Square-Enix does a lot of business on mobiles with ports and remakes of some of their greatest hits of yesteryear, but once upon a time, they put out a bunch of original games, too. Of that assortment of games, the most well-known is probably the Chaos Rings series, a trio of titles developed by Media.Vision. The most recent release in the series, Chaos Rings 2 [$14.99 / $14.99 (HD)], came out in early 2012, and apart from a couple of promised updates and talk of a F2P spin-off called Chaos Rings Sigma, we've heard very little concrete information about any further games in the series. That is, until today, when Square-Enix announced via Famitsu that Chaos Rings 3 will be releasing this winter on iOS, Android, and PlayStation Vita.


Chaos Rings 3 is set to drop on October 18th, 2014 in Japan at a price of 2800 yen. While there's nothing in the article pertaining to an English release, it's probably pretty safe to assume it will happen. If it follows the pattern of other recent Square-Enix releases, the localization shouldn't take too long, and that 2800 yen price (around $25 USD) will likely be pared down a little bit, but you should probably be prepared for another premium price tag to go with what is sure to be another premium RPG adventure. If you're a PlayStation Vita owner, you might be interested to know that the game will be released as a collection of the entire Chaos Rings series for 4800 yen, though an English version is definitely a coin toss for that one.

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As for the game itself, Square-Enix doesn't have much to say at this point. Details are a bit scarce at the moment, but the first batch of screenshots shows some of the new characters, as well as a battle scene and camp screen with room for up to five characters. Given this is part of the Chaos Rings series, we can probably look forward to certain things like team-based combat, gene collecting, a plot rife with dramatic deaths, and so on, but until Square-Enix says or shows more, it's all just speculation. We'll be giving you the details as we get them, so RPG fans will want to keep checking TouchArcade to stay up to date.

[Famitsu, Images via NeoGaf]

  • max1357913

    I..... Can't...... Wait

    • Sebastian Gomez


      I just had an eye-gasm reading this article... This has definitely made my day...


      Hdodcoalanshdsiaonshdd (Can't control myself)

  • E5cape


  • RoboWarrior

    Looks really promising, wonder if it will work on iPad Mini and 4S. Considering the bundle, since starting iOS 8, app bundles will be an option, a possibility that this game could be bundled with the other Chaos Rings games?

    • Fastbridge

      Good call on the bundle.

  • igames

    About time chaos rings 3

  • Kirs

    Interesting approach. Color palette so vibrant this time round. I personally welcome the change.

  • defunct32

    Can't wait, CR 2 is the best in the in the trilogy, hopefully 3 will be just as amazing.

  • doublezz

    Chaos ring likes original final fantasy series on mobile

  • Tito Piccolo

    What happened to my favorite IOS game series, this looks to bubbly for my taste 🙁

    • Shaun Musgrave

      Square-Enix has the original CR artist working on FF15, so I'm guessing he wasn't available this time.

      • Tito Piccolo

        Ow that's why, I really like the style of the original.
        Would still play this though.

    • Exact-Psience

      Im pretty somebody (presumably more than one) will die in this despite the new art style/mood.

      • Tito Piccolo

        Your'e pretty?

  • Exact-Psience

    WOAH! Gunblade!

  • curtisrshideler

    One and Two were good. Still playing Two, which rarely was updated. Don't think I'd buy Three at that price. I'm sure I'd get a bigger iphone and it would never get optimized for the new screen size just like Two hasn't for the iphone 5. That kind of support will get maybe $15-20 from me, but no more. The games are good, but without anything revolutionary, if you've played one, you've played them all. Hopefully, that F2P CR got scrapped. I am thankful that this is premium, though.

  • curtisrshideler

    Also, SE, try making this one Universal this time around. I'm not buying it twice.

    • Themostunclean

      I think most of their recent games/ports have been universal. I'd say there's a good chance this will be too.

  • ImJPaul

    This is the best news everrrrrr! Going to be a terrible wait though. 🙂

  • Ultima12

    I never played a chaos rings game. Are they good?

    • Zazzy

      If u liked any of the final fantasy games you will probably like it,lots of videos of gameplay to look at to decide

      • Ultima12

        I like older FF games. The last FF game that I enjoyed at all was 12.

