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‘Fugl’ is a Gorgeous Upcoming Flying Game from the Developer of ‘Melodive’

We were big fans of Johan Gjestland’s Melodive (Free) last year, an experimental “endless rhythm flight simulator" that featured gorgeous visuals. Well, Gjestland has got a new game in the works called Fugl that’s looking similarly gorgeous. It’s got a similar theme, where the goal will be to control a bird using a dual-stick control scheme, with each virtual stick controlling each wing – and potentially MFi gamepad support. The dev’s got a work-in-progress trailer of the game. He recommends watching in 60 frames per second, so watch this on the YouTube site on desktop. The app doesn’t quite support 60 frames per second video yet, and the smoothness makes a noticeable difference.

The game, as you can see, uses a voxel-based style. There will be procedural terrain, different biomes beyond just the forests in the demo, and wind to contend with. It’ll be possible to hunt wildlife to get more energy to flap the wings of the bird, with collectable eggs to customize the bird. The game is planned for release sometime in 2015 – the developer is working with a voxel artist and is answering questions about the game on our forums.