As we posted yesterday, Peter Molyneux's followup to Curiosity, Godus [Free] is now available on the App Store worldwide. Originally fueled by a £526,563 (Roughly $900,000) Kickstarter, Godus was sold to backers as the god game to end all god games. Peter Molyneux created Populous, so he had clout to spare when it came to boasting about wanting to make the most amazing god game ever.

Unsurprisingly, like most early Kickstarters with a big name behind them, it quickly exceeded its goal and backers eagerly anticipated what many assumed would be the next huge leap in Populous-style games. Check out how epic the original pitch video was:

Hype for the game hit critical levels as Minecraft [$6.99] creator Notch chimed in with "Money spending mode: ENGAGED." Here's how 22Cans pitched it:

Half a living sandbox world, and half a strategy game, players can choose to explore the power of the almighty however they wish. Whether it’s granting the power of life and blossoming the world around your believers, or using godly powers to wreak havoc via natural disasters to defeat the armies of other gods, prepare for the Ultimate God Game: Single Player, Multiplayer, Cross-Platform gameplay, sandbox worlds, strategic battles, living populations, and the power to create, change, and destroy the very structure of the world.

...And what was eventually delivered basically amounts to a free to play farming game published by notorious monetizers Mobage. Kickstarter comments have been on fire ever since the game went live, as free to play timer games are basically the exact opposite of what core gamers who front money to back Kickstarters enjoy at all. Other corners of the internet, like reddit and even our own forums are filled with similar disgust.

The cruel irony of it all is that not long ago, Peter Molyneux himself called the EA's similar timer and currency packed reboot of Dungeon Keeper [Free] "ridiculous" in an interview with the BBC:

"I felt myself turning round saying, 'What? This is ridiculous. I just want to make a dungeon. I don't want to schedule it on my alarm clock for six days to come back for a block to be chipped,'" he told the BBC.

Considering you need to use the "Belief" energy system in Godus to flatten land, one of the most basic tasks in a god game... These comments are pretty incredible. Similar to how Molyneux just wanted to make a dungeon, I think gamers (and particularly Kickstarter backers) just wanted to play a god game. Now, it's entirely possible that everyone is currently in the timer-laden "tutorial" phase of the game and Godus eventually opens up in to the wildly deep game that was originally pitched, but, that's sort of hard to believe with "Mobage" on the front of the box, isn't it?

  • vid_icarus


    • B30

      22 Can't

      • Pray For Death

        22 can't even

      • helyar

        you 2 Can't even!

      • Cheezburgler

        Hahah who are you?

  • Adsinjapan

    Ohhhh I was certainly one of those "disgusted" folks.

    I've been on a bit of a warpath today, leaving messages everywhere that 22Cans and hopefully Molyneux would see.

    Right now, the best thing that 22Cans can do, is to pull Godus from the stores before the game gets blasted into obscurity as one of those "shitty F2P titles that nobody talks about", and entirely revise their business model.

    I don't want IAP, but I'd happily drop $10-$15 on the full game if I could.

    • Pray For Death

      I think it's too late for them to pull the game and retool it as a premium title. They've already sold their souls to the devil/struck a deal with Mobage

    • helyar

      Maybe just rethink your shit life first? then tackle a game given to you for free created by a load of people? Shit life first, then the video game!

      • Jake7905

        The game isn't free, only the download is free. Actually playing the game would require a LOT of time and money. You need to rethink your rant.

      • Nick Smith

        Aren't we mature? Take your own advice first. Don't bother telling me how great your life is, you've already said it all.

      • Adsinjapan


      • bluprntguy

        Looks like they got almost a million bucks to develop it from the article that you obviously did not read.

  • Tommmy

    Peter Molyneux is a scammer and doesn't deserve a single coin.

    • helyar

      The guy that created Theme Park, a scammer, LOL

      • dibdib

        The guy who surrounded himself with the talented people who created fan favorite games. The more I see of what this schmuck is really like, the more I reconsider what his contribution to those games could have been. I'm betting his entire career is based off latching on other people like the Carter brothers and Demis Hassabis. They've proven they can make great games. All we get from Molyneux is he's great at selling out, bullshitting people, and has the ego to take the credit.

