The hype train for Gameloft's upcoming Modern Combat 5: Blackout continues to chug along as E3 is set to begin next week and I'd imagine the game's release isn't too far off from that. This morning, Gameloft released a new teaser trailer showcasing a bit of new footage from the game. I say bit because… it's pretty brief, but it looks awesome nonetheless. Check it out.

In case you missed it, Gameloft released a few new details on Modern Combat 5's multiplayer last week, and they stated that the game won't have any in-app purchases the week before that. We also took a lengthy hands-on look at the game that same week, and it was looking great. Expect much more on Modern Combat 5: Blackout at E3 next week, and look for the game to hit sometime this summer.

  • Boris Nguetie

    was kinda hoping to see something else than venise or tokyo.... i guess we'll figure out at E3

  • speedyph
    • Amenbrother

      $6.99 I am assuming.

      • Jhrisado

        Just an assumption

  • ODMay

    This is gonna look stunning with that iOS 8 Metal feature (for processors A7 and above).

    • Eduardo Cedillo Martínez

      No it won't. To be able to take advantage of metal they need to build the game from the ground up using the new apis, which we all know won't happen until they release the next version.

      • Kane

        In that case can't wait for MC6: Ghost of future past

      • Michael Graham Jr


      • 556rawr .

        No something that has nothing to do with Children's Only Daycare

      • ODMay

        Ima assume you're talking about an update that would support the metal feature the same way games are updated to support higher processors... am I right?

      • DrasticPegasus

        He's trolling us...

    • MaqueGenio

      This looks like a turd. A Metal optimized MC5 will not look any better unless GL dramatically improves its graphics engine, which sadly it wont happen.The Metal api will do nothing for IOS/Android Cross platform games.

    • tylerandjennifer1

      We'll either have to wait for the next one, or wait quite a awhile. I am really excited for whenever they do release their first slew of metal enhanced games.

    • Marine

      Ios 8?

  • DuckyShot

    Dat KR-200 doe

  • Jake7905

    My excitement for MC5 has diminished greatly after the disappointing releases of Captain America: TWS and the Amazing Spider-Man 2.

  • DrasticPegasus

    Wrote in the forum the same news but one day before you 🙂

  • BlueFalcN

    I wish gameloft hadn't had made MC5 online only

    *cue hate comments*

  • Ultima12

    Looks awesome!!

  • Emotive

    They should get off the CoD train and develop something unique. Instead of 99% copying Call of Duty for the phone.

  • Dennis McCarty

    No controller support = no purchase for me.
    I don't know why Gameloft is so against iOS7 MFI controller support. They haven't added it to any of their games yet and iOS7 has been out for a while now. Very disappointing Gameloft. I thought for sure it would be in Modern Combat 5. It only makes sense. It would take the Modern Combat franchise to to next level. Oh well, their loss.

    • PresidentZer0

      Maybe they are too proud bedaure their duogamer floped

      • Dennis McCarty

        That's what I was thinking too. Youre probably right.

    • Funem

      Asphalt 8, Dungeaon hunter 4 and Gangstar Vegas support a controller.

      • Guest

        Not a MFI controller. Only Gamelofts crappy Duo Controller. I'm talking about iOS7 MFI controllers. The ones everybody are using now.

      • Dennis McCarty

        Damn, you got me. I knew it was in two of those games and forgot when I was ranting. Lol. I've actually played Asphalt 8 with a controller before. It still doesn't make any sense why they wouldn't add it to a game that needs it the most. Maybe because it will be a huge disadvantage to those who don't have a controller? I thought for sure they were going to add it to their last game 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and they didn't.

    • doYouSeeMeNow

      Same here. No controller support = no purchase for me. I was really looking forward to this one too.

  • ChilLama

    The first one came out 5 years ago!! Look how far gameloft has gone. It's rather impressive if I do say so myself.

  • Marine

    I want to see multiplayer trailer