    • ImJPaul

      If you can look past the Japanese dialogue and don't mind paying a premium price for games that I haven't been updated with widescreen support then I'd say buy all 3 now. Chaos rings omega (it's a symbol) is a prequel it chaos rings, then comes CR2. Very good stories and gameplay but all 3 will run you about $50, I believe. Totally worth it though IMO.

      • Ultima12

        I'm all for premium games!!! I prefer them. I may check it out. Will I be lost if I just get Chaos Rings 2? I just don't think I'll have time for all of them. Lol

      • defunct32

        Not really. A few connections and references here and there but nothing game breaking...

      • Ultima12

        Cool! Thanks:)

      • Tito Piccolo

        Omega is a prequel to the original Chaos Rings, 2 on the other hand has a different story so I think it's okay to just try Chaos Rings 2.

      • RoboWarrior

        What's wrong with the dialogue? From reading the description they hired extremely well known VA and pretty good ones.

      • Ultima12

        It looks like it's all in Japanese with English subtitles.

      • RoboWarrior

        Better then pulling a Gameloft and having crappy English VA.

    • Darkenroll

      Chaos rings was one of the first full length RPGs for ios. Unfortunately a lot of that length came from you having to play through the same game three or four times with minor differences in order to get the full story. I kinda got burned out. I bought chaos rings omega and 2 on sale and started omega but it's so similar to the first that I ended up putting it aside. I hear 2 is better, but these days there's a lot of options.

  • Zazzy

    Added to watch list really good series of games,wonder if we will get it end of this year

  • Mdcosta911


    • http://starwars.com Rebel Corvette

      Yup, instabuy.

  • TJF588

    Whoa, an actual, native Vita release? Not just PS Mobile? All the more reason for me to grab one, despite having the first and...Omega? Yeah, would that midquel be included in the tri-set?

  • vid_icarus

    I haven't played 1 or 2 but have always been curious. Hopefully they release the bundle on the App Store or vita!

    • Rageracer6

      The CR 1,2 n 3 bundle will be released for Vita Only and I think this the reason why the Vita didn't get the FF type-0 HD

  • BitTsar

    Did anyone click on the screen shot link and see the main menu screen? It looks like in app currency... God I hope not, thoughts?

    • Stormourner

      ya mean virtual currency?

    • ineptidude

      CR2 had both currency and skill points as spoils from battle. Although the SP was used instantly. Perhaps in this version it can be collected and spent as wanted?

  • Maurice Wong

    I find that the weakest part about Chaos Rings was the 2 player battle SYSTEM. Looks like the 3 player FF battle system has return. Now if SE can make a full fledged original RPG with overworld and towns on mobile. I will be a very happy man!

    • heresandypandy

      Yeah a proper overworld and towns is all CR2 really lacked, for me. I'm not a big fan of the idea of a single hub area.

  • Apalachicola

    FF7. Get on it, Square!

  • DavidLee0810

    I will buy this shit!!

  • DaWookiee

    Shut up and take my money! From the screenshots, it looks like they've ditched the top-down exploration view in favor of a traditional 3rd person camera in 3D environments, and it looks awesome.

  • Tito Piccolo

    No love for Chaos Rings Omega?

  • epikninja

    Does anyone know if this will be a direct sequel from chaos rings 2? And is chaos rings 2 a direct sequel from 1? Never played the series, I don't really want to start from the first game

  • Rageracer6

    Are you sure? Considering this will be in in the Vita I doubt this game will have iAPs. Why? There are many other games out there with 2 currency. The best example is Ys: The Oath in Felghana. Gold and Raval. Think about it Square Enix will be an idiot if they released it on a portable CONSOLE with full price plus iAPs.

    • esc_sequencer

      You underestimate them.

  • Soarel

    It's about damn time.

  • ihd1234567890

    The trailer on YouTube was different. There were 2 new characters that looked nothing like these 3 and all the other characters were in the game.

    • Logan Sweeney

      The trailer is for Chaos Rings Sigma. Not Chaos Rings 3.