screen1136x1136-114Fans of classic JRPGs have been eating well this year on iOS, with four installments from the juggernaut Dragon Quest series releasing so far and very likely one more to come before we flip the calendars. All of the Dragon Quest games that Square Enix has put out so far on mobiles in 2014 are pretty strong games, particularly taking their age into account, but in this humble RPG fan's opinion, the best of the bunch is without a doubt Dragon Quest 4: Chapters Of The Chosen [$14.99]. I gave it top marks in my review both on the strength of the original game and the excellent quality of the port. It's easily the best version of Dragon Quest 4 available to English gamers and a must-have for any RPG aficionado. If you haven't picked it up yet, fortune smiles upon thee, for thou hast found the great sale price. While the game regularly goes for $14.99, the price is currently reduced 33% to a mere $9.99.

Dragon Quest 4 was originally released on the 8-bit NES and came out overseas under the title Dragon Warrior 4. This version of the game is based on the Nintendo DS remake which was released in English in late 2008. One of the main criticisms of that release from fans was the lack of conversations with your party members, cut from the Japanese version for unclear reasons. The mobile version goes the whole distance and translates those dialogues, letting you get to know the off-beat cast better than ever. Sadly, the poor game had a bit of a rough launch with Square Enix accidentally misspelling the game's name in the App Store as Dargon Quest, spawning a minor meme and interfering with anyone's attempts to actually find the game and buy it.

Dragon Quest 4 is a big 40-hour adventure with a wonderful cast of characters and a fantastic soundtrack, and it can be yours for under a tenspot. Plus applicable taxes, I guess. As to the reason for this sale, it could be just a simple Thanksgiving sale, but Square Enix has in the past put games on sale to trumpet a new release in the same series. We are about due for the English version of Dragon Quest 3, too. I guess we'll know soon enough if that's the case, but in the meantime, you'll definitely want to jump on this deal while you can.

  • Maglor

    Ouch... That's 3 Month since debut on appstore. I even not complete game about 50%. But, It's Great Great JRPG. Get this. And you'll never regret it.

  • PoloBaquerizoH

    This could be a great week! Hopefully DQ3 finally will be!

  • Jesse_Dylan

    Should be getting both 3 and 5 pretty soon, and I'm sure Japan will get VI after a bit! Wonder what will happen with VII.

  • PoloBaquerizoH

    Slitherine's best games are also on sale 50% including Shenandoah ones

  • NickyNichols

    It's still Dargon Quest to me dammit!

  • Tonk Montana

    Ok. Ok. Didn't want to start any Dragon Quest games but you my friends have convinced me. Sigh...goodbye free time again.

  • rpgmind

    Is this the one with Healie the slime?

    • Marvin

      I do believe it is.

  • darminiam

    Instant buy for me! Good thing I read the review though. Since it's only in portrait mode, like DQ8, I'll bought this for the Android phone (it also on sale in the google play store $9.99).

    Here's to all the other Dragon Quest games to come out on mobile!

  • Alexythimia23

    Man my back catalogue of yet to play games is amazing!!! Lol not enough time in the year or next

  • mrj3d

    Oh man. Buy buy buy!

  • Retro Nug

    Damn I hadda pick this up with the sale price and I also bought 1&2 a few weeks back and haven't finished 1 yet! This one looks reaaaaally nice tho. Does it hurt to play this one before the others? Is it directly tied into any story from the first games?

    • Marvin

      Picking this one shouldn't have an influence on the others, just remember that obviously 4 is gonna be a lot better through controls and gameplay.

    • Shaun Musgrave

      Nope, DQ4 is a clean break from 1/2/3 story-wise. You're good to go!

  • pouffie

    Pass, it will get cheaper during the X-mas break!

  • Xandrak

    I take a vacation day and end up picking this up as well as all of the board games on sale. Love the prices but part of why I don't take much vacation 🙂

  • unexpect3rd

    Currently playing Fantasy Life on the 3DS, not going to miss this sale though. Buy now, play later.