‘Evil Genius Online’ Brings Another Classic PC Game to the Wacky World of Free to Play

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We posted about it late last year, and if today’s weird news about The World Ends With You isn’t enough to get you nice and angry on the internet, this surely will- Remember Dungeon Keeper (Free)? The mobile free to play mutation of one of Peter Molyneux’s most beloved games? Well, Evil Genius Online (Free) is basically the same deal, although arguably more emotionally confusing as instead of being a mobile iteration of a similar game with the same title, Evil Genius Online is the PC game Evil Genius decorated like some kind of evil Christmas tree where you decided to use IAP and timers instead of ornaments and lights.

It’s too bad too, because Evil Genius was a really cool game back in the day. If you’ve never heard of it, the premise is pretty sweet- As the title suggests, you’re an evil genius and you’re in charge of building an evil lair. Of course things are never that easy and your evil lair is just under constant bombardment from the forces of good in the world who aren’t wild about you setting up shop. So, you need to build your lair with loads of defenses to keep your evil plans secure. On PC, it was awesome. On mobile, with multiple currencies, timers, and all the free to play trimmings… Well, at least it’s free.

I don’t mean to be too much of a downer on this, I’m sure there are people out there who will be totally stoked to play this as if you can deal with all the gross free to play stuff there still is a neat game hidden in there somewhere. What sucks is I always had hopes and dreams for all these old PC games I loved eventually popping up on the iPad. I’d do terrible filthy things for ports of the original Fallout games, for instance… But if they came to iOS as free to play timer-laden games?

Well, to quote the Wachowskis:

  • Evil Genius Online: The World Domination Simulation

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