the Germans from making TV shows where Polish Home Army are shown as immoral.

      • OnePissedOffAmerican

        I call Bullshit on that remark. I have family in Germany. They don't deny their history like you want us to think.

      • TheyCallMeBruce

        In America we believe in freedom of speech. If someone denies the holocaust you can try to correct them or try to argue with them or just call them a nasty name but you cannot have them arrested merely for expressing an opinion, however ignorant or misguided it is. I'd think in Germany with your recent history (*very* recent, in the East) of book burnings and secret police and little dictators telling everyone everything they are or are not allowed to say and think you'd have had enough of that and decided to value freedom, even freedom to be an ass, over censorship, but I guess some people just never learn.

      • newguy40

        "The difference between the swastika and the confederate flag is that the present day Germans have sincerely and deeply apologised for their genocide and have taken steps to prevent its reoccurrence but in the United States, they proudly fly the confederate flag on public buildings showing no remorse for their evil past. It is a thing of pride to be a "country" boy who can display the biggest confederate flag in front of your home thus indirectly implying that slavery was right."

        You are kidding right? The southern states payed with blood and suffering for their rebellion. They were about as thoroughly crushed as people and culture could be. Slavery was crushed at Appomatox. That is done. Get over it. Should we ban the state flag of Virigina too as that flew along side the confederate battle flags during the civil war too?

        Your conflating Nazi's and Confederate is equally ignorant. The swastika was banned because it was a symbol of genocide and murder sponsored at the state level. Needless to say, the Confederacy did not. And, believe it or not, here in the US, we don't ban things that offend us. We may not like it but we can discuss it openly. By law, the swastika is banned in Germany. By the SJW such as yourself and the dolt at Apple, you prevent that freedom of expression. I suggest you grow up and find something useful to do with your life rather than making others less.

      • Robert Ivey

        Actually the Nazi flag and all associated items were illegal to possess in Germany up until recently. The Confederate Flag and such items were gone up until they reappeared in the 1960s as a protest against the Civil Rights movement. So its a doubly infused racist icon.

      • YaThunk

        My ancestors were forced to march thousands of miles.. relocate their homes, we were killed, slaughtered, starved. Our wives were captured and kept as sex slaves.. Can we ban the American flag for all the atrocities enacted upon the Native Americans? We had our own flags before they came.

      • OnePissedOffAmerican

        That's because you have a brain. Those that deny history are bound to repeat it. Can you see it coming? I can.

      • DotComCTO

        You're way off base here. There's a vast difference between representing the flag and uniform used from a historical conflict and the fact that the Confederate flag still flies today (which it shouldn't).

      • GoldenHomer

        Tell me again, where did slavery exist before it came to the Americas? I suggest you take your own advice and look at your own history.

      • Larry Garfield

        For those who want to do their research: Pretty much everywhere. Slavery was a fairly universal practice for ~6000 years around the world until the 1700s or so, when attitudes started to shift against it.

      • Vincent S.

        Slavery is still active to this day. We're all slaves under a different name.

      • Mike

        Your hypocrisy is worse. Chocolate is farmed by child slave labor. Are you doing anything about it, or are you just being a slacktivist? It's easy to post here, but when push comes to shove you won't do anything worthwhile to end modern slavery.

      • Bob

        what exactly are you talking about? How does the confederate flag appearing in an historical wargame have anything to do with anyone denying the history of racism and slavery in America? How does removing the confederate flag NOT deny history? It's part of that history. I completely agree that you don't choose which history to remember and which to forget - which is why trying to remove all references to the confederate flag or the swastika in an historical wargame is idiocy.

      • Zero Ehxe

        Well said and valid point.

      • iosuser

        The liberals ARE trying to rewrite history and fundamentally change the country (not in a good way). This knee jerk, feel good decision by Apple appeases that vocal but tiny group that controls the media and wants everyone to think the Democrats are doing what's best for us. Just another sign of the times we are living in...

      • Rick Derris

        I don't think the game developers, game company, or game players are supporting or in any way backing slavery with this game or trying to whitewash history by trying to "forget" slavery.

        The game is a way to reenact a historical event involving armies. I never played the game, but I've played other US Civil War themed games, and never once did I see a requirement that a player perform acts like chasing runaway slaves. Playing the Confederate side in this game doesn't mean that a player supports the Confederacy any more than a player playing the USSR in a WW2 themed game supports Communism.

      • Recon5

        We're all well aware of the atrocities done during slavery. What we're not willing to do is unpack those atrocities every five minutes on LSDNC and join in the fantasy that the past is alive and well in it's entirety in modern times.

      • Eric_D_Read

        Nice display of moral peacocking, but saying unjust institutions that ended more than 150 years ago does not justify present day dysfunction =/= telling people that they should "move on and forget about it".

      • Cardguy63

        So your saying jews should be feeling heart sick and seek reparations from the Egyptians? Or do you have a cut off date in mind.

      • Joe Marco

        Many people in the confederacy were against slavery, the large portion of the confederacy were fighting for states rights, everyone acknowledges slavery existed, but this is ridiculous, the civil war is a historic moment and many people are still passionate about it. NO ONE should censor that moment of history from our society.

      • jr565

        How does having a civil war game deny slavery? Would having a WWII game deny the holocaust? You're the kind of guy that likes to ban books. You'd fit in real well in soviet Russia.
        And shouldn't Apple also ban all games that involve communism since communism caused the deaths of millions? If there is a hammer and sickle in the game it must be BANNED! F you, and f Apple

      • kiljoy616

        So what, now you want to rewrite history little girl.

      • http://jgomo3.blogspot.com/ Jesús Gómez

        I have an idea: to remember "the history of the confederate flag" and "the history of the atrocities committed in its name".

      • Douche McBags

        You're an idiot. Please go play in traffic.

      • Space Chief

        I sure hope you will also support the removal of Soviet symbols in the Apple store. After all millions died and were enslaved at the hands of the Soviet Union.

      • OnePissedOffAmerican

        You are ignorant. There is NOT A SINGLE SLAVE IN THIS COUNTRY you moron. Slavery does not directly or indirectly affect anyone in this country. And the key word is "HISTORY", not 'CURRENT AFFAIRS". Go bury your head back in your hole.

      • William Heffron

        Actually...slavery still exists in the USA. Legally, albeit, but it does exist.

      • TheyCallMeBruce

        Slavery existed under the US flag far longer than it did under the Confederate flag. Should the American flag be banned as well? And how about the UK flag, since they did all sorts of horrible things to Irish people? In fact, is there a single flag on the planet that no one has done anything bad in the name of?

      • John Doe

        What atrocities. The atrocities, as I remember were committed in the name of the American flag "to preserve the union." The south wanted to leave what it thought to be a VOLUNTARY union and the north attacked. What it didn't destroy it stole. Either find out about history or hush. Notice how I said that, no name calling or insults. You can do that when you are right.

      • gabed-em

        The presence of a flag in a game depicting a battle from that war in no way tells people whose ancestors were slaves to get over it. Seriously, suggesting it does is frankly stupid.

        I'm Jewish, should I be offended about the use of nazi flags in WW2 games? The answer is no. I loathe the history but it exists, putting our head in the sand and pretending otherwise is a disservice to those who suffered under terrible regimes.

      • LifePilgrim

        It is important not to exclude any history. The moment feelings become more important than fact is the moment everyone loses, no matter their ethnic or socio-economic background.

      • Scott Broscious

        You might want to reread his post...and then realize what he said was said in a mocking "tone" and it, pretty much, equates to exactly what you said. He said - "Let's all just bury our heads in the sand and pretend history didn't happen that's a good next step, yeah?" you said - "Sorry you do not choose which history to remember and which to forget." What exactly was the point to your rant again?

      • Phil W

        Thats the whole point in learning history. So that the scourge of slavery will not happen again in our nation. The Emancipation Proclamation which freed the slaves was made at Gettysburg, the site of an epic battle which Apple seemingly wants people to remain ignorant about. This is like a nightmare in which ignorance is lauded and knowledge is scorned. WTF is happening to this country.

    • Zero Ehxe

      The Civil War wasn't about slavery directly. Our Constitution says that unless it's a power enumerated specifically for the Federal government, then it's up to the states to decide. This prevents one central government from becoming too powerful and oppressive, which is why the founding fathers wanted to form a more perfect union away from Britain to begin with. Everyone owned slaves, including presidents and people from north to south. It started falling out of the culture and was slowly dying off, but cotton farmers knew the south would die without the (then actually African-Americans) supporting the economy. The "state's rights" concept comes in because the federal government was threatening to overstep the boundaries set up in the Constitution by deciding what should have been a state issue at a federal level. The "union" of our states has always been a voluntary one, and even to this day if a state wanted to leave they have the legal and constitutional right to do so. But if the south had left peacefully Lincoln knew the economy of the north would be devastated, and chose to declare war unnecessarily and unconstitutionally. That's why the flag represents state's rights with a background in slavery.

      Look at the iron cross. You see a German Nazi cross if that's all you know about its history and ignore the good that has been done under that symbol by the Teutonic Knights that protected religious pilgrims. Let's not let this racist who murdered people be the one who decides what the flag means. Thank you for your time.

      • rilian

        "and chose to declare war unnecessarily and unconstitutionally."

        Lincoln never "declared war" against the South. He simply waged it. To ask Congress for a declaration of war would have been to legitimize the Confederacy as a foreign nation which Lincoln would not do.

        Lincoln chose to use force to keep the South in the union out of the belief that they did _not_ have the legal right to secede. I am with you, I believe they did have the right to secede even if they were doing so for the wrong reasons (Slavery).

      • Zero Ehxe

        Fair correction, thank you.

      • Robert Ivey

        Also the Confederacy attacked the United States when they bombarded Fort Sumter which is what started the Civil War. So the Confederacy actually started the Civil War not the North.

      • rilian

        Japan bombed Pearl Harbor...The US still _had_ to declare war via Congress (FDR's speech will "live in infamy"). Who attacked first is irrelevant. To be constitutional, congress must declare war. If it does so, it must declare it on another nation state. Thus Lincoln declined to ask for a declaration since that would make the Confederacy a nation state and instead declared it an unlawful rebellion.

      • visualplayer

        The people who raised the flag to defend the right to own slaves decided what it means.

      • Jim Shorts

        You have your facts correct regarding states rights. Kind of a slanted view on the origins of the civil war. I don't recall Lincoln ordering the bombardment of Fort Sumter. One key thing is missing from your point in trying to demonize Lincoln... Slaves are not property, dude. Where do you talk about equal rights to all men, liberty and all that? I guess states rights are more important to you.

        Same for the German Nazi, who cares what they did to protect religious pilgrims... they freaking gassed Jews.


      • Cardguy63

        I am a huge fan of Lincoln. But you are wrong Slavery was way down on his list for going to war.

      • Jim Shorts

        Where do I state that slavery was his reason for going to war? It started with the bombing of Fort Sumter and state succession.

      • Zero Ehxe

        I don't think I made Lincoln look like a demon; I see him in the same light as many politicians. I believe he did what he thought was right even though it went against the Constitution. The problem here is the same in most arguments: there's right and wrong on both sides. I didn't feel the need to say that all men are equal and that I don't want to own slaves myself because none of this is personal. It's the same reason I don't (as a white male) apologize to every other ethnicity I see because at some point Caucasians were jerks to them. The history is interpreted facts, and the facts are important not me personally. I was trying to inform people of the facts about why some people see the "rebel flag" as about state's rights when others only see racism in it.

      • Jim Shorts

        Maybe at the time it "appeared" that Lincoln was working against the constitution. But in 2015, looking back... I don't see Lincoln as going against the constitution at all. The South viewed slaves as "property" and not "men". In The Declaration of Independence it states that "All men are created equal". Therefor, if we are to view African Americans as men, which they are, then what exactly is your point?

      • Zero Ehxe

        The constitution isn't a perfect document. That's why it has been amended and continues to grow. A situation can arise where taking action to enforce one facet would violate another. Keep in mind that the Declaration of Independence isn't a legal document binding the U.S. to certain rules, it's a statement of intentions. The Constitution on the other hand is the basis for how our government works. It's the pinnacle of yes or no in questions about what both our federal and state governments can and can not do. Your argument would be better served using the Bill of Rights against other parts of the Constitution instead, but I understand your point.

        What a flag declares is in the opinion of the person viewing it which may be different than the intent of the persons who put it there. There are reasons for each side (racism, historical pride, and state's rights) to see it and intrpret it as they do. Each has valid arguments. Society is currently overreacting (in my personal opinion) to the terrible shooting. Removing the flag won't prevent racism or tragedies Keeping it doesn't help either.

        I think it's the same with racism as it is with homophobia: once the older generations die off with time no one will be left who cares about the issue, and it will fade as long as we ignore the occasional loud outburst from the dying viewpoint.

      • Robert Ivey

        The Supremacy Clause is the provision in Article Six, Clause
        2 of the United States Constitution that establishes the United States
        Constitution, federal statutes, and treaties as "the supreme law of the

        So yes any law passed by Congress is superior to any law passed by the States.

    • Jordan

      As sensitive as it may get. But Apple need to make some sense. Their current action reminds me of a particular country who hide the truth of certain historical event and not mention them in their own historical museum. Which is really stupid. What's done is done. There is no point of hiding it. People need to move forward. Hiding facts does not change anything. More over it is really stupid to make legit developer suffer if they are promoting good things than bad. Even if people of the past ever did anything wrong. The people from present should not continue to suffer from it good or bad regardless. And I really respect the statement made by Gettysburg game. "We can't change history, but can change the future" Really well said and spot on. It's like changing textbook because of this so history will never be taught in the truthful manner. Really righteous act there to educate the next generation. When I thought it was suppose of history that bring everyone of us here to where we are today.

      This is where I really hate apple because of their non stop stupidity they made all the time. Definitely not just once in a very long time but it's like 90% of the time. Making 1 revolutionary move then start to doing 9 other utterly stupid moves which pissed people.

      • Kahdmus

        Completely Agree. Apples stupidity, hypocrisy and self-righteous pomposity makes me sick.

      • boxtor

        Apple has always been hypocrites with respect to it's App store. If they get offended, the app is gone.

      • spartusrings

        Check out what Al Gore is up to. This will explain Apples reason. He is on their board.

    • LarryECollins

      When did Apple become national censors? This is absurd. If you don't like the App...don't buy it! Sheesh

      • Zero Ehxe

        They're not censoring the nation, just their own company which they have the right to do. It's not about buying the app, it's about seeing it accidentally. Most people see the middle finger gesture as offensive, so having that on an app icon to be happened upon unitentionally would be a problem. I can see that they're using that same logic with the flag; the debate is whether the flag is view as offensive in the same way.

    • H Rabie

      The swastika was banned.

    • Al B

      Having the confederate flag there without taking any action is doing just that - pretending history never happened, and that the flag does not have the disgusting meaning it does. This is a good idea - replace the flag with something lesser-known, and make the display of this one, a taboo in ANY context.

      • smeezekitty

        No, it isn't. And that flag's meaning isn't "disgusting" in itself.

      • Al B

        So slavery, racism, hate, and oppression, are not disgusting? Because that is the flag's meaning, and yes, it is disgusting. Very much so.

      • Xifus

        No, that is your interpretation of it's meaning. It all comes down to point-of-view. Example: a Muslim jihadist looking at an American flag will probably not be humming "the Star-Spangled Banner" or feeling all warm and fuzzy. No, they will want to burn it, which will make me feel like burning them, because that's my flag; it represents me, to an extent. The same is the case with the CSA flag: it represents a part of these people, whether historical or ideological. The beautiful part of this is the freedoms we enjoy, in America, to express ourselves individually. I don't own slaves, I believe that it is abhorrent and am grateful that it is illegal. I will, however, teach my kids about the Civil War and how, while neither side was righteous, the proper side won for the betterment of our country.

