The year is 2015 and developers are still trying to out-Clash of Clans Clash of Clans [Free]. Hell, Supercell even did it themselves with the release of Boom Beach [Free]... Which, admittedly was pretty good. Anyway, Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars [Free] just hit the App Store with developer Innospark throwing their hat into the base building/attacking/defending sort of game. The interesting twist that makes this one noteworthy is a hero system, which gives you a ton of different dudes to play as to supplement your offensive and defensive strategies instead of just solely dispatching mindless soldiers.

It'll make more sense if you watch the trailer:

If nothing else, it seems like a cool idea they're working with here. Remember back in the day before Warcraft 3 was released there were a bazillion different RTS games out there, but the addition of the hero characters made for a totally unique experience even though you've already been playing different iterations of Warcraft for a decade or so? It seems like that's what they're going for here. Either way, t'll be interesting to see how Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars does on the App Store. It's undeniable there's a massive pool of millions of players out there hungry for these kind of games.

  • rewind

    Thank you for slightly praising Boom Beach. It is one of the least "pay to win" games that I've seen, no amount of money in the world can get you to the top of the leaderboards. And at least Boom Beach is different enough from Clash. Sure, this one might have a few unique things, but I get worried that we have another Clash clone when I see 5 builders, a shield, army camps, trophies, two primary resources, walls, cannons, you get the point. There are too many similarities to Clash of Clans in that trailer. I'm certainly not interested.

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  • Jayboy720

    Thank you for the nostalgia of the Warcraft 3 custom maps

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