We were big fans of Johan Gjestland's Melodive [$1.99] last year, an experimental "endless rhythm flight simulator" that featured gorgeous visuals. Well, Gjestland has got a new game in the works called Fugl that's looking similarly gorgeous. It's got a similar theme, where the goal will be to control a bird using a dual-stick control scheme, with each virtual stick controlling each wing – and potentially MFi gamepad support. The dev's got a work-in-progress trailer of the game. He recommends watching in 60 frames per second, so watch this on the YouTube site on desktop. The app doesn't quite support 60 frames per second video yet, and the smoothness makes a noticeable difference.

The game, as you can see, uses a voxel-based style. There will be procedural terrain, different biomes beyond just the forests in the demo, and wind to contend with. It'll be possible to hunt wildlife to get more energy to flap the wings of the bird, with collectable eggs to customize the bird. The game is planned for release sometime in 2015 – the developer is working with a voxel artist and is answering questions about the game on our forums.

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  • AlexMilo

    Is it a danish game? 'Fugl' means 'Bird' in danish.
    Or maybe it does in Norway and Sweeden as well I dunno.

    • Johan Bauer Gjestland

      I'm norwegian, but all scandinavian languages are really similar. Written norwegian is directly taken from danish, btw. I might change the name later on as I've recently heard the expression fugly, haha.

      • thiagovscoelho

        well I'm glad you took notice

      • Johan Bauer Gjestland

        What do you think, should I change the name? Any good suggestions? 🙂

      • thiagovscoelho

        well if you want to avoid "fugl" you could try just "bird" or something else like "pássaro"
        or to tie in with the first: "melorise", "meloglide"

        no idea though, haha; maybe just call it "fugl" and hope nobody makes a pun

      • Johan Bauer Gjestland

        All good ideas, thank you. I can take a pun though, just wondering what the americans might think, it's half of the market!

      • Bryan Fugal

        As Fug(a)l is my last name I am partial to it. I say keep it. I'm trying to incorporate it into my own business name, too.

      • cadillackills

        How about "Flying Until Gravity Loss" haha, you name it anything you want and I'm in! 👍🏽

  • Devok

    I'm certain this game will be something alike mine craft same style, don't get me wrong could be a great game but it just doesn't justify the point of it? All you do is fly?

    • Dailon Huskey

      Minecraft has a point to the player. It's a game that doesn't spell everything out as far as a plot because the user determines that.
      What's your goal? Survival, building a house, constructing a complex roller coaster or theme park. My point is Minecraft is not a pointless game. But these new RPGs with quests that basically have you follow instructions and require no thinking are grating at my nerves. What happened to dropping the player off in the world and letting them figure it out, are people that stupid today? Endless runners now that is the true definition of pointless!

      • https://twitter.com/HerrAshmoo Ashby Daugherty

        I think Devok was trying to say that Fugi seemed pointless to him, as it looked like Minecraft with less gameplay (ie, "all you do is fly").

        I personally disagree with that sentiment, as people calling all voxel games Minecraft-esque is beginning to wear at me, and this game looks rad as hell.

    • Johan Bauer Gjestland

      Fly, explore and hunt to gain energy to fly further. I'm inspired by simple high-scoring twitch-games, like super hexagon. But the world will probable not be totally random, there will be some kind of level-structure at the base, so you can get a sense of progression. But if you have some cool ideas, please join the discussion at the forum-link above.

  • drlemon

    That soundtrack was some smooth chip tune jazz

    • Johan Bauer Gjestland

      Thanks, I don't know if it's representable of the final product though. I just used a tune a friend had lying around that I thought fit the feel of the video.

  • swatbot

    Nice, like the visual style.

    • Johan Bauer Gjestland


    • bigrand1

      Me too! Can't wait to see the final product! I'll be watching for this!

      • Johan Bauer Gjestland

        If you want to beta-test, please say so in the forum-thread. I'm looking for as many testers from TouchArcade as possible.

  • famousringo

    Ugh, why pretend you have dual sticks when tilt is so much better for flight?

    • Johan Bauer Gjestland

      Hehe, not sure if you're trolling here, as the no. 1 gripe with Melodive was it's tilt-controls. The benefit of the dual stick control is that you get 3-axis control: tilt, pitch and yaw. But I might include tilt-controls because of legacy reasons (Melodive fans). Gyroscope control is out of the question as it drifts too much. You have to keep turning the device to stay the course.

      • famousringo

        This has not been my experience with titles like Sky Gamblers or Glyder. Perhaps they're using some secret sauce which is hard to replicate.

      • Johan Bauer Gjestland

        Not at all, I think Melodive have mucher tighter tilt-control in any of those games mentioned as Melodive is running at a steady 60 fps. Makes a huge difference. Besides people like to play on the bus, in the car, subway etc where it both looks a bit stupid tilting the device, also the g-pull in turns, bumps etc will mess up the steering. That said I think it's a bit premature to criticize my controller setup as you haven't tried it and it hasn't been done before. Each thumb controls each seperate wing, so it's pretty logical. I wouldn't go for it if I felt it was worse than tilt. Give it a chance!

      • famousringo

        Okay, I tried out Melodive. It's a problem of implementation, not concept. Your tilt controls would be much improved with a reduction in sensitivity and the addition of a small dead zone. I strongly suggest trying the expert controls in a Sky Gamblers game.

      • Johan Bauer Gjestland

        Haha, we wrote at the same time. See my answer under. The sensitivity can be adjusted though to be extremely low. It's called "handling" in the "tuning"-menu. Some kind of dead zone could be worth a try, but I never considered it as I don't like the concept, but if it's seemless it might work. I will look into it for for "Fugl". Thank you for your input, I'm actually happy to hear that somebody actually prefers tilt-control, but I really feel I'm onto something with my new control scheme. You're welcome to be a beta-tester also, just post in the forum-thread.

  • Bhuynh987

    Looks very nice and the controls seem great. I will be looking forward to this game. 🙂