      • Al B

        First, thank you for the thoughtful and well worded response. Really. I'm glad you find the practice of slavery abhorrent - but i don't understand what pride one could have in flying a flag that was used by those who fought to keep slavery alive. It just makes no sense, unless they are still racists, or ignorant. Sure - the flag may be interpreted represent southern pride, all the great things about the south (believe me, I'm absolutely in love with Dixieland). However - that was the flag flown by insurgents that wanted to defend their "right" to keep slavery alive. So it's not so much my interpretation of it, but what that flag represents to those who fought against it, and those who suffered under the ideologies (slavery, racism) that those flying that flag fought to defend. And nobody is saying "don't teach your kids about the civil war." The Germans still educate themselves on Ww2. However - it is illegal and taboo to fly or buy the flag the nazis committed atrocities under...even though the nazis did do some good things. All in all, it's a horribly offensive symbol that needs to be eradicated, no matter how much some cling to its pretended meanings.

      • Bouldergore

        Wrong again.

      • smeezekitty

        Of course slavery and racism is disgusting. But for most people, it is a symbol of southern pride and states rights.

    • https://twitter.com/BrettLoland Brett Loland

      You're too short-sighted.... Of course this is their first step. They will make others to bring inoffensive games back. Removing everything is the best (least costly) way for them to save face in the immediate future.

    • doug

      sadly it will be book burning next...wonder what symbol the PC police will have on thier arm band?

    • Groot ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      aw, you mad?

    • Brandon Bachman

      The absolute lack of critical thinking here is pretty f'n dumb. When history becomes history itself, as just about everybody involved in commerce is trying to do here, then what context do children have to learn and understand what history we're trying to eradicate should never happen again?

      What are we going to do next? Ignore Vietnam happened? Quit saying that solders had sacrificed themselves in a war they should had never been in? Tear down their memorials when all the remaining veterans and their families die, just because if offends a few Vietnamese people?

      Are we going to quit teaching about World War II because it holds no immediately-tangible relevance for children in the future? The confederate flag is there in many history books as a historical context, ware we going to replace that with a generic red flag and call them commies because we can?

      How about 9 / 11? Hey, if we keep on talking about it we might offend a few arabic people! ISIS (or whatever they're called these days) might be incited to strike out against Americans on this sad and hallowed day because we piss them off year after year! Let's just take down their memorial nearby the new WTC and retool the building it stands in front of to just be another NYC gift shop while we're at it.

      The terrorists have won once already, let's have them win ten times over by giving children no context for why things they see exist now, how they came to be and why we should never repeat the tragedies that lead up to a lot of historical events, because most of history is "Offensive and mean-spirited."

    • Sunrise250

      Does Apple allow games with WWII swastikas to be used for entertainment? If one looks back at the efforts of the organization that used that symbol it might be possible to find ideas that were very patriotic and and maybe even something to be proud of. BUT... because of several ideas that were absolutely abhorrent and debasing to humanity that flag, aside for historical references, is consigned to the garbage and the basements of hate filled people.

      To use the swastika for entertainment purposes and leave out the extermination camps and all the other abhorrent ideology, experiments etc is no different from using the Confederate flag and ignore 1/ the historical fact that preserving the lynching, kidnapping, enslaving and debasing human beings based on their skin color was a major factor in the goal of flying that flag and 2/ the present day fact that *many* mean spirited people would causally continue to fly this flag and use it in "games" despite the fact that it threatens that whole segment of society who are continually targeted by the base ideals represented by the flag.

      Apart from historical reference this Confederate flag belongs with that swastika.

    • Adrian Ciprian

      Dude, you are not supposed to learn anything about the Confederates because then you would start making corelations between them and the democrats. All you are supposed to know is that slavery is bad, democrats are God and you are never to criticize them. Got it?!? Stupid slaves, always wanting freedom of thought and shit...

    • http://www.facebook.com/desireelsmith Desiree Smith

      Is there a Vitamam game? No. Enough said.

    • AAPL.To.Break.$130.Soon>:-)

      The Confederate Flag represented indentured servitude (slavery) and I doubt there are many people who want to become slaves or want any symbol that represents such a thing. Anyway it's Apple's decision to try to defuse what happened in Charleston recently. Besides, the Confederate flag has 13 stars and current flags have 50 stars so what's the point of people trying to turn back the hands of time. From what I've gathered as a Northerner was the times of the Civil War was certainly one of the most darkest and shameful times in American history. Since I don't come from the South, I don't see it from their perspective. I doubt I've ever seen a flying Confederate flag where I live and I'm close to 70 years old but that's just me.

      I just don't get why people are so hurt by Apple is pulling the Confederate flag when there are also plenty of other companies and retail stores pulling them. Some people have to take a stand in some way. The Confederacy is long gone, so I'm just surprised there are people so protective of a losing flag of a war that happened such a long time ago.

      • kogk1943

        The Confederate flag was a BATTLE flag. The average rebel soldier could not afford a pair of shoes. Let alone slaves. The war was fought over, generally speaking, state rights. Slavery did not become an issue, until the North was DESPERATE and on the verge of loosing the war. I'm surprised how ignorant people, like yourself, are on the subject of HISTORY (and MANY other subjects).

    • Marius S. Moe

      How about games starting to use one of the actual confederate flags instead?

    • Jacob Crim

      Isnt that essentially what Germany has done with the Hitler years. We should probably try and do the same...

    • klepp0906

      Amen. Pathetic.

    • http://helenspin.com Helen Spingola

      I wonder if Steve Jobs would have done this???

  • Dailon Huskey

    Wow! I live in Mississippi and I can without a doubt being close to it all that flag needs to go down from state Capitol etc but a game about the civil war seems much. I can say this down here it highly offends and hurts African Americans and I don't like it for that reason and it shouldn't be part of our actual state flag like it is now but this a game on the civil war so maybe going a little far with it but it's their decision and they can do that either way glad it's being removed as it certainly offends people and has no place in modern society. If someone has it in their home that's their home I don't care but as for me I live in ms and have never owned Nything w it on there cuz I know how it offends. Also in my town my family started the first church for blacks and whites to come together and so I have seen racism first hand from that but that didn't stop us from bringing people together for a bigger purpose.

  • naberhaus

    Once again ignorance prevails... This is historical and is presented in that context without bias. Typical knee-jerk reaction.

    • Brendan Charles

      I'm not even sure this is ignorance at work... just poor moderation on Apple's part. They've been historically reactionary about these kinds of app removals in the past and generally reverse the decision once they get enough bad press. I'm sure this is the work of some nervous app moderator who didn't want to get in trouble or something- not someone acting out of ignorance.

  • Cerxop65

    Thumbs up to apple. They did the right thing.

    • GoldenOreo

      Good for Apple!

    • StealthDawg

      Idiot comment

      • zergslayer69

        More surprised by the people who upvoted it.

      • Finrod Felagund

        Same cadre of idiots upvoted it that have been posting idiocy on this whole thread.

      • rare pepe


    • Andrew X

      Apple did a disgraceful thing. A loathsome thing.

      I am Western, not Southern, I have ancestors that share my name who fought with the Connecticut Artillery at Gettysburg. (Gosh, it would be nice if I knew that every reader would get that that is Union Blue without being told. It would be nice if I knew that to be the case. I do not.) I have no personal stake in this flag.

      What Apple, and millions of others are doing, is buying into a loathsomely corrupt philosophy that genuine truth, and history, is malleable based on whatever we say about it. Simply decide that you will no longer acknowledge that the earth is round, and the earth de facto is no longer round. That is the logic of this kind of "thinking" ("feeling" really, let's be clear.) We will do this and call it "progress".

      I will stay agnostic on the flag and Southern statehouses. They are modern political institutions, so that is a different deal. But to arbitrarily decide that HISTORICAL presentations will be altered from their genuine history simply to appease the howling mobs does in fact have great historical precedence, and absolutely NONE of it is good. This borders on stone evil, to forthrightly and knowingly change history for what it was to "what we wish it was, and thus intend to teach it as" is utterly monstrous.

      Can we replace Orwell's gravestone? Something more cogent perhaps? Instead of "Rest in Peace", how about "I F------- TOLD YOU SO, YOU IDIOTS!"

      Utterly appalling, full stop.

      • Kahdmus

        well said.

    • http://wn7ant.com Everett Vinzant

      Not even remotely.

      • Cerxop65

        Alright I said that out of anger because I hate that flag but I guess you all r right to take hundreds of games off that r just showing history not beliefs, it's a little ridiculous

      • James Westfall

        If you can't understand that erasing history is bad then there's no reaching you. The politically correct mob is trying to do it right now; ISIS is doing it in the Middle East.

      • Cardguy63

        Now that was a reasonable response.

    • Brendan Charles

      How did they do the right thing? Rewriting history is pretty widely acknowledged as a really bad thing. Should we pretend the nazis never existed while we're at it?

    • Jdawg Laurence

      And the march to 1984 continues with "progressives" happy about artistic censorship.

  • Michael Ritter

    That is unfortunate. How do we not then pull all WWII games with Nazi flags? I'm all for removing the confederate flag from prominent positions in today's society, but we are talking about the flag in its historical context in these games.

    • Dailon Huskey

      Agree why is the Nazi flag allowed funny thing is the swastika was perverted by Germany as that symbol can be found all throughout Asia on temples. But yeah that's a good point

      • zergslayer69

        I believe the Asian temple thing you're referring to is flipped. It is commonly mistaken as the Nazi symbol but it's like a mirror image. Don't quote me on it though.

      • Dailon Huskey

        It certainly is similar without a doubt

      • Josmur

        Dailon is correct. The Nazi symbol is a twisted swastika. The swastika is an ancient Asian symbol. It is considered auspicious. Another example of something stolen by Europeans and used for an unsavory purpose. Know your history.

      • Robert Ivey

        Its not allowed in Germany. It was censored out of a manga in the United States by Japan. So quite a few people remove it from thier products depending on where its released.

    • zergslayer69

      I was going to make a post about the Nazi symbol also. It's one thing to glorify and promote the flag, and it's another thing for it to exist for the sake of context and history. It's not like these games are saying "confederate flag ftw" or anything.

    • deviladv

      We always use the Nazi flag in context of the Nazi's being bad guys, so we need their flag to show us they are the bad guys. This is the point of using the confederate battle standard, to differentiate which side is which, which is why this usage is appropriate.

      This was probably a mistake, someone being overly cautious and not having the proper cultural context to make a more nuanced decision. I expect the games to be re-established soon when someone realizes the mistake.

      • Robert Ivey

        No its just faster and easier to remove them all then to make a usage policy, check each app with it and test it against the Usage Policy Apple makes. Then later go back and judge each one on the merits on a case by case basis.

    • Zepfhyr

      This is a point that is raised most often, but what many in America fail to recognize is that, in Germany, the Nazi flag is banned in video games (or, at least, was still banned at the time when Wolfenstein was released, and likely still is [will need to research]). The Confederate Flag is a symbol of our country’s own dark past, and as such, we should hold it to a higher level of scrutiny.

      • FeRoWe

        It is still banned in Videogames. In fact, it is not allowed to show a NS symbol in public at all.

      • Cardguy63

        That's what killing 12 million non combatants on purpose will get you.

    • Robert Ivey

      Not everything in the app store that had a confederate flag is a game. Most of them aren't games at all.

  • sivad

    This is the stupidest idea ever.... I don't think the flag should fly on any capital buildings, I think they should be kept in museums as history. I don't even care that Walmart and Amazon aren't selling the items anymore. Pulling games that rein act events of history is stupid. There is nothing racist about playing a game of north vs south. Are we going to erase all history books in schools that teach about the civil war? Are we going to discontinue all movies about the civil war? Ignorant people that are racist, don't need a flag to be racist, they will still be that way, with or without it. This whole media storm is a knee jerk reaction to try to put people at ease about a sick and twisted event.

    • Dailon Huskey

      History is a lie anyway a white lie

      • Brendan Charles

        What's your point? No one should learn any history ever because some of it is biased?

      • Dailon Huskey

        Not what I'm saying at all but history should include the contributions of all colors and ethnicities since everyone brought something to the table not just whites also Asians Africans Indians and others history should include everyone that's all. Not just the story of the home team

      • Brendan Charles

        I'd definitely agree with that statement. But revisionist history does nothing to help further that cause. How would you tell the story of the abolition of slavery without acknowledging the presence of the confederacy? How would you tell the plight of the Jews in Nazi Germany by omitting facts and glossing over details of the most oppressive regime in our history?

        I think we all know by now that knowledge is power, not ignorance.

      • Dailon Huskey

        Right on we agree and look I do think it's extreme to take the games off about the civil war

  • spsummer

    So, are they gonna pull all the WWII games that have a Nazi flag or a swastika and act like that didn't happen also? Interesting.

    • Jdawg Laurence

      What's WWII?

      Nothing happened with that name!

  • L0ck

    Huge difference between displaying the flag for the hell of it, and a historically-accurate, non-glorifying game.

    All for seeing the flag removed from WalMart and Amazon. But this is nuts. What's next, outlawing history books?

  • chief78

    I'm so disappointed with my country right now. This is outright stupid! Next the American flag will be considered racist because it has white stripes in it!!!!! When does this f'ing left wing BS end!?!!?

    • zergslayer69

      That's how this country is. Something bad happens, we immediately look for someTHING to blame rather than people. It's not the individual, not the parents, not society, it's usually some sort of thing. Be it Doom, or guns, or flags.

      • deviladv

        The flag is a symbol, a symbol used by people. The people had a reason for it. Taking down the symbol is the first step in explaining to the public that the reason for putting up in the first place is wrong, and changes people's thinking.

        I blame society too, but for completely different reasons than you do. It's the people who put the flag up I hold partially responsible so the flag best come down.

        But making this a discussion about society is pointless. All reasonable people across all political spectrums think this is a good idea, and a few of us even think this is a mistake, not some overreach. The confederate battle standard in context of the civil war is completely appropriate, unlike waving it over the state capital.

      • ShinHadoukin

        1) Put down the kool-aide
        2) Read a book
        3) The flag in SC is not on the Capitol. It is over the Confederate Memorial

      • deviladv

        Doesn't matter which public property it's over, if all you have is that I got the location wrong, then I see why you resorted to insults rather than debate. The flag is a heritage of hate and needs to come down everywhere... except civil war games. 😉

      • ShinHadoukin

        There is a difference that is important in location. I do not mean any insult so forgive the kook-aide remark. That was only b/c the media wants to tell everyone it is flying over the Capitol. Historically it is not a symbol of hate other than morons that use as such b/c they have no idea about history. It should come down b/c the citizens want it to, not some bureaucrat or Jon Stuart. I agree with you about historical games. Thanks for the conversation. We are doing more here than any news channel has... Kinda sad.

      • ShinHadoukin

        When I say it should come down b/c the people want it to I do not mean I think it should. It should not, however if people vote as such I can "accept" it coming down. A self-righteous bureaucrat should not.

      • Walrakin

        I'm happy you said "put down the kool aid" to point out the thing that started all this mess. It's simple. People who drink the kool aid go bonkers and start riots because they are treated bad. Weird right? This was Scientifically proved, too. And now the drinkers want to ban the Confederate flag? Is it because their welfare checks aren't adequate for their beer and cigs? I just don't understand. Stop drinking Kool-Aid!

        Message brought to you by CapriSun!
        Respect the pouch.

      • http://wn7ant.com Everett Vinzant


        Taking down the Confederate flag is the first step in creating revisionist history where we hide the reminders of atrocity and pretend that it didn't happen. With the evidence gone we can say anything we want about what happened.

        The reason for putting it over a cemetery is to show... THIS IS DEAD! Without the association to it being dead... it is not. Humans have short memories, and are trained to have even shorter attention spans. We need these reminders right in front of us, or we do the same stupid thing again, and history repeats itself.

        "All reasonable people across all political spectrums think this is a good idea"

        Uhm, no.

        Some people across some political spectrums think this is a good idea. I am a reasonable person, and I think it is asinine that we are spending time, money, and energy worrying about this when there are so many other worthwhile, world changing things we could be doing with those resources.

        Removing a flag from a cemetery will have NO net effect on the amount of racism in this country. So reasonableness dictates that we focus our resources where it will matter, not on the appearance...

      • ShinHadoukin

        Clarification: when I say it should come down b/c the people want it to I only mean that If the public voted that would be more "acceptable" than some bureaucrat saying so. I agree with you, it is in its appropriate place to keep history & a reminder.

    • deviladv

      Oh the irony. It's hatred spewing jerks like yourself who take things too far as to why we are having this national debate about the flag. Someone simply screwed up and you are ready to blame a third of the US population for some conspiracy theory.

