Oceanhorn [$7.99] has always been a gorgeous game, but now it's even more so in the latest update, optimized for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and iPad Air 2. The visuals feature four times the polygons on these latest devices, with ambient occlusion, and new lighting effects to make everything look pristine. As well, the game is running at 60 fps on these latest devices. While we can't show you the 60 fps in still screens, here's what the update looks like on the iPhone 6 Plus:



Gorgeous. Great art has always been part of Oceanhorn, but it's great to see one of the best-looking games of 2013 become one of the best-looking games of 2014. After all, games with peak visual effects are always chasing the future with mobile technology always improving. Oceanhorn, as you may recall, got its big 2.0 "Game of the Year" update a few months ago that brought in the new Island of Whispers area, the ability to fish, dynamic weather, and more. Always good to see beloved games getting updated as time goes on!

  • FledgeFish

    A discount would have been nice as well

    • jmelrose

      words fail

      • Michael Graham Jr

        fail words

    • jeffyg3

      The game is perfectly priced. It's one of the only mobile exclusive games that feel like something I'd play on the Xbox. Top quality graphics and with a good length. It's awesome hooking it up to my 55inch LCD with a gamepad and playing it that way. Makes my iPhone kinda feel like a console in my pocket, $8, totally worth the purchase. Sigh, still have iPhone 5, too bad I can't check out the enhanced graphics

      • sakara214ever

        Perfectly???? No. I think THIS game should have a higher price. Has no IAPS it is a unique experience console quality in your hands. Shows the love of the devs for it not only since it's initial release but also with all the huge updates.

      • Michael Graham Jr

        $50 not a penny more

      • FootSoldier

        I think its priced Perfectly as well.

    • myopicpaideia

      This game is too cheap! The enhanced graphics are absolutely gorgeous! Now my 6+ gets a little warm again while playing this! This is truly an awesome 2.5D ARPG experience in the vein of classic games like Link to the Past, etc.

      I really would like the Dev to consider adding climbing, jumping and falling in a future update, or even better, a sequel!!!

      Seriously, when is Touch Arcade going to update their App?! Stuck in iOS 6 land with no love for the new iPhone's!

    • err404

      There is a free version of you just want to try it out.

      • dancj

        Not in the UK App Store as far as I can tell

    • speedyph
    • thetrackt

      Quiet, you.

    • Jake7905

      A reasonable comment would have been even nicer. Now go play Candy Crush.

      • FledgeFish

        But I don't like candy crush. Honestly I just straight up don't download games if they're freemium or have iap at this point. I think this game looks amazing but I'm a little short on cash right now so I would have appreciated a little discount to push me over the edge. I'm not sure why it's such a big deal.

      • Azi

        You don't go to the movies and ask them to give you a discount just because you can't afford a ticket right?

        It's a shame they can't cater to you or your lack of money right now. I suggest if you really want to play it, you save up. It's well worth the money.

        Good luck!

  • Al99999

    This is unrelated to Oceanhorn, but Dragon Quest V is out now in Japan

  • Luciano1084

    Are the graphics improved on the iPad Air and mini retina or is this just new devices?

    • Fangbone

      From what I remember they did an update earlier in the year that improved the graphics on iPad Air, iPad mini with retina, and iPhone 5s

  • Derek Grant

    how does this look on ipad mini retina? i was thinking of getting it

    • Rothgarr

      You should consider getting it regardless. it's worth it.

  • Ubisububi

    According to what I remember about the release notes, the improved graphics are only on the newest devices. But, I would love to be wrong...

  • Alexythimia23

    Great to see the power of air 2 and 6 is being utilised, because damn, ocean-horn looks amazing, five x the polygons, thats just badass, and yet the air 2 is not even breaking a sweat over it lol cmon bring on some more console quality games!!

  • falco

    The game is more beautiful now thank you.

  • Coachflaps

    I guess I will finally purchase this. It's been on my wishlist forever.

    • Coachflaps

      And it looks fantastic. Can't wait to have more time to play.

  • JehutyFrame

    Just booted it up again.

    My god it looks wonderful :O

  • trazer

    I now want an iPad 2 as an upgrade from my iPad mini just to play new games lol. I was pretty content until now. I've not purchased it yet, waiting for a new device at some point.