cnlogoThere's a really great sale going on for a bunch of Cartoon Network games, which have all been discounted down to 99¢. The sale itself is prominently featured in the App Store at the bottom of the main page under the heading "99¢ Cartoon Network Games." Maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention, but I don't recall an Apple-featured sale like this for a bunch of games from one company. It's interesting! Some of these games are simply 99¢ anyway, and so technically aren't on sale, but since they're part of the feature I've included them in the list below.

As for the games that are on sale, there's lots of good stuff here. I personally love Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville, which is actually a really fun Metroidvania-style game. Also Mutant Fridge Mayhem is a really good arena-based brawler that I enjoy a lot despite not ever watching the show it's based on. Finally, Card Wars is a fantastic card battler based on the Adventure Time show. Below is the list of price drops as well as forum links and reviews, where applicable.

Ben 10 Slammers, $1.99 → 99¢ - [Forum Thread]

Best Park In the Universe - Regular Show, $2.99 → 99¢ - [Forum Thread]

Calling All Mixels, $3.99 → 99¢ - [Forum Thread]

Card Wars - Adventure Time, $3.99 → 99¢ - [Forum Thread]

CN Superstar Soccer, $2.99 → 99¢ - [Forum Thread]

Fionna Fights - Adventure Time, 99¢ - [Forum Thread]

Gem Bound - Steven Universe, 99¢ - [Forum Thread]

Ghost Toasters - Regular Show, $2.99 → 99¢ - [Review] - [Forum Thread]

Globlins, $1.99 → 99¢ - [Forum Thread]

Jumping Finn Turbo - Adventure Time, 99¢ - [Forum Thread]

Mutant Fridge Mayhem - Gumball, 99¢ - [Forum Thread]

Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville, $3.99 → 99¢ - [Review] - [Forum Thread]

Ride 'em Rigby - Regular Show, 99¢ - [Forum Thread]

Rock Bandits - Adventure Time, $1.99 → 99¢ - [Forum Thread]

Ski Safari: Adventure Time, 99¢ - [Forum Thread]

The Great Prank War, $2.99 → 99¢ - [Review] - [Forum Thread]

Wrath of Psychobos - Ben 10 Omniverse, $2.99 → 99¢ - [Forum Thread]

  • Billy Ocean

    so many of these games are good. love me some cn games.

  • defunct32

    Bought myself Card Wars!

    • defunct32

      Addicted to Card Wars, OMG!

  • Based Xatu

    When half brick turned their games to f2p, apple featured the sale.

  • Dailies

    Picked up Card Wars! Thanks for the heads up. :^)

  • spader623

    I'd get card wars... But there's still no online, there's an energy system AND there's premium currency... But mostly the online thing. That said, great sale.

  • TJF588

    FINE! I got Defenders of Townsville. Dunnae roon will ahn mae iPode Foorth Jen, buut tha'll be richt bonnie should Aye ken a prospective iPhoone Sayx.

    ...dammit, all that Dragon Quest coverage brought me back.

  • ZarieoZ

    Amazon store had this sale a few days ago, but it included more games, like Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake. Some games are not included here.