      The confederate flag needs to come down when it's displayed in public because it's been a symbol of hatred and racism since the KKK used it. In the civil war context, however, it's Robert E Lee's battle standard and is appropriate. The civil war games should not have been taken away but someone else went too far and all of us reasonable people, including most of us lefties, believe they should bring these games back.

      • V the K

        The radical SJW's are pulling all of you into the maw of their insanity, and you're letting it happen because you're afraid of them calling you "racist" or "sexist" or whatever.

  • icepulse

    Missing the obvious point. I support pulling down this divisive symbol of abuse & injustice, but this type of hysteria is like driving the Rightiousness Bus right over a cliff.

    What's next? Remove it from textbooks? That's the real danger.

    One thing is glorification, the other thing is information. Not the same.

  • PoloBaquerizoH

    There is no guarantee of anything on iOs thats why pc platforms or others will always be a serious way of gaming being ios just not

  • deviladv

    Someone has made a call based on an overwhelming abundance of caution. Somewhere in the system, the system wanted someone to review Apple Apps for the flag and took out all these games without thinking about it. It could have even been a choice made overseas by someone without the proper cultural context. We simply have to all be reasonable and tell Apple why this was probably not the smartest decision.

    We can all think this wrong, but those on this thread getting angry need to rethink their position. Anger and hatred for no good reason is WHY we are debating the topic of the flag these days. Check your anger.

    • Finrod Felagund

      Changing history is another step towards the world of George Orwell's 1984. You're ignorant if you can't see that.

  • CyberData4

    The rule should simple be no confederate flag as the app icon. It's sorta silly to ban any display of it in the context of a war game based off the civil war. But yea, shouldn't be an app icon.

    I think strikes a fair balance.

    • Brendan Charles

      That's actually a pretty level headed compromise.

  • V the K

    Ban all the things!

  • GoldenOreo

    That flag needs to go down! I understand some folks were raised with it around them, so that is why they are ignorant of the pain and real history of the confederate flag. It is a symbol of those white people in those times who wanted to keep slaves. They did not want to let go of their slaves like everyone else. Now, is that even close to being right?

    People in Germany are not waving their flags with swastikas on them claiming they are proud of their history! The confederate flag has nothing to do with anything good and is nothing to proud of. Google if you must, but this flag to me is a reminder of a very dark time in American history. What's worse is that some know what it means and don't care.

    • ShinHadoukin

      I reiterate

      1) put down the kool-aide
      2) read a book
      3) the flag in SC is over the Confederate Memorial, not the Capitol

      It can come down, if that's what the people want (not some bureaucrat) but remember the slippery slope of government. Someday, we will all hang our heads b/c we all sat around and let politically correct lies destroy our country.

      • GoldenOreo

        Sorry but you have no idea what you are talking about. Facts speak for themselves. Your opinion is not fact.

      • http://wn7ant.com Everett Vinzant

        Actually, his opinion is fact. We saw what happened when symbology and nationalism overtook common sense. It lead to WW2.

        The Confederate flag DOES represent a dark time in history. We don't learn from it by pretending it didn't happen. We learn from it by keeping the symbol of our arrogance, our failure, our moral defeat close at hand, lest we forget and succumb to the damnation of repeating history.

        It is fitting that the confederate flag fly over a confederate memorial. This way we are reminded how narrow the defeat something so morally reprehensible truly was. Leave it there so that it stays dead. To pretend it doesn't exist is to invite its return.

      • GoldenOreo

        You are incorrect

      • GoldenOreo

        Oh sure, we will keep justifying flying that racist flag and kids will copy what they see. Your logic is extremely flawed.

      • Jay G

        A flag is an inanimate object without mind, soul, or will. On it's own, it is absolutely incapable of being racist.

      • Xifus

        Kids will copy the actions of those they admire, i.e. their parents/guardians/mentors. Hiding the truth from kids doesn't keep them from doing bad things. In fact, teaching kids the truth and explaining the right from the wrong is how they learn and gain common sense. Wait, no; that's brainwashing.....never mind. Hey, while we're at it, let's pretend guns, booze and the opposite sex don't exist either, since those can get kids into trouble as well.

      • Finrod Felagund

        Coming from someone like you that lives in the leftist Community-Based Reality, you couldn't be more wrong if you tried.

      • GoldenOreo

        Since you do not know me, your opinion means nothing. 100% absurd

      • Finrod Felagund

        I can see your idiocy through all your comments, idiot leftist troll.

      • GoldenOreo

        Your ignorance of the pain experienced by many many people and you just shrugging it off is sad. I feel sorry for you

      • http://wn7ant.com Everett Vinzant

        I feel sorry for the people that will forget and revisit the sins of the past.

        Humans have short memories, doing away with reminders only speeds history repeating itself.

      • GoldenOreo

        Yes, That racist kid revisited the sins of the past......

      • Xifus

        No, the racist kid committed his own sins, made his own choices, and will now pay for them.

  • a_apple

    Speaking as someone who's lived in South Carolina all my life: Good. A bunch of loser racists don't need to pretend out the Civil War in game form.

    • Finrod Felagund

      Why do you hate history?

    • sivad

      These civil war games reenact battles, they do not depict slavery or mistreatment of any races... The civil war was not only about slavery... Please don't spew silliness

  • Zepfhyr

    Patience. This is par for the course for Apple when dealing with political issues. They quickly removed any and all potentially offending apps and are almost certainly reviewing them all and communicating with developers (though probably not as verbosely or quickly as most would like) about the issue in an attempt to get those that are appropriate back on the store.

  • thematrixx

    Why does the Confederate "battle flag" signify a symbol of hate? A little history here fellas...the battle flag was designed and created because the original flag used for the troops in the war was too similar to the "stars and stripes"!
    This flag was designed so that the Confederate armies would not shoot their own troops as it was readily identifiable. Slavery, racism existed long before the flag did and for those in denial it existed everywhere! In my opinion this flag does not represent hate but history.
    People that are going to hate will hate with or without it. By the way; interesting that Sears, Walmart and Amazon pulled it from sales but did you know that we can go to Amazon and order a nazi flag? I heard that you can even order the Isis symbol or flag...hmmmm methinks kneejerk is an understatement.
    As a Canadian I love American history and have defended many of the controversial actions but this in my opinion is ridiculous! Whats next...book burning?

    • GoldenOreo

      Fellas? I suggest you go read history books. You do not know what you are talking about. You can justify it all you want but facts speak for themselves

      • Finrod Felagund

        You've already proven in this thread that you know nothing of history, leftist.

      • GoldenOreo

        I do not agree.

  • Jim Shorts

    A total knee-jerk reaction from Apple. Just dumb. The civil war happened and is so important to shaping the United States. Should we just forget that it ever happened? I'm assuming there are a lot of people who have no clue what the confederate flag means or represents (yes, slavery is a large part of this), but there are other political reasons for the war... if anything, it represents the bravery and courage our veterans stood for in a very dark time of American History.

    If anything, the confederacy should be seen like a foreign force fighting against the United States, this is a good reason why it has no business flying over any of our state capitols no matter what it represents. But don't erase history by banning it from historical games, or try to pretend like it never happened. It did happened, and for better or for worse, I think for the better, it shaped our nation and is and will remain the most important American event. So trying to pretend like it never happened only fosters ignorance.... and what is the root of all that hate? Ignorance.

  • http://wn7ant.com Everett Vinzant

    I believe there is an old Chinese saying, "one disease long life, no disease short life."

    What this means is, if you recognize a problem and do something about it, you will live a lot longer than ignoring the problem, or pretending it does not exist.

    We can not cure cancer by pretending that it does not exist. We can not deal with poverty by ignoring the signs that go with it.

    We can not eliminate racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, or any other social stigma, by pretending it does not exist.

    This move smacks of arrogance. It is arrogance to assume that you must intercede in removing conversation about a subject. Voltaire said, "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

    It should be Tim Cooks place to ensure that the marketplace of ideas represents freedom. Dictating a line of thought, no matter how correct he thinks it is, does not make Tim any better than the people responsible for the flag he says he takes issue with.

    Attacking games that make reference to the confederate flag is as absurd as attacking history books in the iBooks store that have the confederate flag in them. Is that what we can expect next? Apple demanding revisionist history?

    In this case, he is wrong, and has sided with the oppressor that he claims to dislike. I suspect he will have to hoist the confederate flag over Apple headquarters.

    • Jim Shorts

      Well stated.

  • rwrife

    If a innanimate object offends you, you have other issues you need to deal with.

  • cofunguy

    If this is how Apple will react, then I guess we should remove all apps with Batman in the title since a jerk in Colorado decided to open fire on folks at a movie theater. Likewise with colleges and high schools. I'm sorry but the confederate flag is part of US History. Banning civil war apps due to using the flag correctly is stupid. Like others have said, Apple is banning the flag but not nazi symbols. I know the flag can mean some negative things but if folks are using it correctly for the civil war, banning it for that reason alone doesn't make sense. Are developers suppose to now say "insert the banned flag here" in lieu of using it??

    • Milotorou

      Exactly. Its not like we can go back in time and stop the creation of that flag, lol.

  • Trevor

    This is just an Onion article, right?

  • StealthDawg

    What a freaking joke. Stupid Apple. They should be ashamed of themselves. The flag has nothing to do racism or hatred. It's been misrepresented by idiots like the KKK and white supremacist groups. Let's just pretend the Civil War and history never happened. Complete Apple idiots.

  • raresloth

    Completely silly, this is a part of history Apple! Were those games offending people? Apple approved the apps in the first place... They should have at least let the devs modify the assets instead of just yanking the rug out from underneath them...

    • GoldenOreo

      Are you serious? You need to read about the flags true history!

      • Finrod Felagund

        Ignorant leftist, but I repeat myself.

      • Sparafucile

        And your term's redundant 😉

      • GoldenOreo

        Only ignorant person is you.

      • Finrod Felagund

        Says the fool with 31 comments but only 3 upvotes.

      • rare pepe

        its a damn game! there's no reason to ban a GAME that has a confederate flag. In real life yes, but a game? No.

  • hincy89

    Apple does it yet again this is a true example to why I have a love/hate relationship with Apple love there product but hate there methods.

    I'm not a history war game player but to actually remove a historical war game because it has the oppositions flag it is rather petty move on apples part and unfair to the development teams.

    Way to go apple what's next removing any app/game that displays any fruit but an apple.

  • hincy89

    Taylor swift please help!!!

  • bigE1669

    Oh For F's sake.

  • lancesackless

    Yes get rid of the confederate flag, but keep war games. That makes a lot of sense.


  • http://www.6beersin.com/ evil nick

    fucking retarded

  • nicoper

    Remove this article quickly! Apple will take your app down because you mentioned it!

    Actually, judging by this article, it seems like that could happen.

  • Milotorou

    I dont get why some people approve of this. I am not from the U.S. But i know about their history (canadian here).

    I dont understand why americans want to forget about the bad parts of their history, arent we suppose to keep memories of our mistakes to avoid doing them again ?

    No matter how much you want to hide it, it happened, history doesnt erase itself.

    On the same thought i read this morning some americans are furious because the release date for the next Mario game is 9/11, i mean come on, what the heck offends people in this, they should stop all activity on planet earth on 9/11 because of what happened ? They wont stop everything because of the day the hiroshima bomb killed thousands of people, they mourn and live on by moving forward, keeping the dear memories of the fallen close to their hearts, thats what people should do, think of history has a thought that keeps the people moving forward, dont hide history.

  • Ty Thompson


  • Andrew X

    Apple did a disgraceful thing. A loathsome thing.

    I am Western, not Southern, I have ancestors that share my name who fought with the Connecticut Artillery at Gettysburg. (Gosh, it would be nice if I knew that every reader would get that that is Union Blue without being told. It would be nice if I knew that to be the case. I do not.) I have no personal stake in this flag.

    What Apple, and millions of others are doing, is buying into a loathsomely corrupt philosophy that genuine truth, and history, is malleable based on whatever we say about it. Simply decide that you will no longer acknowledge that the earth is round, and the earth de facto is no longer round. That is the logic of this kind of "thinking" ("feeling" really, let's be clear.) We will do this and call it "progress".

    I will stay agnostic on the flag and Southern statehouses. They are modern political institutions, so that is a different deal. But to arbitrarily decide that HISTORICAL presentations will be altered from their genuine history simply to appease the howling mobs does in fact have great historical precedence, and absolutely NONE of it is good. This borders on stone evil, to forthrightly and knowingly change history for what it was to "what we wish it was, and thus intend to teach it as" is utterly monstrous.

    Can we replace Orwell's gravestone? Something more cogent perhaps? Instead of "Rest in Peace", how about "I F------- TOLD YOU SO, YOU IDIOTS!"

    Utterly appalling, full stop.

  • rajjmuhammed

    I am so angry about this ridiculous overreach. This is worse than absurd.

  • barefootdragon

    Way to stir the old pot apple. I'm out.

  • mycoolroy

    This is just wrong I hate what apple has become since tim cook took over.

  • Andrew X

    Windows 10 is getting good buzz. Maybe we should give it a look.

  • http://ScottSoapbox.com/ Scott Soapbox

    Problem: modern racism.
    Solution: ban historical references in mobile games.

    Oh yeah that will certainly change how people view and treat each other.

    Next we should ban all the games with money so we can abolish poverty.

    • Senza

      But we need to be hypocritical about it. So let's keep all the racists songs and movies in iTunes. We will only focus on the games...

      • http://ScottSoapbox.com/ Scott Soapbox

        Good point. Apple should also ban all the history textbooks at the schools that use iPads.

    • Jay G

      You have heard the calls for changing all currency with slave owners on them, right?

  • mycoolroy

    By the way I am from California (bay area) but I know that there is more to the story and that flag is a part of history Apple is disgraceful. I fear for the future when technology grows and they can read people's minds and remove thought that they don't like or implant thoughts that you might not have wanted. if you think that's far-fetched better do some research technology is going fast and that's already been done with animals. People better stand up now. This new Apple does seem like an apple that will say "Thought crime".

  • Dailon Huskey

    to add the flag coming down is not going to solve the overall problem that some people in our society are not given a level playing field and the cop issue brought to light a truth they treat some people diff than others when making an arrest and especially when it comes to the sentencing phase and that's not right either so why not fix that too and while we are at it make public colleges free. The justice system in this country is laughable and like a lot of things we still do it the way they did a long time ago time to move forward the old way of doing things sucks.

    • Andrew X

      and when we make colleges free let's make sure they start focusing on things like sentence structure and the use of certain kind of punctuation like for example the period that goes at the end of a sentence that helps to separate distinctly different statements so that students learn to express ideas with clarity because when we fail to do that the same sort of muddled thinking that comes out in long running sentences will make its way into the political realm itself so all sorts of bad things will result so lets all remember that if you get the basics right much good will follow and the fortunes of failing to do that we can now see on a daily basis both in the topic of this very forum and in its commentary and furthermore.....

  • James

    This may be the dumbest thing I'll read all day

  • Brian Hall

    I guess I know not to buy ANY games from the Apple store, since I am not a child.

    Seriously, whoever made this decision should be fired for being incompetent.

    • B-Sabre

      That appears to be Tim Cook.

  • mycoolroy

    How would you feel if they band all gay flags? Some people really hate what it represents, but if they had the power to do that and they did it would be wrong. It should not matter if most people agree with them they cannot just wipe peoples history away.

    I really feel like people should stand up against this regardless of if they have a personal attachment to the Confederate flag or not.

  • hippiesrlame

    Overreaction much Apple?

  • red sweater

    Next, Apple removes the Wikipedia app. Then, they install permanent internet filters on all of their devices. Finally, no web browsers at all.

    It's for your own good. Why don't you get that?

  • https://pcbushi.wordpress.com/ Bushi


  • Alex_Gol

    Apple being derpy ***** again

  • Difster

    Flucking idiots. Why are we letting cultural marxists take over?

  • Dewey Defeats Truman

    This is insanity. Trying to obscure and hide history since it might offend people. Ridiculous.

  • Steve Magnus

    Apple seems to agree with ISIS by destroying history. Part of the Progressive playbook to indoctrinate.

