Tea_leaves_1Hanging out with our pals from MacRumors and having been involved in the X-Files club in Junior High (No, for real, X-Files just premiered and it was red hot.) might be responsible for grooming me in to reading between any two lines I can possibly find, but try this on for size: 2K's UK account typically tweets about Borderlands, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns Superman punching, and other stuff relevant to their games. That makes sense, it's a Twitter account for a publisher.

If you're similarly in to reading tea leaves, there's one thing that's of particular interest for iOS gamers that got tweeted earlier by 2K. With nothing more than the hashtag #Discuss, they threw this image out to the Twittersphere:


So, some back-story: In Bioshock, Eve's Garden is a "exotic dancing venue" found inside Fort Frolic. It's home to the boss fight with Hector Rodriguez and a particularly creepy audio diary. The image they tweeted is an in-game poster for Eve's Garden, featuring the curious (for our interests anyway) tagline "Come bite the Apple!" Does this mean Bioshock is coming to iOS? It'd seem pretty crazy if it wasn't for Metal getting announced at WWDC as an iOS 8 feature. As part of the demonstration, Apple mentioned that using the technology they were able to get actual console-level game engines running on iOS devices.

Is Bioshock coming to iOS? Is it going to be the first of (hopefully many) Metal-optimized iOS 8 titles? I've got my bet on... Probably. 2K has been planning to release the game on iOS since 2008. They even released a trailer for it back then:

We were supposed to see Bioshock running on the iPhone back at GDC 2009, and that totally fell through. Is 2K finally getting around to releasing this game? It's a weird world we live in. This rumor is so old the thread for it is the eighth thread that was posted on our forums.

  • Clement Renaudin

    I totally remember getting excited for that Bioshock and now with Metal? Holy Cow...

    • helenpvilla

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  • kevin8977

    The Bioshock series is one of the best and my favorite series. A new mobile game would be pretty awesome. (This was a bioshock game on phones a long time ago.)

  • madreviewer

    I can't wait to play bio shock , I never played it before

  • Himmat Singh

    I've played Infinite, but not the two before. If Bioshock really does come to ios, would be a good reason to play it!

  • Gamer1st

    Come out with the full sized MFI controllers already!!!!!!!!
    There are games I'd love to play on my iPad but won't without a good full sized controller.
    Mad Catz reply....
    No release date set.
    Everyone else has nothing but even more vague answers than that.

    • jForsythe

      Yes i would love a full size controller for my iPad, if someone could make a app that would run in the background on the iPad that would let you use your xbox1 or your PS4 control pad.

  • https://www.youtube.com/HansKaosu HansKaosu

    Take my money

  • Kane

    iPhone 6/iPad Air 2 + iOS 8 + METAL + UNREAL ENGINE 4 + MFI support + BiOSHOCK = $OLD !!

    • DBrown519

      LoL soooo haha

    • the_rebel14

      "Alright! Gonna play some Bioshock!"
      *5 minutes later*
      "NOOOOO! The battery just died!"

      • Kane

        Goes to plug into the mains, and power cord fries up. Socket explodes = DEATH

      • the_rebel14

        Now my house is on fire! I just wanted to play Bioshock!

      • Kane

        Get a refund from Apple, write your experience in the reviews.

      • the_rebel14

        "Uum, yeah... So I went and bought an iPad to play this game called Bioshock..."

    • Joe Welke

      You forgot: wallet = vaporized.

      • _mean.13

        And then Maglor comes out of nowhere with the iPhone 6s

  • HungarianUrinalCakes

    Bioshock on iOS and NOT PS Vita? Now THAT would piss me off.

  • Adams Immersive

    It's already on Mac... so iOS sounds likely! FPS controls on iOS CAN be done right... or very wrong! Let's hope for the best. Meanwhile, I prefer the full Mac experience with big screen, mouse, and higher detail settings than ARM can yet handle.

  • stolenlogic

    I would shit myself

  • stolenlogic


  • http://www.artofadambetts.com/ Adam Betts

    Why the urge to put Bioshock on iOS? It's not like Bioshock's gameplay fits touchscreen perfectly. I loved Bioshock series but I really don't understand the demand to put it on iOS.

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      So you can play it on the shitter.

      • Kane

        Bioshit? Sign me up!

      • DBrown519


    • HungarianUrinalCakes

      So you can play it ANYWHERE. Some people don't have the luxury of being able to game on their home TV whenever they want. I have to compete with my job, my kids, and my wife for gaming time. Mobile gaming provides a better opportunity to get gaming time in.

      • iammane

        Yes this!! Dads rejoice!!

      • tinkie277

        Absolutely agree! I don't have time to wait around with my game console now. I can just turn on my phone, have a quick blast, come back to it when I have time. Plus wherever I am I can play. Providing I have battery power!

  • gleeclub

    might be fun

  • Bruciato

    Am I the only one who did not enjoy the graphics in the trailer?

    I love Bioshock, played them all but I won't play it on ipad

    • Kane


      • Bruciato

        Yeah I know, what can I say? Unless it's a turn based strategic I want to see something good.. And I didnt remember that as the old trailer, sorry

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      The trailer is from SIX YEARS AGO.

