Threes Starbucks

Have you turned to the dark side of 2048 and other Threes [$2.99] clones because you were too cheap to actually buy the game for a couple bucks? Well, good news: the Starbucks app of the week is Threes, with cards with free download cards in US stores now. So no longer do you have to put up with imitation-brand games, as you can get the real thing for no cost. Well, minus whatever you pay for the drink. Or I suppose you could just go get a water, or something. Point is, the stores have stacks of free copies of Threes, and you should probably go get one while they still have them.

Seriously though, if you need additional convincing to head to Starbucks to snag one of these codes for this very special game, take a look at our review, or the forum thread where everyone has been going nuts over the game since release. How nuts? Well, here's a guide on how to get the 6144 card, here's an AI that the developer of MAME built, and last, but certainly not least, here's an actual robot playing the game.

So, yeah, if for whatever reason you don't have Threes! yet, get to a Starbucks.

  • melocoman

    "Have you turned to the dark side of 2048 and other Threes [$1.99] clones because you were too cheap to actually buy the game for a couple bucks" favorite part of the article 🙂

    • nini

      Yeah, nothing like shamelessly hubristic shaming of people...

      • Phantom Bruiser

        It's a bit like an awkwardly worded sentence with a questionable understanding of what some of those words may or may not mean.

      • thiagovscoelho

        These people deserve it, they did not buy the right products they needed to buy in order to be cool. Do you even capitalism?

  • Nycteris

    Actually, now I want coffee.

  • OldSchoolHeel

    Here, let me save some of you the trip.

  • OldSchoolHeel

    And again

  • Scape3d

    I thought this was available through the Starbucks app but I guess not. You have to go to an actual Starbucks?

    • Cevan7

      Indeed you do.

    • Michael O'Connor

      Yes. You'll have to leave the house.

      • dancj

        And cross the Atlantic Ocean.

    • Ahmed90

      How do you get your caffeine fix?

  • OldSchoolHeel

    Last time.

    • Scape3d

      You're awesome!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  • duftin

    Anyone know if this is in Canadian Starbucks?

    • Ahmed90

      You're insulting us Canadians. I'll give you the $1.99 if you're that cheap.

  • sakara214ever

    Wow. Ok. So according to the article i must run to starbucks right away with 43 degrees celsius outside which is 2 kilometers away from home pay 1€ gas lose 1 hour of my life buy a coffee that costs at least 4€ to give me a code for a game that costs 1.79€? OR i make my own coffee and buy the game. Which is cheaper.

    • Eli Hodapp

      I want to print this comment out and put it in a museum as a shining display of internet pedantry.

      • NinjaKitteh

        May as well for this one too, as it's just as pedantic as the first post.

      • Eli Hodapp

        I don't think pedantic means what you think it means. 😉

      • COHagan23


    • nadav bar kama

      OMG! u Rock! r u a lawyer? you should b.

  • CaptLudd

    My local starbucks puts things like this next to the sugar and milk bar, you didn't need to buy anything, and they were gone with the morning rush. No work today, di not make it out of the house until noon. At least i like the coffee -:)))

  • V for Viennetta

    Thankfully I've already bought Threes! so that saves me from even having to even consider going into a *$$$.

    • V for Viennetta

      (* overdid the 'even's there, sorry!)

  • nadav bar kama

    bummer ... USA only ... any way, Starbucks coffee is 4 people that have no idea what coffee tastes like.

    • t3rminus

      Actually, several of my local Starbucks have a Clover coffee machine. It costs $0.50 more to have it brewed that way, or you can select from a menu of "real" coffee (Called "Starbucks Reserve") which are all single-origin fair-trade organic beans (which obviously up the cost even more, but trust me, it's worth it).

      Those Clover coffee machines brew a real cup of coffee that ranks among the best I've had in my life.

  • Stormourner

    heh!! the clones are no match for the original. Starbucks has chosen a true game

    • NinjaKitteh

      That, and I don't see the bucks pulling custos handing out free vouchers for already free games. LOL

  • AlpacaLips

    I used to shake my head at the "never pay money" people. Then I bought this app on high reviews even though free ripoffs were available, didn't like it, and watched it become a freebie. So I've learned my lesson.

  • Jetjet

    And all other countries suck ! 🙁

  • the_rebel14

    Five alarm indeed! That's a nice deal for an excellent game!

  • kevin8977

    Went to Starbucks, they didn't have any, would feel weird not buying anything, got a panini that cost $6. -_-

    • Nycteris

      I would not feel weird walking in and leaving without buying anything. I'm sure no one cares.

  • thiagovscoelho

    this is only for people who can reach the stores but I already own the game so it's fine

  • Blaze

    I'd love to have one, but I live outside of the U.S. Would you space a video??

  • t3rminus

    Too busy at Tim Hortons to bother with Starbucks in Canada?

    Here are some codes for a free download of Threes! (valid only in the Canadian iTunes Store).