  • banned

    Apple sucks and that's what you get for owning an apple product.

  • Sir_Brizz

    Come on, Maxim. No. Do not accept Apple's decision here. This kind of attitude turns into revisionist history. I don't agree with the government posting the flag as if it supports its usage and I support private companies choosing not to sell that flag but I don't see any reason why it shouldn't exist and, in particular, used in historical contexts. This is one of the worst things Apple has ever done, IMO.

  • Retro Nug

    America is a farking joke anymore. And I mean idiots that make shit like this happen, not our soldiers and all that. (don't wanna offend anyone , god forbid) Aw crap I said "god" I also apologize for that too. Pfft.

  • cusman

    I can't think of anything dumber than removing historical games from the Apple Store because they include historically accurate representations of a historical factions flag at the time.

    I think they also used English. So any game that uses English should also be removed. Oh wait, there isn't a News story right now about Confederates using English.

  • Hiker0

    So is the next step removing the Civil War from text books and stop teaching it in school?

    • banned

      IDK does Apple write history text books?

      • Sir_Brizz

        iBooks has text books so they could ban all textbooks that show the flag or mention it. :p

      • banned

        So, no?

    • mycoolroy

      Thanks for saying that I tried seeing it in an earlier post and they deleted it

  • http://innoveight.ca Trev Page

    Looks like the confederate flag has been relegated to the same status as the Nazi flag.

    • Shari Romine Webster

      Not quite. You can buy a Nazi flag on Amazon and a lot of other places.

      • http://innoveight.ca Trev Page

        My point is the connotation, not the fact you can still get them. The flag seems to be gaining the taboo of the Nazi flag and quite fast I might add.

      • Jim Shorts

        I see Mel Gibson just picked one up off of ebay.

  • Tom

    Never go full retard.

  • mycoolroy

    If they banned the gay flag that would be wrong too. You don't just try to erase history. Some people see the gay flag has a very bad thing, they hate what it stands for and if given the power they would take the flag down; that would be wrong. It would be an overuse of power. People should not give them that power even if they agree they should stand up against it because maybe next they will be coming for their stuff.

    Games are art too! Why doesn't Apple start pulling books from the iBooks store while they're at it. Wow, what a shame if they want to not offend anyone they should probably shut down the whole app store and iBookstore and music store etc. Crazy times we are living in but the cool thing is if you look at the comment section people are standing up, good job.

  • Shari Romine Webster

    So historical games are out, but other far more violent games are ok because they aren't using a confederate flag?

    • Megamatics

      Next, The Libraries will set fire to the sections containing historical books and encyclopedias.

  • gleeclub

    that is garbage, IMO, this has gone way TOO FAR!!! CRAZY!!!!

  • Bill Lescallette

    Is Apple going to refund me the money I spent on the Ultimate General:Gettysburg game?

  • mycoolroy

    Holy s!t my comments are disappearing. I cant say g@y? I'm g@y and I cant say g@y. Political correctness gone crazy. It wasn't even in negative contexts!!! Think people.

  • Megamatics

    Good thing I don't buy Apple Products...

  • satta

    What civil war are they talking about? Never happened.

  • icepulse

    I think it's important for Apple to evaluate more closely the impact they have on the mindset of the world; indeed, the zeitgeist. Through a combination of clever marketing, design and technology, they've jockeyed themselves into a position that carries a great deal of influence over the world, in terms of media and information consumption. Then, with what appears to be very little rumination, they snap their fingers and erase any mention from their marketplace of whatever hot-button reference is currently deemed "distasteful", with (what appears to be) little or no consideration of how enveloping their control over the dissemination of information is.

    First & foremost, Apple's obligation as a global information source demands that they should be 100% committed to a zero-propaganda policy, which includes propaganda via exclusion.

    Next, they'll pull all Twain & Faulkner books from the iBooks store.

    With the power they wield, there should be laws put in place that explicitly focus on the monitoring of Apple; not only in terms of their record on environmental / labor concerns, copyright and antitrust issues, but in relation to their obligations as a global storehouse of the world's access to information.

    End of story.

  • HelperMonkey

    Flying that flag as some misguided symbol of pride is foolishness, but so is any effort to throw that chapter of our history down the memory hole.
    The flag should be reviled BECAUSE we know its history. Forgetting about it all together is a dangerous thing.

    • Jim Shorts

      Exactly why they should move it from the capitol to a museum.

  • http://adamsimmersive.com Adams Immersive

    It often seems that Apple doesn't respect games as art... Or history. Double standard vs. books and films.

    Someone at Apple has the ability to reign in these absurd decisions before they are executed. Someone who, so far, seems to react AFTER the problem. (Better than nothing, but not great.)

    They could even pull them all as an "urgent fix," intending to then review the apps and let many/most re-appear, all the while communicating the process clearly to devs and users. But that's not what happened here.

    I predict that Civil War games will be allowed again, while something like White Power Fun Time Wallpapers++ will not be.

    It's an important issue, but there IS a scalpel to be had.

    That sledgehammer approach hurts the platform: it creates an atmosphere of fear for developers.

  • klink

    Is it too late to reconsider letting the south secede from the union?

    • Nicky Ian Kunesh

      funny because techalloy North carolina is a southern state, yet its called "north"

      so yeah.

      It's never too late for that, but its pointless...

  • JoAnn Kennedy

    How are you going to stop the reinactment of Gettysburg

  • The Vole

    This is as unfortunate as the time Sid Meier's Colonization erased slavery from its version of history. There is a huge difference between endorsing the Confederacy by flying its flag over state capitols, and banning Civil War games.

    When I was a kid I'd always read in Computer Gaming World about how the West German government was banning some computer game for content. As an American, it seemed so oppressive, or at least contrary to the values I was learning in Civics Class, for a government to ban, for example, a helicopter game for violence. Or to force Cinemaware to change their Nazi villains in "Rocket Ranger" into stalk-eyed aliens.

    Are we going to have Grant's army fight mutants now? At first I was glad to see our politicians taking down the Confederate flag, but with this stuff, it is starting to seem like one of those old Star Trek episodes about aliens who worship symbols instead of dealing with real life.

    I'm excited to see any shift in the USA towards confronting racism, but let's go after the real roots of white supremacy instead of blaming wargames.

  • thestapler

    Ok. I'm all for taking it down at state capitals but this ridiculously cowardly.

  • Quazonk

    This is treading near the edge of a very slippery slope. As Thomas Sowell so succinctly worded it, "What is ominous is the ease with which some people go from saying that they don't like something to saying that the government should forbid it. When you go down that road, don't expect freedom to survive very long.".

    I suppose Wolfenstein and its depiction of Nazi soldiers and insignia are next on the chopping block?

  • curtisrshideler

    It's actual history. Without history, how will we ever learn from our mistakes? This is ridiculous.

  • nonstickron

    A symbol is what people make of it, I think. Just look at the swastika...originally a symbol meaning many different things to many different peoples before Naziism laid claim to it. Now it's universally (in our culture anyway) associated with evil. A shame really, and kind of stupid...since its a very simple geometric configuration that is basically red flagged for any kind of incorporation into design.

    While I agree that the sentiments of what the confederate flag once stood for is are in good part negative, there is value in history and recognizing symbology from it, and the lessons history can teach us in relation to those symbols. And I really doubt that outside of some whacko extremists who are going to use it regardless of how acceptable it is...that anybody really knows or cares about the history of the symbol. Unlike the swastika, it's almost been wrested away from its roots and given new purpose as a symbol for being Country. Expecting people who get it tattooed on themselves, or painted on thier truck, or whatever...to have put more thought into it than that is really giving a LOT more credit than they deserve.

    After all, isn't letting rednecks co-opt the symbol weakening it as a symbol for slavery and hate and rebellion? I think by giving it the attention its getting, the media and us users of social media are just reinforcing what was once crumbling due to ignorance.

    And the issue is of course not that it exists or is used, or sold, or free speech. But that it's being displayed on government buildings, and yes...that makes no sense. Would be akin to them putting up a Skull and Crossbones flag...which is now more tied to Disney than murderous plundering.

    Stupid? Yes. A reason to get our entire nation in a tizzy? lol

    You have to ask "what's next?" in light of all this idiocy...it seems like anything that ever offended anyone could be in line for the chopping block.

  • Wonderkarp

    Apple just went Full Retard

    • sivad

      That would normally not be PC, but as a movie quote, very well played

      • Wonderkarp

        I'm not PC. I just try to show the same respect I want to anybody, but I will say the word isn't within my Lexicon much these days anymore. Just naturally went away without even trying.
        Rarely do I ever actually use it, and when I do, Its from utter shock. Being "dumbfounded" if you will by something so.....yeah. That's what Apple did

  • gemiinii

    Earlier I made a joke to someone about not being able to play any of those Civil War strategy games. I seriously cannot believe I just read this.

  • Brendan Charles

    Yay for revisionist history!!

  • Nonscpo

    Why was it okay for them to sell the day before, but not the day after?

  • Jeanne Price

    Political Correctness is just polite TYRANNY!

  • Robert Stukenbroeker

    Wow. I love my Apple products but they just lost a lot of respect from me over this. This is getting riduclous.

  • http://theexpressioninstinct.blogspot.com/ Sam

    This makes me think of my modern bible translation (I'm an atheist, but still read the bible), which translates words it finds offensive into something more PC. For example, in the New Testament, where it says "brothers" it changes it to "friends." Not only does this make for an inaccurate translation, it re-writes history.

    • Finrod Felagund

      This is why I stick to the KJV.

      • HelperMonkey

        Or the Silmarillion, yeah?

      • Finrod Felagund

        Indeed! Good catch.

  • MrSonicAdvance

    Well done Apple. How about you "correct" the dates on iPhones to year zero while you're at it?

  • Relativicus

    State sanction of the flag is wrong, and the revisionists who still, 150 years later, try to rewrite the facts of the war are abhorrent, but this is an overreaction and an unfortunate decision. I expect they'll come to their senses.

    • Earl C. Bedford Jr.

      You mean revisionists that claim the civil war was about racism and not states rights being higher than federal rights? So there was no outrage when the Supreme Court ruled Africans can't be citizens overturning Missori law in particular as well as others, some that were in the Confederacy. Despite only the 1% having slaves, I really hope you are talking about those trying to paint that there were less slaves than those revisionists say there were?

      So Lincon overstepping his power as President should be excused and forgotten because he proclaimed slaves in the south (but not the north) were now free? That if that executive order was a Congressional or Senatotial decision the civil war probably wouldn't have happened?

  • lorriman

    The confederacy wasn't just about slavery but the independece of the States.

    The irony with all this modern hysteria is how it has lead to a serious diminshment of liberty. You are all becoming slaves to political correctness.

    "It's a free country", not really.

  • jr565

    Apple is now officially an evil corporation.

  • rare pepe

    Apple are dumbasses. Simple as that.

  • mycoolroy

    That's weird my comments were gone when I checked and now they're back thanks to whoever put them back or maybe it was just my Internet or something sorry about that if it was just my Internet!

    Anyway last thing I wanted to say on this topic I'm just really glad to see people are so rational in the comment section but it really confuses me to see such a stark contrast of the media and their comments sections. I really like touch arcade tho because they seem fair in their articles and don't close out the comment section.

    • 5Cats

      Disqus has many "quirks" eh? I use it at several sites, it's often erratic...

  • Tobias Holmes

    Time to play Sid Meier's Gettysburg.

    • 5Cats

      Just don't buy it from Apple 🙂

  • hincy89

    This removal should have nothing to do with racism/slavery/flag etc these are just war games with the confederate flag in them to actually remove them when games with worse content and movies on iTunes about God knows what horror/gore/violence topics are available is just a unfair move toward developers and other people affected by such a silly ripple effect.

    Just to state in not southern but British before you all make an 'ass'umption.

    I've come to notice a lot of gamers are small ignorant minded fools who's feeling are easily hurt when people have other opinions.

    • 5Cats

      The movie "Saw" and 100 others just like it are OK, but a historical flag is too horrible for public display!
      Plenty of "slavery" (kidnapping and confinement) in many movies, (sarc) there's no telling how many people will be inspired by them! Ban them all! (/sarc)

  • Stryker412

    I'm one of those teachers that has promoted Ultimate General as a teaching tool. Used it with our 6th graders this year before they went to Gettysburg. It was a huge hit and really helped them understand the terrain and tactics of the battle. Really disappointed they did a blanket ban without looking at context.

    • Jake7905

      Apparently Apple thinks that your History class is offensive. Good thing schools don't use iBooks, then you guys would have nothing to use.

  • Bouldergore

    SJW's ruin everything. That is all.

    • 5Cats

      Never let a good tragedy go to waste! Exploit it for all it's worth! Before the bodies are even cold...
      After all, it's "for our own good" eh?

    • mycoolroy


  • YaThunk

    I'm ... I'm speechless.. This rush to remove something from our history.. Yet they seem to forget that the North had slaves as well. All these places removing 'offensive" objects, yet leaving others. My ancestors didn't own a slave one, in fact, they were in Texas while even though a "slave" state, Sam Houston didn't want to join the war effort. My family history indicates poor farmers, affected by the taxes and the tariffs of the North as being why they joined the cause. Interesting to note, that after the war, regardless of some screaming by Liberals that the rebels committed treason, not a single Confederate general, or leader of the CSA was EVER tired for treason. They had reunions, they had parades together, there was no hatred that there is today over a symbol... Foolish, foolish folks today, quick to blame anything but themselves, or the evil person.

    • Jake7905

      The Confederate flag is the flag of the rebellion. The rebellion was fought for many reasons, but primarily over the Southerners use of slaves. The non-prosecution for treason wasn't motivated by the South's innocence, but instead was a very deliberate action taken by the Union in an attempt to heal the nation. And yes, not all Southerns were slave owners, and not all Northerns were supporters of emancipation. But that doesn't change what the Confederacy represented, or what they fought for. And thank God that they lost.

  • Nicole

    So I wonder which will be next, documentaries or history books? This is EXACTLY what the people who were upset about the removal of the flag were getting at. You open the door, and totalitarianism walks through masquerading as 'inclusiveness.'

    • mycoolroy

      Very good point Nicole.

  • mike

    Yet Apple will continue to use laborers who work in such horrid conditions that they would rather jump out of a window! Maybe it's time to stop using anything apple!
    It's a flag that resembles evil to some but also heroism to families that perished fighting an aggressive war against an invading power

    • mycoolroy

      Yeah its sad and hypocritical.

  • Jake7905

    Hey Apple, Spoiler Alert: the North wins the war. This is an historical game, not a glorification of misplaced Southern pride in a racist past. The context here does not merit a ban, and makes Apple's selective censorship look even more ridiculous then usual.

    • mycoolroy


  • the_rebel14

    You cannot erase history. It happened, it's in the past, we've moved on. These games are showing what DID happen in the past and that flag was there. To remove these games because the confederate flag is in them is to try to change and censor history. Idiocy and cowardice at its finest. I believe that the flags in public should be moved to a museum since that was the past and so that people can learn about what did happen in the past. Same with these games. That war happened and that flag was there so to create a game retelling the events of the Civil War is to acknowledge the historical FACT that the confederate flag was there and represented something for the Confederacy. There might be some things that don't need to be shown or available on the App Store, but HISTORICALLY accurate games about the civil war?! There is nothing wrong with that. Put them back, Apple.

    • http://illyaking.com/ Illya King

      Games like these as reminders of our past and allegories for our future.

  • P Gustaf

    I'm all for taking down the flag from government institutions, but this is just asinine.

  • L.j. Lee

    MYTH - The War of 1861 - 1865 was fought over slavery.

    FACT - Terribly untrue. The North fought the war over money. Plain and simple. When the South started Secession, Lincoln was asked, "Why not let the South go in peace?" To which he replied, "I can't let them go. Who would pay for the government?" Sensing total financial ruin for the North, Lincoln waged war on the South. The South fought the War to repel Northern aggression and invasion.

  • Eric Hutchison

    I do hope they ban all World War II games with use of the Nazi swastika.......which is all of them. I mean, you gotta be fair right? Jewish people are offended by that symbol.

