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AppAbove Games Brings ‘Armadillo Gold Rush HD’ from Feature Phones to Smartphones This Week

AppAbove Games has announced that Armadillo Gold Rush HD is making its way to the App Store this Thursday, May 7th. This game has you controlling an armadillo who must roll around and collect all the gold coins in each level, because armadillos only deal with the gold standard, probably. You’ll be using alls to stop you and change direction, with springs, balls, and boxes that can help you in your way to become the richest armadillo in all the land.

This game actually has an interesting origin as a mobile game from 2006. Yes, back in the days of feature phones. You’ll notice some familiar levels in the game from this video:

The game actually seems to hold up really well in 2015; I started playing a version of the game before knowing that it was a feature phone game and thought it was pretty clever. Plus, the visuals look a lot better in the 2015 HD version! This should be a solid little puzzle game to play when it releases for $2.99 on Thursday, May 7th.