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Simogo’s ‘The Sailor’s Dream’ Arrives November 6th, New Trailer Released

Back in July Simogo officially announced their newest project to follow up their 2013 masterpieces Year Walk ($3.99) and Device 6 ($3.99). Called The Sailor’s Dream, this new project would be heavy on narrative and filled with mysteries for the player to unlock and experience, much like their last two games. A new trailer and a blog post about the game was revealed in September, but didn’t offer a whole lot of direct information as Simogo was keen not to spoil anything before players can get their own hands on their creation. Today Simogo has announced on their blog that The Sailor’s Dream is all wrapped up and ready to go, and will be launching on the App Store November 6th.

That trailer gives me chills. Again, Simogo has been coy in regards to any solid details about the game itself, but their latest blog post does hint towards how important music and sound will be to the experience. There are a few new screens at their blog, but my recommendation is to not read any previews or reviews until you’ve been able to play the game for yourself. Simogo’s talent is to surprise, delight, unnerve, and make you feel a whole range of real feelings while you experience their games. Ruining any of that would be doing a disservice to yourself, so mark a big red X on your calendar for November 6th when you’ll be able to experience The Sailor’s Dream firsthand.