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‘Bean’s Quest’ Sequel ‘Bean Dreams’ Launching on December 4th

We haven’t heard much about Bean Dreams since we went hands-on with it at GDC in March, but today developer Kumobius has confirmed that the game is finally ready and is releasing on December 4th for $2.99. Bean Dreams will feature 48 new levels as well as a major new ability in the form of a chili pepper that allows you to dash mid-air. Needless to say, that seemingly simple change puts a fresh spin on the “complete a level with as few bounces as possible" nature of the original Bean’s Quest ($2.99). Here’s a new trailer. Seriously, just the intro animation alone makes this my new favorite game.

The original Bean’s Quest is easily one of my all-time favorite platformers on iOS, and even though it initially launched as a short but incredibly sweet experience Kumobius made good on promises of new content, making it one of the fullest and most enjoyable platformers around. I’ve been looking forward to the follow-up ever since it was announced almost two years ago, so December 4th can’t come soon enough.