Uppercup Football [Free] is an intriguing take on soccer, one that's somewhat turn-based. It takes the core rules of the sport and makes it so that the player with the ball is stationary, with the ability to set shot power, timed to a rotating arrow. The game is actually set up to be an interesting match of soccer, but it just decides to layer too many extra bells and whistles on top.

The game is level-based, with each level having a set time and number of goals to score to advance, with the star system for winning more quickly. Opponents scoring decreases the goal count by one and just generally wastes time, so the battle for possession becomes important, and making smart passes. There's no control over anyone except the ball possessor or primary defender, who can make a variable-power tackle in any direction to try and reclaim the ball, or just get in position to intercept a pass or shot. Thus, keeping an eye on where teammates are and compensating for the various field conditions is important.

Uppercup Football 2

It's far from a traditional game of soccer: there's pitches with mines, portals, and slippery patches, and wind often plays a major role in passing and aiming shots. Oh, and sometimes the soccer ball is not actually a soccer ball, but a rugby ball, or a bowling ball.

The thing with Uppercup Soccer is that I'm not sure it needs all these bells and whistles. The core game of soccer is actually pretty compelling on its own, the idea of battling out with an opponent, and constantly having to make passes to avoid the defense, and get into a position to best avoid the keeper? Motion Twin has almost inadvertently created a soccer game that represent's the sport's core tenets better than many 'actual' soccer games, and it's not even trying to represent real soccer. It's a deliberately-crazy take on the sport, and yet, if it was just about trying to outscore the opponent in a certain time frame, I think the game would be just as compelling as it is now.

Uppercup Football 3

Instead, the game gets a bit too chaotic at times, and perhaps committed too much to the idea that it can do wacky things with soccer. Sometimes there's just so much going on that it's hard to make any sense of a good strategy for what to do: it's pretty much just pray that the ball doesn't go to the opponent, especially when the opponent has the ball. Fouls make little sense either, as some tackles earn yellow cards and others don't. They add an element of risk, as a player with a yellow card might not want to be sent directly after an opponent with the ball, but, then again, they might not get that foul.

Still, while Uppercup Football is perhaps too chaotic for my tastes, there's still fun to be had with the core soccer play, the many references to pop and gaming culture with the many opponents are amusing, and even the elements that make the game chaotic are still fun to play with, just not all the time.

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  • hakamhakam

    This game easily is 4.5/5 for me, the art and gameplay blend together into a very fun experience that you can't find anywhere, definitely one of my fav football game, and my fav so far on iOS platforms. A must try for anyone who love football.

    • tommytwotits

      How much is the paid version?

      • WoeOfAftermath

        $2.99. To find this out, you can click on the App Store link, scroll to the bottom, and click on In-App Purchases 🙂

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    • Yukari

      Agreed, this game is great.

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  • jarboo

    I'm not too fond of this game but I really love other games by "Motion Twin".
    It's their first mobile release but they have created a lot of excellent web browser games (with Flash) since 2002. Their business model has always been Free-to-play (it was quite new in 2002 !).
    I've been following them since 2004 and their games are really really good. Some of their games are only in French though.

    • TokyoDan

      This is the best arcade soccer game I've played. I love the passing mechanic. But I'd rather have a straight soccer game with the same machanic but without the mines and obstacles and other arcady effects. Is there such an animal in the App Store?

  • oddyoh

    "...just pray that the ball doesn't go to the opponent, especially when the opponent has the ball." Ha ha, what?

  • jesse_dylan

    Inazuma Eleven clone? Or merely "inspired-by"?

  • TheGodless

    Am I the only one with an iPhone 5S and the latest IOS with the game repeatedly freezing on the first screen and only making it to the game about 1/10th of the time?

  • jennifertdahlen

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Uppercup Football (Soccer) Reviewed by Carter Dotson on . Rating: 3.5