Call of Champions is one of my most anticipated games at the moment; I love the idea of the 5-minute MOBA, and had a great time playing the game at GDC. An alpha program is currently rolling out, and eventually wider pre-release versions and potentially even a soft launch are in the cards. In the run-up to the game, the team at Spacetime has decided to release several new videos covering different aspects of the game. The important one to watch is how the Orb works. The Orb is how you destroy towers, and controlling it is how you win the game.

There's a couple of other videos on how powerups and the class system works:

This game should be worth keeping an eye on over the coming weeks and months as more info comes out and possibly playable versions make their way out. I don't know if it'll be a success, but it could be a really fun game.

  • Based Xatu

    But solstice arena did all this before?

    • torosama

      Solstice failed in a few ways. First was the craptastic armor and weapon store. The game was so quickly paced you literally had no use for the store other than to run back and let it auto pick everything for you. Then it did have power ups but used in a totally different way, because they increased different stats on you character depending on the which you picked up and if it was compatible with your hero. I enjoyed it for a while but ultimately what killed it was the weapon and make thing combined with getting a single ago person really gimped your team. Oh well though.

      I did okay heroes of order and chaos a lot. Unlocked it all got a ton of great skins and warned some things but like all good things I got bored after a while. I sill compare all other mobile Mobas to that one.

      I did play the other one that came out , he'll I forget the name but I aloha tested it and gave them a ton of feedback but I will not play a Moba where you drag your finger across a screen to move. Analog sticks or don't bother... I want to see what my guy is doing an not obscure my screen with my massive hands. I told them in alpha to implement it and they refused and I'm not sure it ever took off or not. I never stuck around to find out. The one with the bunny rabbit and frog and mole. Very cool concept, hates the implementation of directional control.

      • Based Xatu

        You must have not played SA that long, because picking out the best items for each match is what made things special. My main was Marco, and he's one of the squishiest heroes in the game-but because of my gear setup and the way I had his skills setup I could take out anyone . The main problem I had with the game was the lack of updates and only having one map. Not to mention no chat functions in or out of game.

  • oscar123967

    Idk how I feel about this. Could a short moba be fun? I mean it doesnt look like theres much depth. When I sit down to play a moba I want depth, tons of strategy, and a good distracting 25 minute-ish experience. Speaking of which, will it take more matches to acquire heroes? Or are there more heroes than usual? So will it take equally as long to acquire a certain hero compared to another traditional moba?

    • spader623

      Gotta agree with this. I play league of legends on PC and while the match length may usually go 30+ minutes, which is a lot, the amount of strategy, change of who's winning and coming back from almost defeat can make that 55 minute game worth it. A 5 minute game seems just all go in at once, boom it's over. And without minions... What?

  • Adams Immersive

    VainGlory won me over to MOBAs, but the playerbase is too small for good matchmaking—it's too often a landslide win or loss, which is less fun for everyone. It will be interesting to see how any other MOBA tackles that challenge. I don't mind the short play time idea—I'm at least open to giving it a shot, even if I keep on playing longer MOBAs (VG) as well. Variety is good!

    • Agkelos

      Vainglory's player base is not bad. You just have to get in touch with the online community of players. There is a BAND group for every regional server that is very active. I would suggest getting involved with that and see if it changes your gaming experience. There is also a LINE group for the different regional severs, I think, if that app is more to your tastes. The NA server also have a mumble server, too, and all the top players of the server uses it regularly.

      • Adams Immersive

        That sounds about as I'd have guessed: the top few % of hard-core MOBA pros have ways outside the game to improve the experience. I don't think I'm in that top %, but I'm intrigued about all this other stuff going on that the game does not itself help you find or understand. I know "line groups" etc. exist, but not how they work—which puts me in the solid majority, I fear. Meanwhile, I've been active in the VG forums and Wikis, which have been great resources for "book learnin'" and have improved my game greatly--way beyond by initial n00b status, with VG being my fist MOBA. (But not, sadly, my matchmaking: I'm almost always either bringing my team down, being brought down by them, equal to them and being slaughtered by a far better team, or equal to them and stomping an enemy that's so poor it isn't a challenge. And when, rarely, it's 6 evenly-matched players in 2 evenly-matched teams, it's still about 67% of the time that someone will get abusive at some point... which doesn't make me want to coordinate by voice with strangers.) Regardless, it IS a great game, and I look forward to the player base growing so that it gets more fun for a larger percentage of the skill range.

  • GoldenOreo

    I'm enjoying Heroes of Soulcraft on my Shield tablet! I typed in Moba in google play and it came up. It's apparently in alpha, has some bugs but I really dig it. You can leave matches with no penalty, it has minions which can become super minions in 4vs4. It has 5 min and 15 min matches. You can customize you heroes in the menu too. Item crafting is coming.

  • Devok

    This game is gonna over take vainglory, can't see people spend hours on there iPhones playing mobas.

    • Kelsop23

      Let's hope so this looks promising for sure