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Check Out the ‘Terraria: Otherworld’ GDC Trailer

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Last month we learned there was a new Terraria ($4.99) game in the works, called Terraria: Otherworld, and while details were a bit scarce we did know a couple of facts about the game. First, this was not a direct sequel, and instead was a spinoff to the original Terraria that took place in an alternate dimension of the game’s universe. The second fact was that, sadly, Terraria: Otherworld was only announced as coming to desktop, with console versions a possibility. No word on it coming to mobile. However, that tiny detail isn’t going to stop me from sharing this new video of Terraria: Otherworld that the developers were showcasing at GDC last week.

Terraria has always been the more action-oriented of the “open-world sandbox crafting adventure whathaveyou" games, but Otherworld looks particularly heavy on the action. In fact, the developers have confirmed that the game will feature tower defense-style gameplay, which you can also see prominently in the video. It looks really cool! Despite not being officially announced for mobile, my gut tells me that Terraria: Otherworld will eventually find its way to the likes of iOS and Android. The original Terraria mobile release was too darn successful for it to not at least be a consideration. My gut has a pretty good track record so keep your fingers crossed and we’ll bring you any more pertinent news on Terraria: Otherworld as it’s available.


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