Liked Starborn Anarkist [$2.99] by ZeMind Game Studio but feel like it's in need of some more content? Well, good news: there's an update submitted to Apple bringing some new content to the game. And they've revealed what the update will bring.

The main crux of the update is 'more' as in 'new!' More control options. More ship parts to assemble that spacefaring death machine. More enemies to fight! More achievements to get! If Game Center brownie points aren't enough, there's going to be new one-off bonuses and rewards for referring friends as well. Here's a screen showing off one of the new melee weapons:


From the 'not necessarily new' pile, there's now harder bosses, and more diverse enemies, because it is 2014. As well, accuracy is key here: garage stats are more accurate, as is achievement progress, and all the achievements are actually possible. Additionally, here's a screen of the garage with some of the new parts available:


This of course should satisfy the huddled masses who didn't see ZeMind tweet for a while. This update was promised a while back in our forums but hasn't been made a reality until now, in part because the devs went on hiatus. Well, that hiatus is over, and fans of the game should only have to wait about a week or so (given Apple approves the game) to play this update to the well-received space shooter.

  • Themostunclean

    Great and addictive game. I never thought it lacked in content, seemed just right to me. Still, great news.

  • Echoen

    That was quite the wait! All I really wanted was a couple of fixes. I do like the thought of new weapons and harder bosses though.

  • Jetjet

    One buck sale to enjoy this update ?

  • anabolicMike

    I like this game

  • Bool Zero

    The biggest thing about the update that most of us have been waiting for is that several of the achievements were broken, and have remained so since there hasn't been any updates since the past several months ago. So I'm looking forward to this update and whatever content and fixes it brings! Bring it on!