      • Yukari

        Agreed, everything Bullfrog released was gold.

      • Cheezburgler

        Boy, you sure like this guy!

  • DranDran

    Mobage is working SO FUCKING GREAT that as of this moment you cant even play/login. Maybe they are doing us a favor.

    • Martin

      I also have this problem. Wasn't sure if it was just me. I haven't gone so far as to send a support email, but I'm probably going to.

      • boombox

        Nope, it's literally everyone. It's been down for at least several hours. They tweeted that PC/Mac support should be up soon, but no news about iOS.

      • Dylan McLeod

        Worked fine for the first hour and made it to 150 peeps. But not can't get past fucking Mobage and had to delete the app and start over. Can't get past 50 pop.

    • helyar

      I spoke to customer support about this new game having login problems and they said try killing yourself mate?

      • DranDran

        Funny, they told me I should talk to tou and ask you how 22cans' dick tastes like. You know, after spending so much time in your ass. Im guessing it tastes jsut the same as their sad excuse of a freemium game. Now run along, go shill some more for Moly, fangirl.

  • Jef Crisis

    learn from history. disregard anything Molyneux says.

    • helyar

      play everything he releases though

  • Tomate Diseño

    I'm developing a theory in which all these crappy versions of great games are mainly produced to drive sales of the previous incarnations. Dungeon Keeper, Sword and Poker, the originals have been seeing some heavy rotation on my ipod / laptop and tonight I'm going to be putting my GOG Populous the Beginning purchase to good use.

    • helyar

      send me the link to your essay. Psyche! Nah

    • Jake7905

      I call it a fortunate consequence.

  • morgawr

    This man seems bound, determined and hellbent on ruining his legacy and reputation at every single opportunity.

    • wafflestirrup

      What is frustrating here is the long history of over promising and under delivering. Fable 1-3 all had very ambitious goals with just a fraction of that coming to fruition.

    • Fnurgh

      What I don't get is that he achieved that aim years ago.

      I guess he likes to over-deliver.

      • Matthew White

        *under-deliver over-sell

      • Fnurgh

        I was suggesting he likes to over-deliver when ruining his legacy 😉

        Added irony; it's the only thing he's been able to over-deliver on.

    • Applemask

      He doesn't have one. He's not allowed.

  • Alendrix

    I will have to respectfully disagree with the Belief being nothing more than an F2P Timer. Even the original Populous required you to have certain belief levels before pulling off the big stunts (like flooding the world or armageddon). I distinctly remember flattening acres of land and waiting to get enough power to destroy the Red Tribe because they seemed to ALWAYS build at Sea Level.

    The rest does smack of F2P. But the PC/Steam version isn't much different.

    • GonzoBlair

      How does the PC/Steam version compare as far as purchasing? If I buy it, do I have to spend any more?

      • Paul Downs

        Last I checked there was no F2P rubbish in the PC version. Not played it for a few months though.

      • Paul Downs

        I take it back... there's now a "Pit of Doom" which is a "Gem Exchange". I've got 20 gems, no obvious sign of being able to use real money but that's not a good sign.

      • Paul Downs

        OK this is turning into a running commentary. There's a developer commentary in the game. They say that Gems are markedly different on PC than on Mobile. There's NO way to buy them with money on the PC. To get gems... you can sacrifice your followers! (OR you can find them) 😀 😀 😀

        What a relief.

      • Paul Downs

        Here's a screencap that may help, taken from steam Godus as it stands right now.

      • GonzoBlair

        This is what kills me. They KNOW it's wrong to do to gamers. Yet I've already blown more than the retail price of the PC version on gems in the iOS one and gotten almost nothing in tangible playable rewards back. $20 gets you about 5 minutes worth of landscaping.

        Pretty evil, but the game is so good, I gotta just gonna switch to Steam version.

      • visualplayer

        You spent twenty bucks on gems?

      • Cheezburgler

        God please stop buying in app prchases for horrible games or else well never see another good premium game again

      • jForsythe

        Errr what screen cap I see nothing.

  • hellscaretaker

    i just had a look at Godus rating on IOS 1,566 have rated this game giving it 4.5 stars. So this so called storm doesnt seem to be appearing on IOS, now i wait for someone to tell me that rating is all false from people that dont play games etc....