    • Brendan Charles

      Your logic is kind of flawed here (even though I agree with your point.) I'm sure there are tons of Jewish people who are offended by the Nazi flag or seeing the swastika- but that doesn't necessarily mean they would want it written out of the history books. Quite the opposite in fact, as it serves as a reminder of the horrible things that were perpetrated against their people. To write it out of history would be like pretending it never happened.

  • Haanden

    A small step for a company, a giant leap for censorship...!

    • Eric Hutchison

      Nothing like censorship in a "free" country.

  • Press2Play

    *eating popcorn*

  • Keith Cameron

    Absolute Lunacy!

    The inmates are running the asylum (and doing so rather poorly). What's next, will they go out ala the Taliban and Dynamite Civil war memorials?

  • DCRussell

    I am offended by Apple's decision. Following Apple's policy and precedent, I'm asking all merchant to stop selling Apple products because Apple offends me. Apple should not have a problem with that, should they?

  • Cardguy63

    Because like it didn't happen? How stupid a decision is that. Wow PC has gone way overboard.

    • Mr_Assault

      App store is not PC

      • mycoolroy

        PC can also mean political correctness.

  • Jay G

    What's amazing is that the left has somehow cleansed themselves of the fact that their party is the one that flew this flag the most, and fought the hardest to deny passage of the rights given under the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. The hypocrisy is real.

  • HarryWarden

    I know this is said a lot but I don't think Jobs would have made this reactionary, dumb decision. Tim Cook is a complete wimp so of course he does it.

    • mycoolroy

      I agree with you that Tim Cook is probably the one who gave the order but I don't think he's a wimp, I don't think he caved in and was under pressure I think he's the one who pushed to do this at Apple. Just to give you an idea of where Tim Cook is coming from he has a large portrait of Martin Luther King in his personal office and has given speeches about civil rights.... He thinks were living in the 1940s and he has an agenda.

  • Mr Smart

    Wonderful news! Apple is a shinning example of how all corporations should behave, I would even suggest that it be mandated that all corporations be legally obligated to act in responsible ways like this. Perhaps once a few fat cat CEO's end up in jail that might send the right message to the rest of those bloated rich 1%ers to finally shape up and get on board.

    Moreover, the misogyny in the game space has long gone unchecked. Round up these white, male cisgendered bigots and teach them a lesson while we're at it. Feminism should be inclusive to every single video game currently being made and the old ones should have those themes retroactively introduced, that or simply be made illegal to own. Any new game being developed should need to promote Feminist values and have some sort of *correct* social message attached to it. I would also mandate that any new hire any game company makes need to fulfill basic common sense hiring quotas, the appropriate percentage of womyn, minorities, transgendered and otherwise non-white cissexual men who currently dominate the game space. Enough is enough, people.

    Thank the stars that finally after decades and decades of misogyny and intolerance that *FINALLY* the game space is moving in the right direction. We have a long, long way to go until it is even close to being acceptable but little things like what Apple did today are tiny steps in the right direction.

    • Andrew X

      Joe!!!!! Joe Stalin, old boy! How the hell'v you been?? Man, it's been a while, I tell ya. How'z Lavrenti these days, still "educating" those thirteen year-olds? Heh. Boy, those were some days, weren't they? I knew it was getting to be like old times, but I didn't think I'd see YOU again! Ah, you're here to help out in compiling the, um... "lists".... huh? Yeah, these new kids, pikers all, but they'll catch on fast, just watch. Nice to have the help though. GOD it's good.... oops, I mean, ..... MARX.... it's good to see you again! Well, I won't keep you. Time to get to work, eh, old boy?

      • LarryWP

        Made my day! Lol.

  • ryan

    Rest in Peace Dukes of Hazard. Seriously though, I think this type of censorship might be illegal. It's like banning World History from schools because there are Swastikas in the textbooks during the relevant chapters.

  • predator8u

    America is such a joke. Women got boobs and can be sexy , slavery was once prominent, guns shoot bullets.

    Yet Carl's jr. Ads are like softcore. On TV every 12 mins

    Django unchained makes tons of money and makes people laugh at slavery.

    Nearly every movie in Hollywood features the hero gunning down 100's of brown people.

    Yet none of these things get banned, debated, etc.

    BUT video games and gamers are the problems. The game journalists have no problems throwing our hobby under the bus if they can get a 1200 words count out of it.

    Confederate flag really... States rights. Apple are to liberal/progressive/conservative. Each label makes its sheepeople group think and things like this happen.

    Critical / rational thinking is dead.

  • Eggard Snark

    The Nazi flag offends me. Pull every game from the App store that features one!

    My feelings demand it!

  • David Miller

    It's ridiculous. So lets ban anything that happened in history that's offensive to anyone.

    What's left then? We'll be handing high school kids history books that have just blank pages and a box of markers. Lesson plan will be to let them draw their own fantasy history. I truly fear for my country when we prefer ignorance over knowledge.

    Tim Cook, here's reason #1 not to ban everything related to a piece of history:

    "Those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it." - Edmund Burke

  • Carolyn Garcia

    Are you kidding me, you morons. Let's just remove history of our nation altogether. Wait, we have already done that with the left and their revisionist history. Good, bad, or indifferent, the Civil War happened and is part of our history. I bet you won't remove anything that shouts muslim or islam though. It might offend them. What is next with you people to be politically correct. I am sick and tired of companies that get into the middle of political correctness instead of selling your products. What's next paint the White House black, or remove the Washington monument and Jefferson Memorial, or flatten battlefields? Wait, at the way this country is going mad, we won't have to for liberals will have stood by and let the idiots who are cutting off heads and destroying monuments in the middle east do it for you. I grew up in the south with grandparents who never taught discrimination, racism, or anything like I see today. I will check things out and I hope you don't have anything that depicts Hitler or the Nazi flag in your list of apps of games.

  • LarryWP

    I think it's wrong for companies like Apple to get involved politically and hence make judgements. Now these developers that made Civil War games and jumped through all of Apples stupid hoops to get published, are hung out to dry. The more I know of Apples internal works, the more my Android devices look better.

  • MirriamE

    Yay, let's remove the American flag next because "America did a lot of bad things and had slaves". Let's ban every flag around the world because every country has "done some bad things".

    This social justice nonsense is so frickin retarded (yeah, I said it) RETARDED!

  • Piph

    Can't Apple be sued for that? Assuming everyone who used the flag was using it in a mean spirited context is effectively slander, right?

    • LarryWP

      I wish.

  • mycoolroy

    Looks like YouTube videos are not linkable here so the title of the video is 5 reasons not to be in the confederate flag from the Canadian immigrant

  • holymoly

    Yes, let's all pretend the Civil War didn't happen. Let's pretend slavery didn't happen. Let's also pretend 620,000 American's didn't die during the civil war. While we're at it let's forget the attempted cessation of the Southern states.

    I'm not white or black and I certainly don't condone racism, but seriously this is getting dumber by the day. What next, ban all of the chapters about the Civil War in history books in American classrooms? How about we get real and address the racism spewed by the hate groups that this kid found comfort in prior to him taking the lives of 9 African American church goers? This all didn't happen overnight and I find it hard to believe his parents didn't know what was going on. Clearly their son walking around wearing a flight jacket with patches of Rhodesia and apartheid South Africa on them would of solicited the question - "Dylann what are those patches for?" - Cause he certainly wasn't enrolled in the boy scouts.

    Fun fact for people who are on the rampage over the use of the confederate flag.. It was only used by the Army of North Virginia which was commanded by Robert E. Lee. Other confederate regiments carried different flags, like the Bonnie Blue Flag. Despite how popular the "Battle Flag" is today in Southern culture, the flag that flew over South Carolina (Where these shootings took place) during the Civil War was a flag modeled after St. George's Cross. It had a red background with a blue cross and stars for each secessionist state in the blue cross. It also had a crescent moon and a palmetto in the top left corner. So, maybe we should ban all flags with stars and stripes on them that have blue and red?

    • LarryWP

      Excellent post!

  • Carolyn Garcia

    If we are going to ban everything pertaining to a time when slavery was the norm ( which I adamantly comdemn), then are we going to ban everything African since it was black Africans who sold their friends and family members to slave traders coming to America. Banning items will never change one mind or heart. What do we ban next, the White House, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, battlefields and Cemetaries?

  • mycoolroy

    Google "we watch where you go"

    Apple "we would never watch where you go why would Google do that."

    ....And then in FinePrint they should never have let you even see it. We won't even let you see it in the first place.

  • Joshua Woodward

    The Civil War is a part of AMERICAN HISTORY. Any whiners out there. Take it somewhere else... Our brothers, cousins, and friends fought eachother because of personal beliefs. I'd like to keep this stuff as a reminder of how RIDICULOUS, America was back then, to prevent it from happening AGAIN!!

  • http://www.mynameisjay.com/ Jay

    Remove offensive games with the confederate flag, yes -- but don't remove the non-offensive ones. That's nuts. Like the civil war game. What are they supposed to replace the flag with? A kitten?

  • http://ambaryerno.wordpress.com ambaryerno

    Welcome to the edge of the slippery slope. We just took a full gainer off of it, and god knows when we'll hit the bottom.

    The sad thing is I KNEW this was going to happen. As soon as eBay announced it was pulling all merchandise with the Confederate flag on it, I just KNEW it was going to escalate to this.

    So let's just rip out all the pages in our history books from about 1850-1880 and be done with it.

  • NewWorldPress

    Apple has it's own little history with slave labor don't you Apple.

    • MirriamE

      Excellent point. What a bunch of progressive liberal social justice full retard hypocrites. It really makes me sick.

      Tim Cook says yes to Chinese slaves making his iFeminine products but says no to American history and the First Amendment. I'm sure he'd like to bury the Second Amendment too just like any good little progressive freak that doesn't understand why we have these freedoms.

      Boycott Tim Cook. Boycott Apple products. I guess people are already boycotting his crappy watch for all intents and purposes.

  • A Andrews

    Interesting - a seemingly concerted effort to attack more American heritage. This isn't about a flag, it seems there is an active effort to start a second civil war going on. They are pushing the limits on all fronts to see how far they can go before "we the people" tear at each other. The progressives are acting like the Taliban did when they were destroying Buddhist statues - what's next liberals? book burning? Destroy all historical evidence? This country is being taken over and it is fundamentally changing alright. All they have to do is say the constitution is no longer relevant and then it will begin. Have a plan -

  • MirriamE

    As much as we might love their products it is time to boycott Apple and hit them where it hurts.

  • Bill

    If I already own the games, are they going to deactivate them on my devices?

  • CNN_deletes_so_many_Posts

    We also need to demand the removal of any books or magazines that have the flag or any reference to the Confederacy. That would make things much better.

  • http://authorsdb.com/authors-directory/1824-alan-w-jankowski Alan Jankowski

    I guess we're going to stop teaching about the Civil War in history books next...

  • Candor Spot

    Damn, looks like the racists ruined it for all of us.

  • J Hunt Morgan

    Can't wait to get an android and throw this pos iPhone in a wood chipper.

    • LarryWP

      Leo Laporte on The Tech Guy says he prefers the Galaxy 6 to all smartphones. This action of Apple will keep me from ever buying an iPhone. Frigging morons.

  • Qaioud

    I see Panzer Corps is still available...?

    I guess I'm missing something huge with that comparison (?!?!)

  • Masoner

    Everyone is gonna look back on this and facepalm so damn hard.

  • Ethan Sams

    That's such a load of shit. So should Medal of Honor and Call of Duty WaW also be banned because you fight Nazis?

  • Alexythimia23

    Holy shit! Wtf have i stumbled into!! Whats with this thread lmfao rofl!!
    From games with that flag on getting taken off the store to huge stupid debates with people trying to force their opinions on others and going round and round.
    And that guy "chris" he is bang on with what he is saying so were probably getting loads of pissed of southern boys or yanks voting down his statement which makes perfect sense! So lets end it and agree, You all suck, every country, every flag, there you go now your on even grounds, so shut the fuck up and get on with talks of gaming......idiots rofl

  • August West

    The progressive PC reactionary way of living in America today is boarder line silly. We're all adults here. The irony is, they are going to raise up a generation of sheep who won't even know our history- good & bad. It's like a parent who doesn't want to tell their kids that Mommy & Daddy don't live together "because we're allergic to eachother".

    Denial is a wonderful thing...not.

  • Deroni76

    Civil War? What are you talking about, this never happened.

  • agamemnus

    Simple. Don't buy Apple products (because they support corporate Naziism), and tell your friends and colleagues not to. Apple = Nazis.

  • Anon

    I think we should change our open door policy. We the People should put all the Black People, and there descendent's back on boats and send them back to Africa.. Hell Empty the Prisons and send them back.
    We the People could sure use homegrown jobs,and new roads.

    • Andrew Bolt

      You a native? No? Then you need to sod off back to Europe or where ever you came from.

      And before you try to claim that your ancestors built the US... so did the people you are suggesting should be shipped out.

  • michaelmastro

    Suicide By Political Correctness

  • http://randomnerds.com/ Random Nerds

    Reading this got us thinking about other symbols you can find in the App store. Swastikas being one of them. http://rndnerds.com/1NkCepR

  • Johnny Davis

    Wolfenstein 3d- still carried, absolutely PLASTERED with Nazi flags and symbols.


    • agamemnus

      It is a knee-jerk reaction by corporate fascists within Apple. Tell all your friends not to buy Apple products!

  • Stormourner of the Nature

    Apple isn't the same without Steve Jobs

  • Dan Mulhollen

    These games are not Candy Crush with Confederate flags. They are complex simulations requiring extensive research and more than a little intelligence to play--more apparently than the people at Apple have. Why is Apple so willing to sabotage the IPad, which is becoming a wonderful platform for computer wargames?

  • Ziegler45314

    Either they restore all those games, or I'll never purchase nor download another thing from Apple ever again.

    • LarryWP

      That's where I'm sitting. I have Android and PC's so I don't need crApple. If they don't retract what they have done, I move onto other products. Simple.

  • molly Ring

    It's Cultural Marxism. Look it up, this is what's been driving our culture for years.

  • Al B

    History is always molded into whatever standards people want it to be. There is no such thing as history as it happened, it is all shaped with the convictions and intentions of those writing it. Always. It doesn't matter what flag was used back then, because the reality is the flag represents centuries of human rights abuses, violence, racism, bigotry, and oppression - TODAY. This flag is an international embarrassment. It is best to make this symbol a taboo, in any context. Especially because of the incredible amount of ignorance people that fly it display.

    • Rothschild_Empire

      While we are at it let us band the US flag for dropping 2 atom bombs that killed women and children in Japan.

      • Al B

        Yes, but we have yet to reach the book of history's losers. IF the nazis had won, nobody would be banning their flag. They lost, and the Germans replaced a symbol of hate and even went as far as to make it illegal, (here we have a case of a company deciding its won policy). I don't understand all the defense given to this symbol, that represents racism. And for future reference - you're adding a very unrelated issue to the mix, because the discussion with the southern flag deals with issues particular to the United States and the history it has with oppressing a group of people based on their skin color.

      • Rothschild_Empire

        Yet no one is banning the Nazi flag from Apple or Amazon. just political correctness and tyranny run amok..

  • mycoolroy

    Just read update 3 and you guys are awesome.

  • ima_robot_beepbeepbeep

    Apple ships american jobs overseas and relies on sweatshops full of child labor to produce their products. And now we are learning they are politically correct pansies.

    Stop supporting this despicable company you lemmings.

  • jr565

    If you have any wargame that is based on any historical period, get it off Apple. Who knows what they might find offensive and demand you change.
    World War II might be next.
    In fact, stop making those games for Mac. let them live with their shitty gaming platform

  • Ryan E. Hoffman

    Company that uses slaves bans game because of a flag that represents slavery because of think pieces written on a product made by slave labor.

  • Meko21

    The beginning of the end of The United States of America. When politics is more important than history citizens will no longer protect thier nation. They will not be invested in her survival. It won't be long before the nation becomes divided beyond repair leaving it to be conquered by our enemies.

  • John Doe

    I wonder if he (Apple) is going to stop doing business in the many countries that punish and sometimes even execute people with his sexual CHOICE.

  • Nikolai Rogers

    Clearly this is the most logical decision.............

  • Lyn Bruner- McKinney

    Not buying from App Store no more and as soon as my contract is up, no more Apple. No Walmart card, Sears or Amazon. I am gonna save a bunch of $$. Hate spineless entities.

