grimrocklogoWay back in August of 2011, almost three years ago to the day in fact, we first heard about an old-school style first-person dungeon crawler called Legend of Grimrock from then-brand-new studio Almost Human. The game looked gorgeous, and at the time was planned for a release on PC, Mac and iOS before the end of 2011. Well, that didn't quite happen, and it wasn't until April of the following year that Legend of Grimrock launched on PC, and not until that December that it launched on Mac and Linux. And the iOS port, that didn't come along until… well, we're still waiting for that one.

The desktop version of Legend of Grimrock was a success, and that led Almost Human to begin work on a sequel, Legend of Grimrock II. That combined with the activity from the developers in our forums for the iOS version completely fizzling out led pretty much everyone to believe the iOS version of Legend of Grimrock just wasn't going to see the light of day. However, that doesn't seem to be the case, as in a new blog post from Almost Human the developer states that Legend of Grimrock II is about to enter beta and that the iOS port of the original is actively being worked on and is "shaping up really well." Better late than never, right?


As for a timeframe of when Legend of Grimrock for iOS will be completed, Almost Human isn't saying anything just yet other than "when it's done" but they'll be sure to let everyone know once a date has been set. It's not simply a straight PC port either, and will need "a few custom mechanics to get the benefits of the touch interface" according to Almost Human. Whatever the case, I'm just happy this project isn't dead, and I'm looking forward to more information on Legend of Grimrock iOS as development continues to move along.

  • Pivi

    Oh. My. God. This is the news of the week.

  • famousringo

    I honestly thought it was dead. Sounds like the devs are just more concerned with building a sequel.

  • tommiyu

    I forgot about this game!

  • JJE McManus

    At the time, it was exciting. Now? I'm not so sure.

    • Ganimoth

      Still is. Even now, its still nicely looking game, while somewhat basic in gameplay, what it does it does well. And competition on iOS? Almost nonexistent (mostly older games like Undercroft).

  • Taeles

    -twiddles thumbs-

    Gave up waiting on this a long time ago. PC version wasn't that bad, I own it but the game definitely would of felt better on my ipad.

  • Exact-Psience

    And then there's that stupid keyboard-arrow-keys-inspired directional buttons on the right side.

    • atmmta

      Actually, I think it gives it an old school Ultima feel to it, which seems to be what they were going for.

    • Pivi

      Well, I totally dig that. 🙂
      I know it's very old school, but I love the buttoned control scheme. Gives me nostalgia.

  • rljk65

    hoping that it will see daylight,........... soon

  • Rubius

    I just watched some footage of this on youtube. The graphics looks amazing. It looks better just about everything I've seen on the Vita.

  • PadreTomasito

    At last!