    • DannyTheElite

      It's the people that funded it who are annoyed.

      • hellscaretaker

        We only had a mobile version the PC version yet to appear it could indeed be far better then mobile one? Time will tell............

  • Ax23000

    I've long been a defender of Molyneux. I know he always over pitched his games, talking about features that wouldn't end up in the final product...but at the end of the day I always enjoyed the final product. Fable 2 was a lot of fun to play with a ton of interesting features, even if it wasn't 'the greatest RPG ever created'.

    But this is the breaking point for me. There's no defending how this game ended up, I don't think I'll ever be able to respect the man again. A real shame considering his legacy, but no amount of good games in the past can excuse his actions in the present.

    • helyar

      You won't be able to respect the man again? Ax23000? I'm sure the man won't sleep tonight knowing that AX23000 doesn't respect him any more.

      • Cheezburgler

        So glad yr here to put all these bozos in their place!

  • JJE McManus

    Peter would do better if he just quit developing altogether and concentrated on working the convention circuit. There he could sit on the dais, spout a few utterly amazing concepts, collect his check and go home.
    Amazing concepts by the way that make no sense whatsoever ten minutes after you leave the convention hall.
    It would be a win for everyone. Like back when Orson Welles shilled cheapo wine on the TV.

    • Fnurgh

      I like a good Paul Masson.

  • thestapler

    Not having known about all the kickstarter drama, i was actually really enjoying the game. And at least within a few hours of play, it's been easy to avoid any micro-transactions.

    I've played very few freemium games so I'm guessing I will eventually hit a major wall. Reading this all leaves a very bad taste though. He basically promised Black&White meets Populous but gave us TinyGod.

    And now I can't even get it to play because it can't "login"?

    • helyar

      And I thought the Israelis had problems

    • monoclespectacle

      Thundercats are go!

      • thestapler

        so i hit that pay wall. DAMN. this game sucks.

  • Chq

    Real gamers like fullprice-games; nothing else. ☝️

    • Stormourner

      buying priced games does not make a person a real gamer

      • nini

        But it does make you a core gamer and they're better than those who are just filthy casuals.

      • Stormourner

        I play both casual and hardcore, both freemium and premium, I'm a fan of both freemium game (I ain't mentioning the game) and premium game (Infinity Blade series)

      • RichT

        Real gamers like games they enjoy playing. Stop trying to label people who do things differently from you.

      • 61050

        i like fun games. i dont give a shit how it is presented or monetized. its either good, or not. it really pisses me off when i hear "o, i was going to play this, but it has timers and iap, what a shame".

        yeah, i was going to buy a porche, but it requires premium unleaded, what a shame. i was going to go see muse live and in concert, but they dont have beer at the arena, what a shame. perfectly good concert that they had to ruin by not letting me get hammered.

        on that note though, this game just kinda sucks.

      • WrenDavey

        I think your example would be more "correct" if it read "Yeah, I was going to buy a Porche, but the engine turns off at every traffic light unless I pay money to continue or wait several hours for a timer to run out, what a shame."

      • mr_bez

        It would be more correct if it said Porsche instead of Porche 🙂

      • WrenDavey

        Ah well, it's not a real Porsche. It's a cheap knock-off built to cash in on the brand.

      • Design by Adrian

        You are right, and he didn't say that. He said real gamers don't do F2P. Logic doesn't have to work both ways.

      • Stormourner

        well I do F2P ;P

  • PlannedObsolescence

    C'mon, stop whining, all I read is how everyone supposedly loves freemium games, they are the future of mobile gaming, etc. Enjoy!

    • Stormourner

      saying freemiums is a future of mobile gaming will only bring more hatred, I do have freemium games which I enjoy despite the timers, energies and of course paywalls

      • Ubisububi

        That's it; right there. You enjoy the games IN SPITE of the timers, not because of them. Nobody enjoys having to feed the meter to keep on playing. The game is either good enough that you put up with it, or it's not.