      • Bruciato

        That explains it, didnt think about that sorry

        I would still play it again on pc (like I did already) unless there are relevant updates

    • iammane

      Man to be honest I'd even take those graphics lol.. Bioshock is a great game a loss of fidelity wouldn't be a deal breaker.

      But yeah that video is quite old I'd imagine we'd be seeing something quite a bit more polished

    • tinkie277

      That would of run on the N-Gage platform I reckon. I think if they smarten it up a little to today's standards, this will be another killer title on iOS.

  • tinkie277

    2k is becoming one of the big guns on iOS! I hope we start to see some of the others trickle through with titles that aren't companion apps.

  • maggiejcarter

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  • DuckyShot

    Hey Ubisoft, you should take some notes. *cough* Assassins Creed *cough*

  • cruz30

    I've been along time fan of Bioshock

  • cruz30

    I love Bioshock, but as a indie developer I just don't have the time to fire up the old xbox anymore! Let's face it, there are pretty damn good FPS's on the mobile platform, if done properly it could be kick ass!!!

  • ImJPaul

    Just the thought of this makes my butt wet. That's what happens when you get excited, right? Ya. Totally normal.

    • Kane

      Anal seepage, I think that's normal.

  • apolloa

    I think this is something Apple should absolutely be looking into. With the Nvidia Shield and the new Shield Tablet both having access to Portal and Half Life 2, it would be great to see something of similar class with Bioshock on the iOS platform, especially if it's enhanced for the new Metal graphics interface thingy 🙂

  • skeletonlord

    I'm still playing through Bioshock on my PS3 and have always wondered if we would get a mobile port. I'd like to see how we would be able to navigate Rapture. Would it be free roam? New entire story? Maybe a PVP mode?

  • Mekklesack

    I knew it!

  • TheOutlander

    I think that a new game or a port would be a great addition to the Appstore, but I would prefer a spin-off like Deus Ex: The Fall, Dead Space (iOS) or Mass Effect: Infiltrator as the devs can tweak the game accordingly to the platform restrictions without messing up the game (removing the jump or crouch button would be a great disadvantage for the players) and also it adds more background story to the main game, but considering that xCom made the jump to iOS almost flawlessly, Bioshock could easily be ported too (Those controls could mean a challenge though).
    I'll be gladly paying any price for this good 'ol masterpiece. 🙂

  • Joe Welke

    We can only hope. Hope more, I mean.

  • melocoman

    My smile is so big right now

  • iammane

    Agreed, but! One thing - sooner than later we're going to get hit with diminishing returns (if we haven't already).

    That said though, I can't see why we won't get at least xbox360/ps3 level performance out of these devices at some point (totally at the cost of battery- it's worth it, I don't care lol)

    • protopop

      You're right about the battery:) But we can always just plug it in. What's needed is a wireless charger. Then i come home, pull my Mobile Console (im really pushing this term:) out of my pocket, place it on the wireless charge pad while it connects to my TV via bluetooth and start playing my backwards compatible games. It's too convenient. I have an XBOX ONE and its so incredibly bulky, not just the physical design but the software bloat.

  • SuperMario7

    Even if we get phones that match a 360 I doubt we'll get that many genuine triple A titles on mobile, most console type games on iOS like all the GTA games or the various Square Enix ports are just that, ports, that have been milked dozens of times on various formats before finally ending up on iOS. The sad thing is most mobile gamers are cheapskates, there's no way that a company e.g. Rock star will invest 200 million dollars on the next GTA and deliver that straight to mobile, they'll be out of business in a day

    I can't think of one game that's been released on ios /Android first which has matched a genuine console title, we get some nice indie games from Simogo etc and stuff like Infinity Blade which is basically a freemium title except they charge an entry fee. I can't see anything changing unless people actually start paying premium prices on mobile

    • protopop

      I think you're right about the lack of AAA mobile games. But i think the reason is that people don't think of Mobiles as consoles. They were too slow even 2 years ago with the 4S. But from what i've been able to do on the 5S the thing is they are fast enough and they can hook up to your TV and play HD. It's really about changing the way we VIEW phones (even calling them phones is a bit limiting) and realize they're increasingly powerful computational devices. Once a company realizes that, I dont see any reason not to create and release a AAA game and target mobile consoles first.

  • MaqueGenio

    I think the convergence of phones, tablets and Laptops (and maybe
    consoles?) is a certain bet for future Apple products. Smartphones and tablets in its current form are suffering from diminishing returns. The things you can do with them today are the same you could do 5 years ago. They are just faster. Sooner or latter Apple will have to push iOS devices a step further into more computationaly demanding scenarios that goes beyond web browsing, facebook, etc. Its happening today on windows devices, although not without some missteps. The Key point here is more about how Apple will do this and when.

    • protopop

      I think it's totally related:) You bring up a great point about figuring out what to do with more and more CPU power. When i was a kid computers were advertised as been a blindingly fast 33mhz processor with an in exhaustible 2mb or ram (wow!) - who'd ever need more? But it filled up fast. Phones are not phone but computer power in your pocket and can do much more. I bet Apple announces a crazy AAA game at iPhone 6 launch that makes use of its apparently super fast processor and Metal API.

  • Piph


  • Kenan2000

    Still...waiting...for...more...news...so many good games are being released and I am just sitting here waiting for bioshock...

  • http://starwars.com Rebel Corvette

    Geez, finally!