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‘REBUS’ is an Absurdly-Stylish Logic Puzzle Game Releasing Next Week

There’s a lot of mind and puzzle games on the App Store, to where it’s practically impossible for any one game to really stand out. However, Jutiful’s upcoming REBUS – Absurd Logic Game caught our eye because of its stylish look. You’ll be presented with an abstract visual puzzle called a rebus, and must figure out what it’s trying to say, like rain in the shape of a T is “train." This sort of genre of brain-teasers are all over the place on the App Store, but not a lot look as good as this one does. Check out the trailer below:

This one should be releasing next week on March 26th, and will be available for free. There will be over 100 rebuses at launch, and they’re promising regular updates to the game for more rebuses to play through. This one should be a looker, at least – I’m looking forward to seeing this on an actual device.