      • Stormourner

        thank u =)
        MinoMonsters is one of the freemium game I love the most, I know the game lost it's addiction after updating but I will not dare to abandon MinoMonsters for the sake of my babies (my minos). the people must respect the freemium games no matter what they are

  • hellscaretaker

    Hears another thought, how much did you pay for the game? Zero.... you had the game for free, yes i can understand some people are not happy with paying nothing for a game

    • Rennerd

      It's the backers of the kickstarter who are the most upset, and they, of course, gave their money.

      • Guest

        for what version PC or mobile? Look on stream its still in developement so have they lost out, in fact the game could be completely different from the mobile version? Just my humble view

      • hellscaretaker

        fair point on that

      • visualplayer

        The big diff is in in the mobile version after a few farming settlements you're required to buy gems or diamonds or whatever to get new settlements. Not belief-but premium currency. Required. After that it's just Spend More.

      • helyar

        "most upset" sobbing... crying, angry. Screaming at their mums who are calling them down for dinner 🙁

    • Intendro

      Those Kickstarter backers didn't pay zero.

    • Luca Corsini

      hell it's not free, at some point if you want to play you need to pay money.

    • Cheezburgler

      It's not free. It's not made out of the kindness of the devs heart.

      It's "free" because they get more money that way. Because if you want to play, you gotta pay eventually.

      Not my definition of fun.

  • TrencH

    It's not that freemium is the best thing. It's the fact that people don't like to spend money on a game often let alone the cost that this game would probably be if it was sold premium.

    It's the same thing over and over. Lots of game companies are going this route because they get more downloads and maybe make money off of freemium.

    I will be more then happy to spend premium and then play how much and when I want and not deal with servers down or worse shut down (not to mention constant Iap reminders) but unfortunately not many people are spending money on games and if they are how many of that group is spending more then 5 bucks for it?

    It really is sad to hear how he says one thing then does what he was saying was bad in Dungeon Keeper though. It makes it even worse when people are backing him with their money for a promised game and then something like this happens. That must have really stung for the backers. Especially those who were planning on playing on the iOS. Regardless of the outcome he should have told backers up front. That was not right.

  • jonhanson

    Man, it was bad enough when I heard the gameplay but weak but that pay-to-play shit is just a kick in the face. That business model doesn't make any sense for a game that was made with money from Kickstarter.

  • nonstickron

    Wait...what? People are still taking that guy as something other than a marketing douchebag?

  • Adsinjapan

    Crap, guess I can't link. Sorry.

    Just do a search for "Godus royalties and offline."

  • JohnT321 Arcadelife

    Unsurprisingly, it's "Editor's Choice" on the UK app store. Sure there are loads of 5* ratings but there are no app store reviews at all. This is because you get free IAP stuff if you post a 5* review. I can't even be bothered downloading it for free to find out if it's as bad as the Dungeon Keeper farce.

    • helyar

      You can't even be bothered to download it for free. BUT. You'll write about it. I know mate, I know. This fucking world I wish it just would end.

      • JohnT321 Arcadelife

        Love it! Cheers for finding my post worth replying to. I've up-voted yours because it works on so many levels.

  • earthtent77

    Everyone's a critic. Everybody knows better. You all must be more amazing developers than Peter Molyneux. How can you even make these kind of complaints when the game isn't even finished. For Pete's sake (pun intended), give it a chance and just enjoy it for what it is. Use your imagination. Consider the potential. It's a gaming experiment that pushes the limits of mobile gaming as we know it. We haven't even gotten to experience the features that you propose are missing. If they're missing, it's because the game is only half complete. They're creating a game using iterative design. That means you get to give you input into the actual game mechanics. AND... They're actually responding and making changes as they go. 22 Cans and Peter Molyneux should be celebrated, not lambasted. Try making constructive critiques instead of just throwing the baby out with the bath water. I for one, am a proud backer of the Kickstarter campaign and I'm thoroughly pleased with the results thus far.

    • DranDran

      I just came here to reply that I hope you die in a fire for that atrocious pun. Really. Dude. Please. Gimme your address. Ill snail mail you some mothafuckin' matches and a bottle of kerosene. :O

      • helyar

        It's the big man!

    • Fnurgh

      I'll wager everyone on here has considered the potential.

      It's called Populous and somehow, Molyneux can only seem to make a massively inferior version of the game he himself invented.

      He's taking his own brilliant legacy and shitting on it with his own incompetence.

