Hero-centric ‘Clash of Clans’-like ‘Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars’ Hits the App Store

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The year is 2015 and developers are still trying to out-Clash of Clans Clash of Clans (Free). Hell, Supercell even did it themselves with the release of Boom Beach (Free)… Which, admittedly was pretty good. Anyway, Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars (Free) just hit the App Store with developer Innospark throwing their hat into the base building/attacking/defending sort of game. The interesting twist that makes this one noteworthy is a hero system, which gives you a ton of different dudes to play as to supplement your offensive and defensive strategies instead of just solely dispatching mindless soldiers.

It’ll make more sense if you watch the trailer:

If nothing else, it seems like a cool idea they’re working with here. Remember back in the day before Warcraft 3 was released there were a bazillion different RTS games out there, but the addition of the hero characters made for a totally unique experience even though you’ve already been playing different iterations of Warcraft for a decade or so? It seems like that’s what they’re going for here. Either way, t’ll be interesting to see how Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars does on the App Store. It’s undeniable there’s a massive pool of millions of players out there hungry for these kind of games.

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