One of the coolest things about GDC is when random games pop up that you totally didn't expect. So far the surprise is an iOS version of Golden Tee. If you've never heard of Golden Tee before, it's that golf arcade game that's in basically ever bar on the planet. The game as we saw it was super early, so they weren't into us shooting video, but we do have a photo to prove it exists:


Golden Tee for iOS uses the same control scheme as the arcade game, but you basically use the touch screen instead of rolling a track ball around. Of course, if you're not a Golden Tee wizard, you can always just do the standard back and forth swipe to do some basic golfing. They've got plans for some cool integration between the arcade machines and the mobile version too, so if you've already got a Golden Tee player profile you'll be able to bring all your stuff over to the app.

Golden Tee is currently in closed beta and they're shooting for a summer release.

  • icepulse

    I heart golden tee, but Neo Turf Masters would be my first choice.

  • Dailon Huskey

    Wow didnt expect that. Finally we get a golf game that doesn't have silly power ups that are unrealistic and make the gameplay suck. Note any dev reading this if you are gonna make a golf game or bowling game please leave the unrealistic power ups behind.

  • sivad


  • mmm

    Will this be coming to Android as well?

  • curtneedsaride

    Eh, it'll probably get rejected for having tee tees in it. Or large clubs. Man, shameful post, I know.

    • orangecan


    • Baracus

      Haha. I can see your wood from here.

      • curtneedsaride

        Why didn't I think of that one?! Brilliant.

  • repapermunky

    It's about time.

  • chris crawford

    I LOVED GTG when its PC version was available and played online with friends around the world, I will definitely pay whatever is needed to do that again

  • spsummer

    This is awesome news, can't wait...

  • Brett (@OTGGamer)

    The Golden Tee devs need to talk to the folks over at Toca Boca to snag their awesome trackball from Toca Builders for this game!

  • Bugman137

    Will there be a Mac version of Golden Tee Golf released as well??

  • frischkur

    any news?

  • hihello

    so much for a summer release...

  • Todd Haydon

    Where is it at already?

  • bearballz

    January already and nothing.

  • ItsJustMe

    Glad I'm not holding my breath..... Almost a year since announcement and nada

  • hihello

    How about a follow-up article on this. Seems like a total fail.

  • tonestones

    Anybody hear any news about the release date for this title yet? My god, it's been on Android for almost a year now😔

  • frischkur

    no news?