    • visualplayer

      How much did you spend on it so far?

    • Luca Corsini

      this is not innovation, this is pure greed... if he wanted innovation he could have put the game on on sale with a premium price, or at least at a low price with premium IAP if he wanted to support the full game. ATM this is pure farm(castle|mountain|casino|brothel)ville-level crap like a lot of other games in the store

  • GiHubb

    Most... overrated... dev... EVER!
    Seriously, that guy has lost his way a long, long, LONG time ago.
    Every time I see him give an interview, I see a pompous douch so full of himself, he's disgusting.
    I don't touch anything this guy brings out and would never back him on a kickstarter. Would rather fund a machine that makes farting noises.

  • toofinedog

    I tried this game out last night, and I was pretty happy with it until I ran out of "belief". That was the moment I realized my villagers were atheists.

    • tommiyu

      That was the best review of the game ever haha

  • dreamora

    The interesting thing is that the desktop game actually is what it's meant to be. It's the mobile game and the sick rotten mobile Eco system at the time that trash it. To me our best hope as gamer and developer is that the EU pushes through with the 'free game legislation' that would disallow IAP games to call them self free, forcing them in a free with IAP or even paid category
    Then we finally can start to see real games, not money sink destroyed game experiences 🙁

    Godus would have had so many other much better mechanics for IAP like powers, land size limits and alike

  • GonzoBlair

    Spent $25 in the game last night. Burned through the resources and powers that gave me in about 90 minutes. It did little to push my progress forward. And the cost rate for the terrain sculpting is just horrifying. It's like several dollars to remove a single mountain.

    And that's the fatal problem here. You have this beautiful amazing game absolutely wrecked with timers and an incredibly greedy IAP system. I don't even mind freemium IF YOU GIVE ME MY MONEY'S WORTH. $25 should get me at least a few hours of entertainment.

    This is a great game experience that has been absolutely crippled by the economic model they've strapped onto it. I want to keep playing, but I hate how greedy the game is.

    • helyar

      see I like this guy, at least he went for it.

      • Jake7905

        By "went for it", I'm assuming you mean that he fell for the con. Am I right Peter?

    • Cheezburgler

      Jesus man you could buy XCOM for 20 dollars and play that game for literally 100 hours. It's fucking fantastic.

      Why are people so willing to talk themselves into dropping a 20 on a turd freemium game to be entertained "for a couple hours" when you can actually buy REAL GAMES for LESS MONEY.

  • qdiddy

    Maybe we should ask the god to make it premium. If only we had a man who was made the almighty and could make game changing decisions if he would listen to us. A man who opened the cube...

  • AcidicUK

    Honestly I'm not a fan of F2P at all or unfair IAP and was skeptical when i saw that Godus was free. But the fact is I've been playing for 2 days now and not needed to buy anything at all. There are timers when building things and belief takes about 5 - 10 minutes each time to collect but that really is the worst of it. Its a free game so i expected the timers but all it really does is pan the game out a little bit. They should release a paid version without the timers for £5 or £6 because the game is worth that!

  • godofodd

    I'm really enjoying the game. Mind you, I didn't back the kickstarter, and I spent more hours than I'd care to admit playing Sims Freeplay. I find the gameplay mechanic to be original and intuitive, the graphics are beautiful in their simplicity. As far as I'm concerned, the game's a winner. That said, I would pay a one-time charge for some premium features, such as sculpting grass for free.

  • Be-Rad

    They day we stop letting ourselves get Molyneuxed is the day we grow as an industry

  • Adams Immersive

    Just give me real, classic Populous.

  • tamon76

    Love how they are manipulating the reviews on the App Store. 4500 some reviews and over 75% are 5 stars?

    Yet my 1 star review is nowhere to be seen.

    • helyar

      look, I'm sorry you have to find out this way (app store) but your opinion is nigh on worthless!

      • Tonk Montana

        How much have you spent on this game Heylar?How long have you played it? Are you a backer? Or are you just having fun trolling?

      • helyar

        I don't play video games mate.

      • B30

        So, you're just here on TouchArcade for the trolling part then.

      • Cheezburgler

        Haha who are you?

  • thiagovscoelho

    Yeah, it sucks.

