Zen Studios is on fire lately, as a couple of weeks ago they announced a Walking Dead pinball table was in the works (which was playable at E3 and totally awesome) and today they've announced yet another Marvel character is getting their very own pinball table. That character is none other than Deadpool, and as you can see from the teaser below video game voice acting icon Nolan North has reprised his role as Deadpool for the new table. Check out the trailer, the self-referential humor is totally on point.

The new Deadpool table is scheduled to go live next week on consoles and mobile, which for us on the mobile side most likely means a late Wednesday or early Thursday release. Although Zen didn't specify, we'd also presume the Deadpool table will be available both in the standalone Marvel Pinball [$0.99] app and in the all-encompassing Zen Pinball [Free] app.

  • Zenfar

    Can't go wrong with Deadpool

  • DuckyShot

    Oh, so what was the Merc with a Mouth, is now a Merc with a Pinball? Genius.

  • BevWadevob

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  • daniel schroeder

    The Zen Pinball videos always make me feel like I'm the worst pinball player in the world because I think I've gotten a multiball with only two balls maybe twice, yet in the video, that's all that seems to be going on.