Back in July Simogo officially announced their newest project to follow up their 2013 masterpieces Year Walk [$3.99] and Device 6 [$3.99]. Called The Sailor's Dream, this new project would be heavy on narrative and filled with mysteries for the player to unlock and experience, much like their last two games. A new trailer and a blog post about the game was revealed in September, but didn't offer a whole lot of direct information as Simogo was keen not to spoil anything before players can get their own hands on their creation. Today Simogo has announced on their blog that The Sailor's Dream is all wrapped up and ready to go, and will be launching on the App Store November 6th.

That trailer gives me chills. Again, Simogo has been coy in regards to any solid details about the game itself, but their latest blog post does hint towards how important music and sound will be to the experience. There are a few new screens at their blog, but my recommendation is to not read any previews or reviews until you've been able to play the game for yourself. Simogo's talent is to surprise, delight, unnerve, and make you feel a whole range of real feelings while you experience their games. Ruining any of that would be doing a disservice to yourself, so mark a big red X on your calendar for November 6th when you'll be able to experience The Sailor's Dream firsthand.

  • Maglor

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  • garret44

    Sweet!you cant go wrong with Simogo

  • spader623

    I don't buy many iOS games lately since I just end up barley playing them... But ANYTHING by these devolopers, after device 6, is an instabuy for me.

    • spader623

      Also, random question, is the song in the game made by them or is it a song on say iTunes? It's really nice.

      • Ethereal87

        Which song? Anna? I was able to buy it in the iTunes catalog I think.

    • appfreak

      Also reminds me of the Brad Nicholson post with them some time ago. Quality guys

    • n1ckml007

      I barley play farmer sims.

  • Morgan01

    Beautiful trailer that tells you almost nothing of the game, gameplay, or style. Hard to get excited about a game you know nothing about it except the developers, and something to do with a sailor.

    • AlexsIpad

      But that's exactly what simogo do best. Their last two games had very little info revealed before the game was out, and it always gets me excited and my expectations aren't let down. I fully expect the same here

      • Morgan01

        Hopefully the run continues.

  • Luciano1084

    Insta buy for sure

  • AlexsIpad

    It's already game of the year and it's not out yet

  • GamerGrrl

    Of course, right when I run out of iTunes gift card money, a highly-anticipated game arrives :'(

  • appfreak

    This trailer is

  • NOEN

    I'm loving the song in the trailer.

  • Tomate Diseño

    I've decided, after playing a lot of P&C iPad games recently, that I genuinely hate past examples of the genre. The majority seem designed to infuriate with ridiculously obscure solutions to puzzles to the point where calling the premium hotline on the packaging was the only option to proceed. As the internet has killed that sideline I'd like to see a bit more logic and decent storytelling introduced. The Silent Age and Forever Lost are perfect examples of "Next Gen" games that actually made sense.

  • nondairyproduct

    My birthday!

  • jvm156

    well year walk was a huge disappointment. great look and vibe but the actual gameplay sucked. the puzzles were nonsense without a players guide