‘The Walking Dead: Season 2’ Gets Its Final Episode Next Week: “No Going Back”

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I’ve talked about it on the podcast before, but I’ve been waiting for the whole enchilada of The Walking Dead: Season 2 (Free) before jumping in, as I really don’t like waiting for episodes between cliffhanger endings. I think Lost might be responsible for just finally pushing me over the edge on that, as anyone who followed along with that show as it aired can undoubtedly attest to. The last episode is coming next week, and here’s the spoiler-laden trailer:

As far as when it’s hitting next week, well, it’s slightly staggered like previous episodes. On the 26th, PC, Mac, North American PS3 and Vita owners can grab it. On the 27th, Xbox 360 and European PS3 owners can download the game. Then, finally, it’ll hit iOS on the 28th. Stay tuned for our concluded review of the whole series!

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