If you hit up our weekly new game release post looking for the stylish endless snowboarding game Alto's Adventure [$4.99] and panicked when you didn't see it, fear not: The game is now officially available in the App Store. We've had our eye on Alto's Adventure from developer Snowman, Inc. since they first began teasing the game last fall. It utilizes a very attractive art style that's reminiscent of thatgamecompany's 2012 PlayStation hit Journey, which Snowman has indeed cited as an inspiration. Gameplay-wise, Alto's Adventure is very similar to the excellent Ski Safari [$0.99]. Your character moves to the right automatically, while tapping the screen makes him jump and holding down on the screen while in the air performs a backflip.

I've only spent a little bit of time with Alto's Adventure so far, but there's a lot to like here. I haven't found it the most challenging game, but the overall experience of playing is really enjoyable. The visuals really are incredible, and there's tons of tiny details throughout, like the different lighting depending on the time of day and the excellent animations of the characters. It feels like one of those games that has some hidden tricks up its sleeve, so I'll be diving in and playing some more. Impressions in our forums are highly positive, so if you like the look of Alto's Adventure I'd definitely recommend taking it for a spin.

  • http://www.nafna.com/ nadav bar kama

    no man. this is ski safari without the great sense of humor and but with a few lamas. you wana pay 2 dollars for a few lamas?

    • Jamesrooney27

      So you dont think graphics are beautiful then

      • misterK

        and it's not like "well graphics aren't everything in a game". Cause honestly they just nail the presentation as a whole. Graphical style, lighting, SHADOWS, change of day/weather. The overall feel of the game is amazing.

    • rawhide

      Love the graphics but the content is incredibly minimal.The stuff in the in-game store is rather laughable.

  • misterK

    The game is amazing. The one thing I wish it had was iCloud Sync. I got up to Level 15 on my iPhone and then just realized how much more detail I could see on my iPad, and so I gotta work my way back up.

    • misterK

      nevermind... they got that covered

    • Ryan Cash

      It's got iCloud sync – have you made sure it's on in your iOS Settings on both devices (and in the Alto settings)?

  • curtneedsaride

    Yeah, I'd love iCloud as well. And maybe a way to tweet in game screenshots when you pause it (minus the score/pause etc). I was able to tweet my end totals, but I want to brag on those sweet visuals more than my inability to score highly.

    But, heck yeah, I recommend this gem!

    • misterK

      Turns put it does have it. The first time you bout up

      • curtneedsaride

        COOL! Maybe I'll download it on my iPad too and see all of the cool things that my eyes can't perceive on my iPhone.

  • fabianb

    Bought it already! Really recommended

    • Anotherkellydown

      Lots of screen shots in the thread thanks to this guy 😉 so check it out!

      • fabianb

        Haha +1

  • Dennis

    What an incredible experience. Worth every penny. Love the graphics, atmosphere and the music is just wow.
    No IAP and iCloud sync is an awesome bonus.

  • lazrhog

    Looks amazing. Weather/day/night is sweet. Feels a lot like ski safari but with slightly less to do though. Challenges may point to stuff I'm not seeing yet. Rotation speed feels too slow for somersaults ... Recommend buying it on the whole. A real show off game like monument valley

  • thestapler

    Maglor. Do your thing.

    • misterK

      Do it. I thought the game was pretty on my iPhone. Just wait till you see the detail on the iPad

  • SpoomMcKay

    I've been playing this all day, looks amazing, plays amazing, and it's fun as hell.

  • scottbailey

    Simply beautiful, and incredible sound, including the interface sfx.

    Only criticism is the rocks are sneakily placed in the foreground at night. More so than intended?

  • Goggles789

    This is a gorgeous game. Fun, too! It can be a little tough to see the rocks though.

  • Jetjet

    From which artist is the trailer music ?sounds like sigur ros but I don't know if it's true ?

  • bababewey

    I miss some sort of ending to these games. I feel like I need a reason to keep playing.

  • daniel0025

    The music in this trailer is just fantastic. Is it in the game?

    • kinger8189

      Jónsi. He's the singer from Sigur Ros

  • Jetjet


  • kinger8189

    Watch the video and Jónsi blasts away. Amazing.

  • Adsinjapan

    While the game concept itself isn't original, the work that has been invested in this title is incredible. Alto's Adventure just oozes atmosphere! Yes, it could be considered a watered down Ski Safari if you're looking at features offered, but I would expect a lot of updates to this from the developers. There's a great deal that can be added to this already magical experience that would push it past its betters.

    For the zen-like experience alone, I highly recommend this. I hope it earns TA's Game of the Week!

  • stelluhreyesthis

    Beating missions unlocks characters that have different abilities , I've only unlocked one so far but apparently there are 6 . I kind of like how they don't tell you about it in the game though it just happens eventually if you've completed enough of the goals. I can see them adding content to this in the future but who knows, this is the most interesting game I've gotten I. A while, the atmosphere is fantastic.