Jared Is In Line For the Keynote, Live Blogs Starting Soon

We’re just about an hour and a half from go time at the Apple keynote today. Jared has been in line for about an hour now, and is currently huddled in a mass of similar Apple fanatics refreshing Twitter while waiting for the line to move forward. The cool thing about having some boots on the ground at the keynote today is we’re expecting a hands on of the iPhone 6 (and potentially even the iWatch) as soon as the event is over.


We’ll be posting updates as things that pertain to gaming happen, but, if you’re somewhere that you can’t watch the video (like work!) and are interested in a full live blog experience, head over to our sister site MacRumors. Alternatively, if you want something even more low key to stay under the office radar, follow @MacRumorsLive. They’ll be tweeting the important stuff.

Or, if you want to harass Jared for the next 90 minutes while he waits in line, tweet at @JaredTA.