  • Tonk Montana

    Why does everyone keep saying, 'Well it's a free game...'. Why is the fact that it is initially free a good thing? You get a 'free' game at the expense of the core of the game. You are supposed to be a God for Pete's sake (sorry, couldn't help it); not limited by the constrains of Mobage and timers! Gods do what they want, when they want...that was a main appeal of Populous.

    And if Apple wants to stop something, they should ban this horrible practice of trading in-game currency for 5-star ratings. That is soo dishonest!!

    • helyar

      and breathe

      • Shaun Musgrave

        Quiet day in the office today, Peter?

      • Jake7905

        Even when he trolls under a fake name, there's no escaping that massive ego.

  • Tonk Montana

    And for those that already paid $20+ for in-game currency...let me remind you that Monster Hunter Unite was only $18 and a full game. Stop supporting this horrible F2-wait mechanism!

  • lordyokomoto

    Had a quick play yesterday.. Did tutorial then moved on to main game.. Then the problems started first won't let u sync to Facebook .... Then went to build hut.. Tutorial takes a few seconds .. Main game 10 mins almost ..... Game deleted there and then ...... If this was a premium game I would have bought it ... But as it stands now it will never return to my device

  • DemoEvolved

    I'll just wait for this game to go free. They all go free....


  • Someuser10

    I felt myself turning round saying, 'What? This is ridiculous. I just want to make a village. I don't want to schedule it on my alarm clock for six days to come back for fait to be chipped.

    • Jake7905

      Peter's God is more concerned with the forces of economics then the forces of nature.

  • Zeillusion

    Played the early access on PC, it's a beautiful game. No iap's as well. They're a still timers but it's part of the GAME MECHANIC. You get tons more belief on PC as well, easier to setup larger colonies ect. As I said, no iap's.

    The mobile version is beautiful as well. Beliefs harder to come by and timers are longer, but hey, it's free. It's not so outrageous either, as the timer is a game mechanic. It's just a little more crazy on mobile since it's FTP.

    Buy the PC version, you won't be disappointed.

  • Adsinjapan

    I've very recently taken to the 22Cans forum.

    If anybody else wants to rally against this travesty, that's probably the best place to do it!

    A lot of us are very verbal about this issue, and so maybe we should use that to direct it on their own soil, so to speak.

  • Jake7905

    The guy's a con-man, plain and simple. He sold a vision of a premium game to a large group of investors, then took that investment, brought it to Mobage, and instead developed a free-to-download game with a shameless monetization scheme. How the hell can anyone defend such a con?

  • Von Strubel

    He collaborated with Microsoft, so what did you expect?

  • Mr.Swift™

    The game itself is very unique and fun. BUT, with the timers and iap's..It turns a potentially great IOS title into another piece of freemium trash. Hopefully they learn from their mistakes(they probably wont) and re-release this game as the game people hoped they would be playing.

    • Stormourner

      they should convert the game into premium like big action mega fight rather than re-releasing it

  • Ahiru Nakamura

    let us all go back to play Back & White.

  • Adsinjapan

    So it turns out that the thread I dreaded on the 22Cans Forum is currently the most viewed on there. Glad people are getting aware.

    I'm sick and tired of people being taken for a ride by greedy developers.

    • Stormourner

      those who taking a ride can be new people

  • Cause007

    I missed the backstory of this before trying it out, so coming from a 'clean' perspective, it's a fun game. However I still have to agree with other opinions that the 'belief (timer) system sucks. You'll be in the middle of completely changing the shape of a hill and you run out of energy and have to wait for it to refill, before doing anything significant.

    This game would be Significantly better if you had total freedom to sculpt without limitation (the type of sculpting you can do is nicely limited by how far you progress, so there are things to achieve to add to your abilities). As is the curse of all F2Ps, the farther you progress, the less you are able to do with your energy in comparison to your current goal.

    As far as the kickstarters are concerned, making this F2P is BS. I'd gladly pay a premium for this if they reworked the energy system.

  • wba241168

    Honestly i do like the fact you can form the land however you want.

