Photo 2014-09-09, 23 21 54Boy, all kinds of surprising news related to Final Fantasy today, isn't there? The latest surprise is that the latest game from Hironobu Sakaguchi, the Final Fantasy creator and current Executive Surfer of Mistwalker Corporation, has soft launched. Perhaps, like me, you thought Terra Battle would make its debut on the Japanese App Store. Well, put on your fake Canadian mutton chops, because if you want to get an early start on Sakaguchi's latest, you'll find it north of the digital border in the untamed wilds of the Canadian App Store.

Being authentically Canadian, I've already downloaded Terra Battle and played about 10 minutes. It's a social RPG with a unique battle system that requires you to position your party members on a grid in order to deliver deadly attacks to your enemies, while ensuring they don't do the same to you. Many of the trappings of genre king Puzzle & Dragons are already apparent.  Your party is formed from randomly drawn characters, quests are simply a series of battles, and stamina meters and a required online connection are present and accounted for. The art for the characters, provided by Kimihiko Fujisaka, is quite good, and the music, supplied by long-time Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu, is as wonderful as you would expect.

I'm going to have to sink some time into Terra Battle to see how it fares against the best of the sub-genre, but the battle system at least seems like it has a lot of potential. If you don't feel like waiting, go on ahead and pick it up from the Canadian App Store. We'll have more coverage of Terra Battle as it makes its way worldwide in the future.

Canadian App Store Link: Terra Battle, Free

  • doublezz

    I get a feeling that soft launch = fail

  • worldcitizen1919

    What's wrong with being an Australian? No Counterspy, no TerraBattle!!!!! Should I go and join the Canadian Mounties?

  • benadvanced

    Is this the same game that was in one of the playstation RPGs as a side game? I think FF8?

  • Bradley Groot

    Been available on android for a week 😛 played probably 5 hours or so. my impressions.

    You can bring into battle six units with various special abilities; spear, sword, bow, staff. Each weapon has strengths and staff is a healing unit. You slide tiles around a grid and surround enemy tiles on 2 sides to attack(left/right, up/down). These units can be 'supported' by units adjacent in the same line, this increases attack power. Healing units if in a supporting role will heal the row(not through enemy though) or if attacking in three directions. The trick is you only get one turn to move one unit, then the enemy gets an action on all of their units. So you have to surround units on two sides with only one move, impossible? Well you can nudge friendly units, basically the direction you nudge from is where they move to, you have a limited time to do this but can do it as many times as possible. Basically the game gets very frantic as you try and make ever more and more ambitious nudging moves, sometimes running out of time before you're setup to even attack.

    this game is monetized almost identically to Brave Frontier(think that's the same as puzzle and dragons as well), 5 energy for a premium unit, as opposed to Brave Frontiers 5 gems. 1 energy for a stamina refill, as opposed to 1 gem. Materials are required for a unit to aquire a new job, as opposed to Brave Frontier where materials needed to evolve. You don't sacrifice weak units to help level up though.

    Basically a lot of the addictive elements of the monster evolving games, but with a much more engaging and skill dependent game.

    Bought 10$ worth of energy and definitely ended up with more powerful units. They aren't exactly over powered but they have much more potential to be leveled up. Also now I don't need to waste coins trying my luck on low tier chances, and can instead use those coins on special events that let me level more quickly.

    • elr0y7

      Great impression, thanks.

  • pinOi32

    ...But why Canada?

    • hellscaretaker

      Why not?

  • GreedPhantom

    This game is genius. Prepare yourself to be amazed.

  • theonetruejm

    I'm about 2 hours in and really enjoying Terra Battle! I think if people actually find and play the game, they will really like it

  • J_Joestar

    Just got it and it is kinda fun time waster, wondering though, is there any other use for the "Energy" currency outside of stamina recovery and recruiting?

    • Kirk Chen

      There's no other use for them now.