  • Cyclops

    This is utterly stupid. Apple has really gone downhill.

  • steve9930

    No big deal to me I don't buy apple products.

  • https://twitter.com/SmileyRoffle Smiley

    Heh, and coincidentally got a new Android phone just today. No Apple here, never again now.

    BTW,Timmy "The Toolman" Cook pulls stunts like these to bribe the idiotic
    Social Jerkface Warblers into looking the other way on Apple's
    not-so-nice business practices, like trying to stiff music artists of
    their royalties and most disgustingly, child labor going on in their
    factories. He knows, quite correctly, he can pay off the screaming
    Twitter mob with a few fascist bones like these, while throwing innocent
    people and all principle under the bus.

  • Sugarlarry

    "Many see it as a reminder of the many pre-Civil War injustices while others see it simply as a way to honor the soldiers who died for the Confederacy. "

    Stupid excuse. The Germans don't honour their war dead with the Nazi flag. That said... using the flag in a game like this makes perfect contextual sense.

    • Winston_from_the_Ministry

      Stupid analogy. The Nazis were not the German army.

  • http://mikebethany.com/ Mike Bethany

    Reminds me of a poem I wrote as a kid:

    Congress shall make no law ********** an establishment of ********, or *********** the **** exercise thereof; or ********* the ******* of ******, or of the *****; or the ***** of the ****** ********* to ********, and to ******** the government for a ******* of **********.

  • Kenny Peacock

    Liberal Jews

  • Chronos Z. Wonderpig


  • Jim Shorts


  • EyesAndFKno

    The re-writing of history is key for further control. Sigh.

  • adz4u28

    Pathetic. Then we should ban all nations flags because at some point one of them has done something 'mean spirited' what a joke America has become.

  • Raki_Saeki

    That's just what we need in the Appstore, more delicious censorship... I'm ok with banning apps that generate hate against people. But to ban something historical, is it a game, book, or whatever... It's just going bananas.

  • CandeeandHerald Botone

    Glad I just got rid of my iphone!! Won't support them again. RIDICULOUS! !!

  • Furydeath

    So when are we removing all games with Nazis?

  • sublbc

    So glad I am on Droid. Apple users are pathetic and their platform is indicative of it's user base.

  • NorCal Native

    Apple is for Phaggots.

  • Brett Loland

    These games will come back, it's easier to get rid of everything then slowly let back in what is deemed acceptable and inoffensive.

  • jattapake

    Is it really historically accurate? The ANV flag was never the official flag of the Confederacy. But it was the official flag of the KKK.

    • NorCal Native

      The KKK flies the US flag, as well.

  • http://www.jlinnation.com/ JLinNation

    Good Riddance. It was a stupid game anyway. Funny how all these crybabies crying about it,yet they don't even own the game. lol

  • Frank W. Abernathy

    I think Apple just declared war on the South.

  • boB

    I'm all for removing the confederate battle flag from state houses, government buildings, and public spaces -- but this is ridiculous.

  • ChasInNJ

    For once Rush Limbaugh is right.

  • http://www.sepulchreofheroes.blogspot.com/ Gothmog

    So are they also pulling every WWII game for having Nazis or Imperial Japanese. What about the game titled "Cowboys and Indians". Not only does that have a racially insensitive name now, it covers a conflict not only about the oppression of a race by America, but the systematic destruction of those people and their heritage?

    Slippery f*ing slope apple. Way to be idiotic and reactionary.

  • Tetra84

    This is getting moronic.

  • Tom Cook

    People should boycott Apple and all of their products.

    • NorCal Native

      I will never own an Apple product. If Apple & Starbucks were banned, all liberals would die.

    • Hard2find

      You could start right now swallow your pc

  • Nivrap

    I think Apple is misunderstanding the issue here. The removal of the flags in Alabama was enacted because their presence was meant to honor people who fought FOR slavery, people who have no honor. But in a game, they serve as symbols of history, much as they do in museums.

  • http://toriko.wikia.com/wiki/Toriko_Encyclopedia CaptainGintoki

    This is just bullshit and I'm not even American.

  • jin choung

    dumb dumb dumb... and WORSE than just showing the real thing.

    i have a beef with WW2 games that almost all use a non historical cross flag as opposed to the swastika to mark german units.

    how is it BETTER to take away the full context of what people fought and died for. if it was an ignominious cause, that should be remembered.

  • General Deshler

    We are fixing to cancel our ATT and Apple contracts and quit using this illegal spy ware shit anyways. Apple sucks. God bless DIXIE.

  • Ryan Hall

    They know you can play the Union side, right?

  • muttso1o

    Lets rewrite history, ... Seems someone inside Apple is overreacting.
    What's next all german references in WWII games are banned?

    • AS55423

      Why stop with this what about Roman and the Middle Ages then ? FUBAR

  • AS55423

    Bat S**t Crazy.

  • tech53

    technically the confederate flag we usually see is the confederate BATTLE FLAG and not the flag of the confederacy. However, while I feel that the blatant display of the flag on the back of one's truck or on ones wall is distasteful and even reprehensible at times, it is freedom of speech. We do not need to be trying to rewrite history. I admire apple for trying to send a clear message against racism, but that's not what they are effectively doing. Anyone with half of a brain will look at this and completely dismiss what Apple has done because they have no tact, and aren't being selective about their bans.

  • mourningair

    Everything offends somebody, pretty soon we won't have any games left. 1984.

  • Not My Name

    So all 1 million plus WWII games have to be banned because of the swastika?

  • http://www.sepulchreofheroes.blogspot.com/ Gothmog

    If that is the precedent Apple, then IMMEDIATELY remove the following for racially insensitive depictions of a Native Americans and using the derogatory term "Indian", as well as depicting a conflict about the systematic destruction of a people and culture in a non-historical context
    -Cowboys 'n Indians - Whack the Wild West
    -A Baby Cowboy Adventure - Wild West Cowboys vs Indians
    -3D Top Action India Racing Western Game
    -Cowboys and Indians Free- Ranger Danger for all Boys and Girls (and for possible copyright infringement as it shows the lone ranger and tonto)
    -Cowboys and Indians Magazine
    -Indian Tattoos Expert

    AND Remove the following (reason in parenthesis)
    -Strategy & Tactics: WWII (Displaying the hammer and sickle, a symbol of genocide and oppression)
    World Conqueror 2 (Displaying the Imperial Japanese Flag, a symbol of genocide and oppression)
    Glory of General: Pacific War (Displaying the Imperial Japanese Flag, a symbol of genocide and oppression)
    Kamikaze iFighter 1945 Pilot- World War 2 Plane Battle (For being named Kamikaze and not even being historically accurate as you battling "helicopters")
    Angry World War II (not historically accurate, but still showing essentially a Nazi)

    AND ALL THE WWII GAMES Display the Balkenkreuz- the Symbol of the Wehrmacht, the German Army in WWII. If we are going to remove anything with the confederate battleflag for their participation in a conflict concerning racial politics, then we should do the same for any Nazi force, correct?

  • Penelope Peace

    Liberals are so wise in their on minds.

  • Phil B.

    Another reason I'm glad I have an Android tablet.

  • Ultimate Warrior

    I hate the fact that large corporations try to be so politically correct and in turn look like idiots. I agree with the one post and think let's not teach our children the truth so we can learn from our history but instead stick our heads in the sand and ignore our own history. Our country has become a country of morons leading morons

  • Death Lord777

    I thought this was Amerika not The United States of Apple what they have is hurt developers who put out these very good civil war strategy games about historical battles. Part 2 confederate flag gone Nazi flag still going strong. Partthree you can still buy the Communist flag on Amazon.

  • Kevin Wall

    WWII games should be out because of the Nazi flag. I own nothing from Apple, so who cares?

  • Patrick Phillips

    The real reason the liberals want to get rid of the flag is because the democrats are the ones that supported slavery during the civil war. It is the fundamental flaw in their we love black people charade.

    • TheGodless

      The Democrats of that time period were much like the Republicans of today. Would it be fair to say that since Goldwater was a staunch supporter of the separation of state and church, the Republicans of today are responsible for helping to get religion out of government? Of course not. Most Republicans now are theocrats that want to destroy the world's first secular democracy. Even their hero Ronald Reagan supported the separation of state and church. Kick out the religious right bigots and Republicans might be able to be considered patriots again, until then the Republican supports an anti-American agenda of forcing everyone to bow to their superstitions and using their holy book, which would be considered as foreign document, to make governmental decisions. When the whole Sharia law paranoia was going on, did they not realize that banning foreign laws from being used in America included banning their foreign made Bible?

  • thatswellguyandy

    This is beyond "mentally challenged"!!! My great-great grandpa fought for the Union army and burnt everything in his way to the coast. I want to re-create this, on an Apple device, but Tim Cook says no. Guess I'll have to get Windows 10 now...

    • mycoolroy

      Lmao @ Beyond "mentally challenged" I see what you did there.

  • Jeffrey Lange

    The apps that are saying they are "historically accurate" are incorrect, as they are using the Southern Cross to represent Confederate troops in combat, when it was used that way only in Northern Virginia under General Robert E. Lee. There were three official Confederate flags... the so-called "rebel flag" (the Southern Cross) was never one of them. On two of the three official Confederate flags, the Southern Cross did appear in the upper left canton, but that's not the same thing, and it is not represented as such in the games. So if they want to call historical revision, they have to revise their own games to be historically accurate first.

    (The General Lee... the car driven by the "Dukes of Hazard" boys... had the flag on the roof. That car was historically accurate.) 🙂

  • CaliforniaLDS

    Um.... The Confederate Flag is not a racist flag. Slavery was not the main dispute. Most of the fighters in the war were not slave owners, and slavery existed in the Union as well. People really need some history lessons and stop drinking the stupidity kook-aid.

  • Richard Held

    This is absolutely outrageous. What incompetent buffoons are running Apple? Historical Civil War games have nothing to do with hate groups who use the Confederate flag as a symbol of hate.

    I despise racism, but focusing on the Confederate flag instead of, say, making hate-based groups like the KKK illegal again is the most pointless thing there is.

    I say it is time gamers boycott Apple until they have to sink into red ink. They are so stupid no gamer should shop with them.

  • Young Werther

    Those are going to be very expensive games. Better investment than gold!

  • Jack Brown

    Is Apple and other game makers going to be removing games with Nazis? If not why not?

    Nazis certainly were racists. They didn't like blacks or Jews or Gypsies. Plenty of reasons to also get rid of all the games with Nazis. Also all the TV shows, artwork, clothing, movies etc that had any mention of Nazis.

    Remember Hogan's Heroes? Sgt. Schultz? He was a Nazi character in the show. Pull the show and all merchandise associated with it. Same with all the other shows that depict Nazis.

    • Brandon Bachman

      Germany does that already.

      • Jack Brown

        And yet here in the USA we can watch Hogan's Heroes on TV. See Nazis depict on the movie screen. Even buy Mein Kampf, Nazi flags, Nazi Swastika and other Nazi memorabilia easily and legally.

        If the Confederate flag is going to be removed because it's racist then so such anything related to Nazis.

  • Brandon Bachman

    War is a very mean-spirited thing; History tells us so. Deal with it.

    • Mesocyclones

      What does that even mean?

      • Brandon Bachman

        A lot of history involves war. Lots of killing and death. Even now in the 21st century the human race continues to kill and make history through tragedy. Offensive and mean-spirited, but some of that history is why you exist.

        Can you deal with that?

  • Jean-Paul DuQuette

    Oh come on. The confederate flag has no place in government, but this is ludicrous. It's so ridiculous, I can't but think that those companies targeted will not have very long to wait before they have their games back up for sale.

  • Rip73

    Google is in the process of doing the exact same thing as Apple so I wouldn't jump on the anti Apple campaign just yet.
    Google is extending it to ads in its network and to search results.

    Maybe consider that it's the political system that exists, litigious nature of the legal system, over-reactionary public commentary and the societal diivde in existence there that is primarily at fault and leaves companies with no choice but to do these things.

  • leatherneckga

    So very glad I have never and will never buy or use anything made by these brain dead idiots.

    • Rip73

      You better dump that Android as well then because Google is in the process of doing the exact same thing but on a wider scale as ads and search results will also be removed.

      And Sears, Walmart, Amazon and Ebay are doing the exact same thing too.
      And many more have stated intent to follow.

      Maybe consider its not the company that are brain dead idiots but the political system that's forcing it.

      • Aaron Richards

        google is going to remove search results for condefedate flag? The tinfoil community is going crazy again it seems

      • Rip73

        People seem to have forgotten why it's happening and what it's a reaction to.
        If a symbol is being used by a bunch of racist hate mangers who happen also to have attacked and murdered people in a church, is that reason enough.
        It is historically a symbol of white supremacy and obviously as the group/person behind the church killings evokes it and uses it as their/his symbol, is there really any good reason to hold on to it today.

        Maybe people should be reacting to that atrocity and its usage by the "group" behind it rather than companies removing it.

  • Cheryl Jefferies

    Absurd! What a knee-jerk reaction. Those kinds of actions/reactions are rarely good things. Poor leadership at Apple. Well, actually, no leadership would be more like it.

  • Virginia Black

    and what about WWII and the Nazi flag? you going to pull that because it is offensive? give me a break!!! you caved

  • Mesocyclones

    Quit buying apple's crap! Quit supporting these pc facist assholes!

    • Rip73

      You're gonna have to give up on Google as well.
      And Walmart.
      And the National Park.
      And Virginia licence plates.
      And Sears.
      And Ebay.
      And Amazon.
      And on and on the list will go.
      You won't have much left to buy will ya.

      Don't forget it's a reaction to an act of mass murder and the group behind it using it as a symbol.
      I'd question anybody willing to still support it after that act of atrocity.

  • Cyber Slammer

    Upvote me if you are white, proud and have ZERO guilt.

  • Ted Seay

    Hello? War game? Battle flag?

  • Ricotta

    This kind of assault on Southern heritage is just going to lead to more Dylan Roofs.

  • lfdev

    And yet all the news stories continue to show that flag. Does that mean that when people reading the news story and see the picture, they start to cry?

    Am I living in some type of surreal, bizarre twilight zone?

  • Ken Cella

    Who needs Apple? Apple products are a joke.

  • alan scout

    What a bunch of morons.

  • lfdev

    Apple stands for group think, conformity and money above principles.


    So what now they'll ban Dukes of Hazzard?

  • 7skuareoff

    About the confederate statues John Lewis said:
    "We have to have a cleansing in this place."
    Interesting choice of words, cleansing.
    Like ISIS cleansing every country it invades
    of all traces of any people that came before
    them. Like the Serbs cleansing the Balkans
    of all traces of any other people but Serbs.
    Like the Israelis cleansing all traces of
    Palestinians from Palestine. Like the
    Russians cleansing Ukraine of all traces of
    Ukrainians. Like the English trying to cleanse
    Ireland of all traces of the Irish, cleansing
    Scotland all traces of Scots, of Wales and
    Cornwall of all traces of the Celt. Like the
    Yankee cleansing the continent of all traces
    of Indians. Like the Nazis cleansing Europe
    of all traces of Jews.

    Yes, Mr. Lewis we are quite aware of yours
    and the NAACP's intent and purpose. Racist,
    yes, I think racist is the word.

  • Greenfort

    Censorship... That always makes me sad. History happened - come to terms with it

  • luckiestmanalive8

    thank a progressive liberal, next time you encounter one of these trendy lemmings.

  • jmw_123

    Will Apple also demand they remove Nazi flags?

  • metheoldsarge

    I have never owned any Apple products. Now I never will.

  • AntoxaGray

    What will happen if Italy and Papal state ban Attila: Total War; Russia will ban all games about Mongols (Europa Universalis, Medieval: Total War, Cossacks, etc), Brazil ban all games about spanish conquest; France ban all games about roses war; Japan ban all games about pacific theater; All european countries ban games about Napoleon?

    I already find it stupid that nazi flag banned from games. The last 2 games where I've seen it was Red Orchestra 1 (only on one map) and Blitzkrieg 1.

  • Robert Ivey

    Actually the 10th Amendment states that any law the Federal Government makes is superior to those of any state. Which is why its referred to as the Supremacy clause.