  • Sisee

    Why are peoples so shocked over this?
    This is Peter Moleneux...
    The man has never once been known to tell the truth.
    He's a compulsive liar and has proven that status with every title he has released.
    You always take what he says about his titles and expect to never see them. Instead end up playing a generic (albeit enjoyable) version of the genre the title is cast in.
    Fable was good, but nothing near the hype he built, as were its sequels. Same goes for the Black & White games; I enjoy them, but not how he promised I would.
    In short; stop trusting this man. I don't.

  • Matthew White

    So Peter Molyneaux hyped up a game and then didn't deliver. Who would've thought?

  • Luca Corsini

    I'm not very happy too... the game is promising, but, while I can stand a little bit of freemium and IAP, there is very very little to do without accelerating the game with money, builders are slow as hell.... and for god(u)'s sake... you cannot put the world remodelling behind a paygate in a god game!!! so yes, I've downloaded it and played a little, I'll keep playing? probably not

  • Quazonk

    I don't know why anyone is even playing this, it looks awful. Nevermind all the Molyneux controversy attached to it.

  • artisticMink

    Anyone want to know how the 5-Star ratings on Itunes where born?

    Have a look:

  • dibdib

    OH NO. You might enjoy a game for a length of time of your own choosing instead of hitting the artificial boundary set by the developer in order to push their pay scheme! And I sure wish my car came with a factory kill switch that stops it after ten minutes otherwise I might enjoy driving too much. Just shut it off wherever-- it's okay, I'll send you a check if I really need to drive it more than that.

  • Tokyo Dan

    Too bad. The monitization scheme of the mobile version is a big big mistake that completely overshadows what is basically a beatutiful, intricately designed, superbly crafted work of art.

    I bet right about now Peter is kicking himself in his ass...all the way to the bank.

  • Tokyo Dan

    As for timers...timers in games is not bad. Almost every major RTS in gaming history has long does it take to build a unit in Total Annihilation. It is just how you implement them that adds to or detracts from a game.

  • Sakkano Imako

    As an owner of the PC "early release" I'm VERY disgusted. I bought into the game early hoping form something reminicent of Populous or even Black & White. Instead, I get a bloody timer game for the PC and has put gates within gates in an attempt to fix broken game mechanics.

    I also feel conned. I bought a PC game, which then was transitioned to portables/tablets, only to be ported back. There's a whole new level of disgust I have for Godus. One that exceeds the disgust for Daikatana and ET.

  • Bed

    I am a backer of the GODUS KickStarter - at NO point did they mention the freemium aspects and I would NEVER have backed such a prospect. In the latest release they go out of their way to talk about how gems are not purchasable in the PC version but its very clear from the start that the timers throughout are designed for freemium - its been near 2 years and the freemium design has been constantly clear. This upsets me, as there is the basis for an awesome strategy god game as promised - but is completely ruined by the freemium underlying design. Ah well, live and learn. But so very disappointing.

  • killbill8921

    Guys, play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite ios, a proper strong game. Sure the price is steep but is still way way cheaper than the psp version, plus you can play real life people online.

    We need to convince companies that we wanted good high quality games. Monster Hunter Freedom unite ios is that quality game.

    Peter Malyneuxs can fail and rot for I care, buy and support good games, ranting alone won't convince anybody!

  • Applemask

    It's just as well Peter Molyneux loves just making games, because there's sod all other reason for him to bother. He's already extremely rich, and at this point he could make Deus Ex and he'd get shit on for it. Before it's even fucking finished.

  • Applemask

    A thing no other mobile game has ever done

  • Damoclast

    Bunch o' whiners. I haven't paid a dime for Godus, yet my civilization is beautiful and thriving. 3800 people, 500 iron, most cards earned. Play the game! Build settlements! Get creative!

  • Serge

    All this hatred about the game makes me feel, you guys didn't read the bible!!

    By the seventh minute God had finished the flattening he was allowed to do; so on the seventh minute he rested from all his money spent on a scam.

  • Serge

    Twenty toucans, is a lot of promising colours but you just end up with bird poop all over the place.

  • Jai Guru

    Why anybody gets excited when this schill says stuff is beyond me. Molyneux is a known grifter. He's the Steve Jobs of video games: All presentation, crap-tier products at inflated prices.

  • Jai Guru

    Nothing like listening to a house slave defend Massah for beating the workers.