‘Oh My Giraffe’ is a Delightful Giraffe-Based High Score Game

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A charming little high score game made its way to the App Store on Monday, called Oh My Giraffe ($1.99). Players control a giraffe with a rather long and flexible neck, controlled by dragging which is helpful because there’s a bunch of fruit to eat that’s not always in easily-attainable positions. Each fruit is worth successively more points for eating it. Also, the giraffe is being chased by the predators of the jungle, and must knock some fruit to the ground by chewing the vines and letting them hit the pursuing lions, either by hitting them directly or bouncing off of the giraffe’s body. Thankfully, the day-night cycle will put them all to sleep and let the fruit-eating commence unabated. Check out a teaser with some footage of the game; if possible, play it in YouTube’s new 60 frames per second mode:

The animations are all incredibly fluid, and give the game a sense of whimsy to it. The game is pixel-art-based, but not in a chunky way. The neck action feels a bit like Noby Noby Boy ($1.99), with its stretchiness and outlandish contortions. The game has launched at $1.99 with no in-app purchases, just endless high score action that’s just incredibly delightful.

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    “Endless high score action that's just incredibly delightful” – TouchArcade Eat fruits while being chased by lion…
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