  • adplatt126

    I understand the drive to take the flag off of government buildings, which really shouldn't be endorsing the ideological views of the Confederacy, given the present US Government's political paradigm, and our modern Constitution. It's just bad policy for governments that claim to protect all citizens with impartiality. With that said, banning merchandise on platforms like Amazon is absolutely absurd, not to mention wrong. We shouldn't allow companies to censor ideas or worldviews. Should we let them censor art as well? Should all Che shirts and Mao mugs come down off the site as well? Look, if you don't want them, don't buy them. If they want to boycott the company over the fact that private distributors sell items they don't like through their online platform that's fine, but Amazon shouldn't cave. It's just the wrong moral position and akin to censorship if it isn't literal censorship. Should all offensive symbols go away? Is there nowhere left we can express controversial views? Trying to remove the flag from the State House in South Carolina is understandable, even right. But trying to eliminate ideologies and symbols of ideologies you don't like on platforms that are not there to represent you, is not noble, it's totalitarian. Why should Amazon expurgate thoughts, values, art, or anything someone finds offensive, whether sensibly or not? For people who don't want something, don't buy something. But don't try to make it impossible for someone who might want it to buy it. What business is that of yours? And why are you so concerned with what other people put on their own walls? There's also a difference between activism promoting an action you want realized, and activism promoting censorship, or discouraging individual expression or fighting for discrimination against whites and Asians under the banner of anti-racism (quite absurd really). Some activism isn't right, it's just wrong, even if it's done by people on the supposedly right side of the political aisle. In other words, activism isn't good unto itself.

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    Came here for the political comments <3

    In all reality, sucks for the developers. Apple doesn't really lose much in the long run.

  • Michael Kochin

    Apple has officially become Big Brother!

  • Winston_from_the_Ministry

    The German army was the German army, they weren't all Nazi party members. Look it up.

    • Sugarlarry

      So then by this argument it should be no problem to dump the Confederate flag, because the southern army were not all Confederates.

      So that means we can honour their sacrifice without using the Confederate flag, which represents the fight to keep the right to own human beings.

  • xvicex

    I am not shocked whatsoever that "progressives" have brought this nation to the point of burning books.

  • edjcox

    Mean spirited and offensive ???? The flag was used in our Civil War as a battle flag. It did not acquire the racist connotation until much later in our history. The flag in these games are not depicted in a mean or offensive manner but true to their purpose at the time.
    We have any number of movies and TV shows that depict and show the Nazi flag and uniforms in correct and accurate depictions of the time.
    You cannot erase history and should not go to far in the zeal. Apple in this case is wrong and this went to far...

  • Brady2600

    unpopular speech is the most important speech to protect because it establishes the precedent of banning speech.

  • Knott

    Apple must be the STUPIDEST people on the Earth!

  • Knott

    Apple must be the STUPIDEST people on the Planet!

  • Knott

    We should call for a worldwide ban on the Apple Logo because it depicts an injured apple and is grossly offensive to all Fruitkind!

  • Adrian Werner

    App Store has forever not been a place for anything that would deal with any controversial matter. Now it seems it also is not a place for historical games either.
    Bassicaly all Apple wants are cookie-cutter games full of gummie bears. I'm glad Ultimate General devs won't change their game to be historically inaccurate. All this does is send a clear message to any more ambitious developer that they better put all their focus on PC, instead of bothering with Apple. Because you never know what kind of PR move they will pull or what game-breaking changes they will introduce to their code. Why even bother then when all your hard work can go to waste at the flick of their fingers?

  • Shane K

    This is BS. Pure and simple. I will NOT spend another cent on anything related to Apple. And I'll be buying everything I can that features the confederate flag, because I still believe in freedom of expression.

  • http://www.facebook.com/desireelsmith Desiree Smith

    How about Apple doesn't have a huge number of women or blacks at top level executive positions. I refuse to believe that there are no qualified blacks or women.

    Considering an American who happens to be black is the reason their are cell phones in the first place, I doubt it's from lack of education, training or intelligence.

  • kogk1943

    Total BS.

  • AAPL.To.Break.$130.Soon>:-)

    Has anyone heard about what Google is going to do with the Confederate flag in the Google Play store? I'd really be surprised if they don't follow Apple in pulling some apps.

  • Pavel Drotár

    So, what I need to do is commit a heinour crime in American, waving American flag around while doing so, and this will cause USA to abandon their current flag? Is this the logic of Walmart and Apple?

    Then perhaps it would be best to commit a crime wearing APPLE logo...

    *Note: This is a critique post that is in no way intended to motivate people to commit crimes. Do not commit crimes!*

    • accolade

      Start by enslaving a million people against their will, torture, beat and kill the ones they don't obey.

    • kogk1943

      Farrakhan is way ahead of you on "Old Glory".

  • hawkdoc60

    When you forget history, you are doomed to repeat it. I guess there are people out there who would like to see another civil war happen in this country.

    • Marius S. Moe

      Considering that the "Confederate flag" wasnt the flag used by the confederates, isn't it time that the game developers making those games started doing some actual reseacrh on the flag itself?

  • Marc Williams

    Just another reason to hate Apple.

  • MVH

    History is written by the strong, history is rewritten by the weak.

  • Oly

    Well, not surprising at all. Apple is Apple and they will never discredit anything stupid, like this for exaxmple, if that makes them lose a cent or the respect of their hipster, modern, cool worshippers

  • Enough is Enough

    No, it is not a sensitive issue for the American nation. At this point it's only sensitive issue for idiots. What's next, remove any image of it from history books? This is what happens when liberals get an inch.....

  • quarterStar

    We're discussing GAMES, not historical documents. GAMES do not set historical precedent.

  • 1517Genevieve

    Please Keep The COnfederate Flag On There Because it promotes heritage and History and I've collect Confederate stuff my late cousin Dale Leija does collect Confederate Stuff as well. and It's Time To Get All Of the Confederate Flag and Confederate Products must stay and it must be display anywhere at a all stores smf Confederate flags Promotes heritage from the civil war i've learned about hsitory of the civil war since i was a Teenager In Junior High School And High School and The Civil War happened Y'all Learn History Or Y'all Be Doomed To Repeat it Just Give Dylann Storm Roof The Death Penalties For the 9 Murders in charleston,S.C. and I want the Confederate Flag to stay and fly anywhere Period.

  • Jay Rawls

    this is the most ridiculous thing. I am absolutely floored.

  • n4zhg

    Forget about me buying an iPhone. Ever.

    • quarterStar

      Lol... Don't worry: no one will know if you do...

  • Alois Sečkár

    another good reason to ignore Mapple...

  • https://pcbushi.wordpress.com/ Bushi

    It's PC bullshit. I can't imagine anyone buying a Civil War game and then being taken aback at seeing the the Southern army using the Confederate flag. =P

  • http://webinfotech.tzo.com/ Chelmsford_Resident

    Apple Games suck anyway just like there thinking. DULL

  • Rupert Chappelle

    How about removing all music, books, TV shows and movies that use the "N" word? What do you think is more hateful and leads to more violence and racism, an old flag of a lost cause from a 150 years ago or gangsta rap and negative stereotypes?

  • klepp0906

    What a joke. how pathetic. Who does this offend? Ignorant chimps that can't rationalize with history? Wonder how the undereducated majority would feel if they knew their "hero" Abe Lincoln intended to re patriot them all as well. What would be next? Removing any game based around the presidency?

    Everyone is offended by something nowadays, it's turning society into a bunch of self entitled cry babies and yet we continue to pander to them via countless mediums. I may stand alone but I slap the piss out of any and all of these liberal idiots.

    This generation is literally single handily destroying our society. You should all be ashamed - course that would require brains. Bridge is that way.

  • http://www.StudioBrule.com/ Steve Brulé

    The march of the Orwellian left continues. All of a sudden I want a confederate flag.

  • Gayla Warner

    What's next? When the Confederate Flag is no more. What will they want taken away next? We already have them complaining about statues and street signs. Then what? I thought this land was about freedom of speech. Watch out because it's not far coming we won't have that anymore.

  • jimmyray1972

    I would love to conduct a random sampling of Civil War knowledge within the Apple community. Bet they fail every bits as the chumps on the street you see who don't know who the Vice President is.

  • MyAllah

    Apple reminds me of the Nazi favorite past time, burning books during their cultural purity purges.

  • fedup

    Apple is evil and Tim Cook is the spawn of Satan...... what a sick twisted M F'er...... he is so reactionary to anything in the US and yet sells his devil products to middle east countries who kill gays. such a freaking hypocrite! now the BS! why anyone still buys this crap is beyond me except sheer stupidity. you're locked into only Apple products when you buy their junk. With Android products you can buy across various manufacturers. wake up people! stop buying crappy Apple. Steve Jobs passed away and his innovation with him

  • TruePatriot

    Nothing more than blatant censorship....Something liberal companies seem to enjoy.

  • Its about time

    Wow what a bunch of uneducated idiots that have no clue about history.

  • Its about time

    Glad I don't buy apple slave products

  • http://www.adwebdesigns.com Bill Scott

    Let's delete history. Just like ISIS.

  • FQTTraveler

    Just ridiculous, I'm tempted to boycott every company that eliminates the Confederate flag, but that would be just about every company I do business with. I am angry at this attempt to erase the history of our nation. So many boys died in the Civil war, over 7000 in one 2 hour battle. Are we to forget their sacrifice. The black panthers and other liberals have already started to attempt to take away our American Flag too, because it stands for a country that had slavery. Our children are being taught that being white is not acceptable and one woman tried to be black, another refused to have a child, because it would be the dreaded white. What in the world is going on? This is domestic terrorism and it is working. My grandson plays horrible games where people are beheaded and blood spatters all over the screen and no one cares about the young minds being filled with these images and deadened to any feelings for suffering. These kids grow up to murder without thought, they do not relate to humans except to kill.

  • slimgrin

    Tim Cook is out of his mind.

  • Rick6981

    First off the flag in the games IS NOT the flag of the Confederate States of America. The flag in the games is only a battle flag... People, you need to get your history correct. Look it up, I did. The game programmers did their homework, you need to do the same.

  • vhelixv

    Americans are slowly having their liberties stripped away and now censorship is aiming at history. Ironically the only way to stop it is a civil uprising. Coincidence? I think not.

    • LarryWP

      I don't think this country has the guts for a civil uprising in the correct sense. It's too liberal and dependent now.

  • spartusrings

    The American flag should be banned. That's the real racist flag. While flying, it has owned slaves. Slaughtered Native Americans. Asian Americans were put into concentration camps. Muslims killed in war. Just saying. I'm sure the stars and stripes did way worse than the confederate flag has done.

    We can ban the dukes of hazard I guess now.

    • quarterStar

      1) For the record, here are two other shameful events over which our flag has presided: the total destruction of two cities in Japan -- Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Genocide for sure, but Americans cannot seem to rise from its embarrassment (or denial?) to own that mistake of egregious overreaction... The focus instead is on the "audacity," the "temerity" of the Japanese to wage an attack on American soil at Pearl Harbor and what a singular horror it was!

      2) Based on the principles underlying the creations of the American and Confederate flags, I'd say you're making a false equivalency. Our American flag was created to symbolize the very unique vision of our Constitution: "all men are created equal." Granted, that vision hasn't always been reflected in reality, but it is to what the country aspires, correct? We want to be a country of freedom and equality for everyone and we're busy -- generation after generation -- passing laws that do just that (Coincidentally, the Supremes passed one just yesterday!). We're busy "perfecting" the Union.

      It may sound corny, but the uniqueness of that simple truth "all men [and women] are created equal," still motivates people from all over the world to come here to America to pursue their dreams. Despite our mistakes, our blunders, our vile racist history that is also grossly contemporary, our country still symbolizes Hope to the world. People still clamor for citizenship at our gates because the American flag speaks to their hearts and it's America's "unflagging" efforts to keep its principles at the forefront of its laws that gives the flag its bona fides to symbolize decade after decade what all people want: freedom and equality.

      The Confederate flags, on the other hand, were not designed with a vision of inspiration for ALL men [and women]... only the white ones, plus the popular option of enslaving those who were not white (and probably some of the white ones, as well)! 'Nothing unique about that, is there? Close your eyes and spin a globe. Anywhere you stop it with an arbitrary finger, you will find a country, a region with Confederate principles -- the subjugation of one or more groups at the whimsical discretion of the ones in power. Business as usual.

      So yes, America has a ways to go in perfecting the Union, but what is important is that she is actively staying the course. No, not the Stars and Bars, nor any other flag for that matter, can match in symbology to our Stars and Stripes.

      • spartusrings

        The grand union flag. First flew in 1775. When America was fighting for independence for the British empire. It was a war about taxation. Not a war about freeing slaves. Years later some northern states started to abolish slavery. The states we're doing this on their own. Not the American flag. Also a lot of people seem to forget about the white Irish slaves. So old glory does have a lot of slave years under its belt. And when the government now tells companies to stop selling confederate flags. Seems like the stars and stripes cares less about freedom. I could go into more details at a later time if you wish.

      • quarterStar

        I don't dispute anything you say, except the fiction that the government is telling companies to stop selling Confederate flags! That makes no sense. Perhaps in Russia, In Iran, the government has this power, but here in the States, the only thing the government can do to affect companies is to regulate them (in order to protect consumers), which, as you know, usually takes an act of Congress...

        ...because we live in a free society.

        My theory: what makes thriving, super-successful, multi-billion dollar companies change policy is a keen sense of who their customers are and what they want. Common sense, demographics control greenbacks, not the government. Here in the 20-teens, the US population is growing more diverse racially each year and the proclivity to cater to the old white majority's entitlement is growing less and less pressing. Thus, when a tragedy occurs of the proportions the country witnessed last week, CEOs think fast, act fast -- to protect their bottom line (certainly, not out of any moral imperative). I believe this diversity recognition is what propelled Walmart's, eBay's, Apple's and other multi-billion dollar corps' decision to pull the Confederate flag, which their instant focus groups, expert demo consultants indicated would be insulting to a large portion of their customers who would take their business elsewhere.

        Again... about the American flag: it's a symbol, it's not sentient and it's not stuck waving over past realities to which you are clinging. The hearts of its citizens give it its power, relevance, and longevity by constantly evolving to live up to the good that it represents.

      • spartusrings

        In 1988, President Ronald Reagan signed into law the Civil Liberties Act, which apologized for the internment on behalf of the U.S. government and authorized a payment of $20,000 to each individual camp survivor. The legislation admitted that government actions were based on "race prejudice, war hysteria, and a failure of political leadership".[16] The U.S. government eventually disbursed more than $1.6 billion in reparations to 82,219 Japanese Americans who had been interned and their heirs.

        Try searching: government stops sells of confederate flags. . See what you find. Is it possible for the government to stop sells? I believe so. Is the stars and bars a symbol like the American Flag? Ask Japanese Americans if they feel the same.

        Check and see if Amazon sells any Isis stuff or Nazi stuff. This is an attack on America's past. I don't own a rebel flag. I have never flown one. But with it being banned. More of my freedoms are lost.

        Search Black American supports confederate flag. Check out what you find. The U S government and the media is attacking the confederate flag. The weak minded follow their lead. I don't look at the British flag in hate. My descendents were slaves at one time from the Brits. In my opinion. If you let things disgust you or if you feel anger towards a symbol or hate. In return your are racist towards that symbol. Whether it be a person or a piece of material.

        If that person was working, or studying. Or raising a family. They wouldn't even have time to recognize that symbol.

        I think South Carolina should let it up to the voters to whether the flags will fly or be folded up into a museum. Along with the other states that had them flying.

        Companies should be aloud to sell what they please. Let it up to the FREE Market to decide.

  • Gail Van der Linden

    Going to go Android and dump all of my Apple products. This is like trying to swat a mosquito on your leg with a hammer!!!

  • Joe

    Welcome to Liberal hell, which tries to censor your very thoughts and words as a means of ultimate social control. It's almost worse than the fascism the corporate right has brought us.

  • Abigail Davenport

    Look, Apple is only making the apps that use the confederate flag in an "offensive or mean-spirited way" take them off, so if the Ultimate General developers hadn't been so offensive they would have been okay. It's not Apple's problem. It's the developers, and I'm glad Apple is finally clearing out bigotry.

