Last month we learned there was a new Terraria [$4.99] game in the works, called Terraria: Otherworld, and while details were a bit scarce we did know a couple of facts about the game. First, this was not a direct sequel, and instead was a spinoff to the original Terraria that took place in an alternate dimension of the game's universe. The second fact was that, sadly, Terraria: Otherworld was only announced as coming to desktop, with console versions a possibility. No word on it coming to mobile. However, that tiny detail isn't going to stop me from sharing this new video of Terraria: Otherworld that the developers were showcasing at GDC last week.

Terraria has always been the more action-oriented of the "open-world sandbox crafting adventure whathaveyou" games, but Otherworld looks particularly heavy on the action. In fact, the developers have confirmed that the game will feature tower defense-style gameplay, which you can also see prominently in the video. It looks really cool! Despite not being officially announced for mobile, my gut tells me that Terraria: Otherworld will eventually find its way to the likes of iOS and Android. The original Terraria mobile release was too darn successful for it to not at least be a consideration. My gut has a pretty good track record so keep your fingers crossed and we'll bring you any more pertinent news on Terraria: Otherworld as it's available.


  • Captain Najork

    I don't know how well Terraria sold on iOS, but these guys would be insane to not release this on iPad pretty soon after PC. Surely they can afford to have a team working on the iOS version in tandem with the PC team?

    • Jay G

      Between August 29th, 2013 and March 22, 2014 (A year ago) it had sold a million copies, just on iOS, so, I assume it's continued to do pretty well since then. Well enough to warrant spending the money to port it anyhow.

  • Luciano1084

    This looks amazing

  • Bool Zero

    ... And I will own this on as many platforms as they release it on like their previous game! Now if we could only get Starbound finished and in full release state...

    • lll Anubis lll

      Hahaha! Starbound finished and with a release date. Ah, you're such a joker.

      • Bool Zero

        ...Starbound is not in release state, it's in early access which means it's more along the lines of a purchasable alpha/beta. No jokes implied. Sure you can play it and technically it's out but it is technically an unfinished game that isn't in official release state.

      • Bool Zero

        Ah, didn't initially get your posts intended humor. Disregard my last post!

  • Dailon Huskey

    This game is one I am most looking forward to this year if it happens this year.

  • QuarterSwede

    It's almost like an RPGS with destructible environment. Awesome.

  • Dustin Brooks

    Hopefully the developers of this game will port this beautiful looking game over to iOS iPads at least lol, Terraria has been doing way too well on iOS to not have some serious consideration of bringing Terraria other world over to at least iPads, with all the power iPads like the iPad Air 2 and the original iPad Air have I know the game would most likely run smoothly and be a great port.