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Check Out Footage of the Upcoming Neon-Infused Cave Shooter ‘Heavy Rockets’

Heavy Rockets is a interesting-looking cave shooter by Majasalmi that’s in the works right now for iOS, that just had a new trailer released over the past weekend. The game’s a top-down shooter, where players must fly around caves and take out enemies in several different modes, including not just arena battles, but race modes, that can take place over local wi-fi. The visual style is a minimalist one, using flat visuals with geometric shapes to populate its world. Check it out in action:

Heavy Rockets looks mighty promising, and its mix of thrust-based shooters with arena battling and racing could prove to be quite the interesting combination. The game will be on Mac as well, which could prove to be particularly exciting for this as a local multiplayer game, especially if iOS devices could play against Mac players. We can only hope. The game also looks like it’s supporting multiple device orientations and aspect ratios, which is always welcome.

The game is still in the works, estimated for sometime in the 1st quarter of 2015, hopefully, though that could always change. Check out the forums thread to chat with the developer and follow the game’s development.