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‘Terraria: Otherworld’ is the Next ‘Terraria’ Game, Not a True Sequel

Big news for fans of Terraria ($4.99), as a new game in the world of the 2D sandbox crafting survival game is in development: Terraria: Otherworld. Described as taking place within an alternate dimension in Terraria, you have to try and restore the world from a corrupting, malevolent force. RPG and strategy elements are promised along with the crafting elements that the original game had, as you lead a band of survivors around this dark world. Check out the trailer below:

What we know about the game is that it’s not considered to be Terraria 2, and the original’s 1.3 update is still in the works. Terraria: Otherworld is currently in the works for desktop, with some consoles being considered. This likely leaves mobile out in the cold for now, but we’ve reached out for confirmation if there are any plans at the moment. Considering that the original Terraria originally sunk its hooks into every modern platform including iOS, and the iOS version has been a consistent top-seller for the last year and a half, don’t be surprised if Terraria: Otherworld isn’t mobile-bound, at least someday.