‘Oceanhorn’ Game of the Year Edition Update Now Available

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As was announced late last month, the big version 2.0 “Game of the Year Edition" update for FDG and Cornfox’s Oceanhorn ($7.99) is now available in the App Store. The big update includes “up to 4 hours of additional gameplay" as you explore the new area called the Island of Whispers and explore the northern regions of the world in search of Cursed Skulls. In addition to that, a new fishing feature has been added which will let you cast out into the sea and collect a host of different fish varieties. The fishing meta game even comes with Game Center leaderboards so you can compete with friends.

Other new features in this update include a dynamic weather system, improved visuals and animations, antialiasing on the iPhone 5s, 64-bit support, Finnish language support, and of course the all important bug fixes. The release version of Oceanhorn was an epic action adventure that wore its Zelda inspiration on its sleeve but still managed to feel distinctly different. We really loved it in our review, and now with all this new content, there’s even more reasons to dive into (and cast a fishing line out into) the vast and gorgeous world of Oceanhorn.

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