    • vhelixv

      That is a very naive assumption you made of the developers. Very naive.

  • scott white

    so since the black Egyptians enslaved the light skinned jews for over a thousand years. i don't see no one calling for the pyramids to be torn down .

  • scott white

    we can not rewrite history,because when we do it is forgotten and then repeated. we need to be reminded of our mistakes because without mistakes we do not learn.

  • Chris Culverhouse

    The idea of not letting a historic game be accurate for whatever reason is simply ignorant and misguided. These are Civil War games where you put old armies and technologies against one another. To take out the confederate flag of a video game like that is just like taking the same flag out of a school text book. Hell, why don't we just take the Civil War out of American history all together? That seems more politically correct and less offensive. In fact, American history has been nothing but gum drops, lemon heads and rainbows. Yep, that's the way to teach history from now on in order to keep anyone from being offended.

  • Jdawg Laurence

    Next think you know we'll be banning picture of Tank man in Tiananmen square because China doesn't like it.

  • Al Sullivan

    I guess apple like so many others prefers ignorance. There is a difference between flying a flag over a government institution, and accurately betraying history. Revisionism is clearly blind, and so is apple and others who deny history

  • AbsolutGrndZer0

    Okay, I am 100% for the removal of Confederate flags from our state capitals and such, but... this is absurd. Just like I don't think the confederate flags should be removed from museums, they shouldn't be removed from games like this.

    Remove the flags from government buildings and places of honor? Yes.
    Remove the flags entirely? No. If you fail to remember history, you are doomed to repeat it.

  • Jamie Clemons

    What will we censor next?

  • rorschach2

    Fucking Morons! Another reason I'll never own an Apple product or use iTunes

  • BrunoFehr

    Ban History books also, you bloody idiots!

  • David W

    another reason not to buy apple products... good thing i don't

  • Adam WP2020

    It would be very interesting to actually listen in on the conversations that must have taken place in conference rooms at Apple headquarters regarding this.

    Makes me sick. What buffoons.

  • Stephen Dupree

    The Confederate Flag is beautiful and stands for the Southern states that wanted to separate from the Union before and during The Civil War. It means a great deal to this cause and the people of that time and even now. We have come to a time when some people use this icon as a weapon against Americans, towards hatred and to create that. Let this flag stand for what it really means in showing pride and giving respect for the soldiers that gave up their lives for it.

  • Jason Petty

    This is amazing....good for you apple....way to stand up for whats right...the confederate flag is a symbol of slavery .i cant wait to buy an apple product, built by some enslaved chinese person who cant even kill themself due to netting provided by apple. First apple wins my heart by putting up netting for those poor souls....now this? apple are you trying to win some kind of humanitarian award or something? Good job....

  • TheSilverRanger

    Well, I guess Apple clearly doesn't have a problem with fascism as they clearly don't have a problem practicing it.

  • Nameless

    How did we let this happen?
    I fear for what is next on their agenda.

  • JH

    Well I wonder if Apple if going to pull all WWII games because they feature Nazi flags?

  • Nameless

    It appears we are driving through a lonely spot in the Twilight Zone.

    Our next stop is the town of Stupidville: Population 02

    And one of the two is about to feel offended...

  • Turney

    Rebel flags removed from ebay and amazon. ANY and ALL games on apple store removed now. f^ckin N1ggers are going to cause more hate and segregation than they ever thought possible now. 150,000 confederate (rebel) flags sold on ebay in 24 hours the day after the announcement was made. Are we going to ban ALL books that discuss or have images of the rebel flag in them as well? How many authors and businesses on apple store will be affected just because some n1gs were shot? whites get shot by blacks every day out of hate. wtf is the difference? thats right.. there isnt one. this country and all those who believe this is justified disgusts me now. I hope russia or the chinese take over.. At least then it wont be ruled and populated by pussies and people scared of being offended. As of this incident and DIRECTLY because of blacks and they way they are, I now agree... blacks need to be removed by any means necessary from this country..

  • JuanTizmo

    This is fucking stupid. You don't ignore history.

    • farkennel

      No you don`t ignore it,you "correct" it.

  • Alexa Smith

    I'm all for people not using the flag willy nilly as a "we're the south! 'Murica!" Kind of thing.. but these games are EXACTLY the kind of places it should be. The hell?

  • kill the masters


  • mcross

    So are they getting rid of that other flag as well? Y'know, the one that flew over the northern states that people like Harriet Tubman had to cross to smuggle escaped slaves into Canada? The one that flew over northern states where bounty hunters returned those escaped slaves? Slaves, including white slaves from Ireland that were cheaper to purchase, weren't only purchased in the South. Changing an icon or taking down a flag doesn't change what happened or the prevalent mindset of people in a certain time.

    • farkennel

      Canada is a myth.No one believes it exists.It`s really really really far north Mexico.

  • GarretKadeDupre

    the south will rise again!

    • Bobby leon

      Not with all the Yankees moving down here to escape their crime ridden sewer holes of cities.

  • Heather Smith Pennington


    • Bobby leon

      They might as well remove the American flag too...Native Americans might be offended by that as we did take their land and almost commit genocide under the stars and stripes.

  • Bobby leon

    The Head of APPLE IS A FRUIT.

    • Pat

      The head of Google must laugh his ass out when he sees the incompetent fagot that was chosen to run Apple

  • http://www.khaaan.com furious_a

    I hear Avalon Hill is going to replace the Confederate game pieces in "Battle Cry" with Mechs from "BattleTech" and airbrush the pictures of Lee, Bragg, Hood and Jackson from the board margins and box.

  • Battlestar

    God this getting so stupid

  • John Burney Sr

    No one or government can force someone not to be a Racist!!!! No matter what they try or do!!!

    • quarterStar

      Racists are totally free to hate -- just not to HURT the people they hate.

  • David

    It's finally happened, Ma - America has gone completely Mad Dog Mad.

    Here's what's coming: Next it'll be the Revolutionary War - 'cause some of our founding fathers owned slaves. Then, Fried Chicken and Watermelon will be banned - and you all know why . . . This isn't by accident - look how FAST this Confederate Flag thing has gotten out of hand.

    The Obama administration is directing the whole thing to DIVIDE the nation - as they did with Ferguson. Read "Rules For Radicals" by Saul Alinsky (Obama's main guru). You'll SEE who Obama really is.

  • Kenneth Spell

    What? Russians and Germans weren't always friends? GARSH!!!!!!!

  • Juan S.

    This is pathetic, it's a historical game.. In historical games you use the icons and flags of that period. I support the free use of the confederate flag for historical purposes, it's not an evil symbol. Even nazi flags are used in certain museums

  • Veritas88

    American buiness had no backbone kind of scary. They better ban games with the American flag since that flew over slavery for 400 years the Confederacy four.

    • WronglyRabbit

      400 years? You don't say.

  • Incognito

    History is bound to repeat itself if we pretend that it did not happen. We better start preparing for another American Civil War!

  • JRSCline

    Apple offends me - can we ban that stupid logo already?

  • farkennel

    Abraham Lincoln was a white supremacist and a white separatist.He states this clearly in his fourth debate with Stephen Douglas in of all places,Charleston.

    The debate is easy to find on Google,and is difficult to take as any way other than is written.Do we now ask for the Lincoln memorial to be dismantled and Lincolns image be taken off the currency?

  • Alexa Smith

    Not really, since this flag wasn't even used during the war and only became big after as a protest to racial equality.

  • Indyalpha

    All these people concerned about Egyptian Jews and getting blacks out of America, and not a one can define fascism? Wonder if apple did this so all those people so concerned about the Chinese workers that they threaten to boycott actually will? So tired of all big talk and no action! C'mon do it, though I guess you won't be on toucharcade anymore?

  • Xenothon

    Fucking insane. This is like the same shit a few years back with people "correcting" Mark Twain.

  • james

    I'd say SCREW APPLE!!! let them remove the games and apps and let's how far Apple sales will drop. It's a freaking shame and money loss on Apple's hand to drop these games and app that has the Confederate Flag in them. I'm so glad now that I decided to sale my iPhone and I won't ever buy an Apple product again!! I'll be the first to drop Apple from my sales.

  • pygmymouse

    The Confederate battle flag was never the official flag of the Confederacy. It never flew over statehouses or courthouses. It is not the confederate national flag, which appropriately flies at the NC capital on Confederate Memorial Day. It was adopted by southern segregationists during the 1940s and began to be used as a code symbol for white supremacy. No legacy worth honoring there, folks.

    • quarterStar

      My research puts the Northern VA battle flag's re-emergence in 1954 in specific defiance of the Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education ruling (for integration).

  • ronald54321

    Cook is the worm in the Apple. I wouldn't buy anything from his snot nosed fascist slave labor company again.

  • P G

    The NWO has a lot more Revisionist Demands waiting in the Wings. The American Flag will be banned when they enforce their North American Union Plans for example. And The Founding Fathers will be right in there with Pol Pot in the future History Books.

  • Andy

    So a person pays a ridiculous sum of money for overpriced Apple products only to be exposed to Apple's personal brand of censorship? Apple needs to refund the full purchase price of a product if somebody wants to return it, no matter how old it is.

  • Irvin

    This event demonstrates the shortcomings of Apple Apps. We only purchase the access to the games. Apple can terminate your game at anytime as they have done with the Civil War games.

    In years past, when one purchased a game you had access to play it without disruption. It a real problem when company maintains control over your access when deem it inappropriate for public consumption. These Civil War game should have been downloadable rather than an accessable App.

    I don't care for these Apps now that I know that they can be terminated at anytime.

    Let's NOT PURCHASE anymore Apps.

  • Telstar

    F**k this Political Correctness nonsense. This crap is really getting out of hand.

  • W Anderson

    Let's get rid of all offensive books while we are at it. We are in dangerous territory and corporate bullies are leading the charge.

  • TheJawster777

    Book burning will be next, I assure you. Followed by public schools using students to spy on their parents. Inevitably, the federal government will investigate churches and pastors and demand sermons reflect certain social agendas, under threat of losing their tax exempt status.

    This is only the beginning. Arm up. They're coming for your guns, too, to leave you defenseless at the hands of radical, murderous mobs and no one will protect you. It is time for the South, and some miswestern States, to separate from the North and from the West Coast. We can start by States refusing to send any money to the federal government, repudiating any liability for debt, and disrupting in opposing States. It's been done before. Ask George Washington. Or realistically, read his words.

    Your rights come from God, not the Constitution. This is made clear in the Declaration of Independence. Those rights are were worth fighting for then. They're worth fighting for now. Are your childrens futures worth your blood? Mine are.

    • spartusrings

      Your remark about schools using the kids to spy on parents. In my state they have PA Smiles or something like that. Where a dentist comes into school to check out your kids mouth. To see if they are being neglected. The doc asks them questions about being abused and stuff. They give papers to send home for the parent to sign for consent to open the kids mouth and do what they please to em. Nowhere on the paper did I see a spot to sign out of it. My kid goes to the dentist every 6 months to a year. The disclaimer for the company was awful in my mind. Said how they can report any action they consider a threat to the president. Along with others. I don't have the paper close by to exactly quote it.

  • Shane McCausland

    This is pretty retarded, should call for an immediate boycott.

  • jmitterii2 .

    I'm a history fan and like these types of games.

    Why would they remove such fun games. 🙁 They're not about slavery, its not like you get to buy a slave in the game or some hideous nonsense like that. Instead, you can be the Union and kick the Confederates' butts over and over again 🙂

  • Gaius Pilum

    What a horrible Orwellian decision . Let's ban apple from our life.

  • Dolphin Lover

    All I am going to say is maybe the American People ought to start boycotting the places that are taking history memorabilia off the shelves! Have a good evening everyone 🙂

  • Indyalpha

    Wait! Stores have the right to decide what they want to sell?? I've never heard it that, except for every store I've ever heard of! When are you guys gonna start your boycott? Soon?

  • scprguy

    So the endgame for this ban the flag stupidity, is to erradicate racism? So once it's been erradicated, rascism won't exist anymore? Really? Is that like, throwing billions dollars at Gov'ts to erradicate the phantom global warming?
    We have lost our minds!!
    LIberalism is cancer and America is now being defeated by it.

  • David Anderson

    A major company should not be governed by people who are hysterical and knee jerk. I can't see Cook lasting long. Leave our history alone. What next? Is he going to ban books too?

    There is a difference between keeping up a flag over a state capitol that was raised to show defiance and allegiance to white supremacy and understanding history.

  • spartusrings

    This isn't about race.. The south succeed because the war in (texas) against mexico. Along with tariffs the north was putting on the south. This was about states rights. At one time in the U.S. history. The states had more power than the government as a whole. Meaning the government couldn't change state laws in a sense. Northern states on their own made slavery illegal, individually. And pushed their views on the south. I'm sure in this day the south would not have slaves if the war never happened. And today wouldn't be an issue. If the north left life go as it will be. But people have a problem with pushing their thoughts on other people.
    There is more to this history. History can be changed with years and forgotten. In any case. South Carolina voted for the flag to be there. Let them vote it out. It wasn't until after the U.S. civil war when slaves were freed. Most wars that involve slavery. Involves slaves rising up to fight for their freedom. Not countries or identities fighting for them. No profit in it. Most wars are fought about money. And most money comes from central banks. Follow the money trail. It ends with the wealthy. Not the whitey or any other colour. The elite. The common person is left fighting each other under lies. The wealth will clean up.

    P.S. Al Gore is on Apple's board. This is why the confederate flag is banned. It's a political move. Not racial.

    • Bayz

      "I can't disagree with your thoughts. People can see that flag as racist. I agree."

      See? But here the problem is on the people who are prejudiced about a piece of fabric, not with said inanimate object. The reasons about the removal are also fallcious, racist pricks are going to still be racist pricks regardless of the flag being displayed or not, so banning it is pointless at best, counter productive at worst.

      I agree, there are far more concerning issues than the flag, and all this tax money and efforts on putting up a temper tantrum by the constantly offended is doing nothing but distract from rampant corruption...like always.

      • spartusrings

        Look up which countries don't have a central bank controlled by the Rothschild family. Keep an eye on who the U.S. goes to war with. Money is what everything is about or gold. And the world is enslaved by the rich. We all are screwed.

      • Bayz

        ¯_(ツ)_/¯ It's been like that since before we used money as currency. And capitalism's success over the alternatives proves human greed is a very powerful motivator. Won't see me complaining about some families being better at the game than others, the world has never been a fair place to live and never will be.

      • spartusrings

        You see like a decent reasonable person. Where are you from?

      • Bayz


  • NoLifeDGenerate

    Wow. Screw Apple. I've never bought an Apple product, and I never will. I'll never understand how they went from those stupid, useless computers with one mouse button to what they are today.

    • Darkslicer

      Hipsters, that's how.

  • Minnalousha

    Racism! Cooties!

  • Robert

    Really??? I agree it's a disgrace to fly the flag today, but in a game with a historical setting it's fine. History happened and it's where that flag belongs.

  • Bob2563

    Apple, I'm offended by your stupid fucking apple logo will you ban that also? Fucking idiots

  • Em Parkessen


  • writergal

    I'm sure the games will be quietly returned to the App store as soon as the furor dies down. Give it a month or two. This is gross overreaction.

  • TruthForToday

    Thank you for standing strong!! So so grateful for your integrity and character.

  • Dickey

    I grew up in Miss. and at 6 years old heard bombs blowing up black churches, my friends' dads, doctors, had crosses burned in thier yards due to treating black patients. None of that made any sense to a kid and that has always influenced my life. Granted, what happened from the beginning on this nation has not been right, but we have learned. There are not separate entrances to restaurants, etc as did exist when I was a kid. But the current hysteria to purge history only reminds me of what ISIS wants to do. Make sure that only one view is seen and not the total picture so that we can understand how we have gotten to this point.
    FYI, could the term Yankee be considered objectiable? Huuumm

  • Pavan Kumar Sake

    You are presenting the best content and serving many people.. I love to read your blog...from ALLTECHSCIENCE

  • Randy Bailey

    Ok, well the Nazi flag isn't banned replace the 'bad' flag with that. LOL

  • Hans Würschtl

    welcome to germany