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‘FIFA Mobile’ Coming in September, Will Use the Console Engine

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EA Sports has been releasing the best football (soccer) games on mobile for some time now, with many considering FIFA 14 the best of the annualized series while some preferring the F2P FIFA 15 (Free). The upcoming iteration of the game will be dropping the annualized title and, instead, going with the title FIFA Mobile. Apparently, EA has decided to overhaul the game, with the major change being the introduction of the game engine from the console version of FIFA 15 (XBOX 360 and PS3) that will improve the gameplay dramatically (at least according to the developers). Watching the video below, the players’ animations look better than in previous iterations, but we won’t be able to judge them or the apparently-improved AI until we play the game.

The other major upgrade will be the control system, with the developers claiming that they have refined the “hybrid" system that allows players to use a virtual stick and tap-to-pass at the same time. Up until FIFA 14, you could pick either a virtual stick or a tap-centered control system, but in FIFA 15, EA started implementing a hybrid system. According to the developers, this hybrid system works better than ever in FIFA Mobile. The game will again be F2P, like last year’s iteration, and will use the Ultimate Team mode (where you buy “packs" to get new players). EA built FIFA 15 around the Ultimate Team mode, and while it was enjoyable, it lacked the accessibility of the previous iterations. The game will release along with the console versions, so barring any unforeseeable events, the game should release late September.

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