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‘Modern Combat 5: Blackout’ Will Not Have In-App Purchases

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Gameloft UK did a Twitch live stream earlier today of Modern Combat 5 and in it they confirmed a bunch of new details about the game, the biggest of which is that it will not contain any in-app purchases. This is a pretty big deal, as several Gameloft games come with an initial price and include IAP, though never really in that “gross" of a manner but more of in a “hurry up your progression" type of way. Well, in Modern Combat 5, all the unlockable items and all the character leveling will have to be done simply by playing, as there won’t be a way to pay to speed it up. This should also put to rest any feelings that the progression is hampered in any way in order to push players towards spending. In case you missed it, earlier this week I went hands-on with Modern Combat 5 and took about 30 minutes worth of direct-capture video.

Besides not having any IAP, some more details about Modern Combat 5 were divulged during the stream and confirmed by Gameloft UK’s Twitter account. The multiplayer portion of the game will have 1v1 all the way to 6v6 person battles, and will feature killcams and kill streaks. Gun camos and voice chat won’t be in the initial release, but are planned for updates, but there will be text chat from the onset. The Twitch auto-streaming that Gameloft recently added to Asphalt 8 won’t be in for release either, but may come with an update. The same goes for MFi controller support. Something that might be a negative, depending on your feelings towards it, is that Modern Combat 5 will require an online connection to, as Gameloft puts it, “help detect hackers, improve social interaction, & take advantage of cloud saving."

Finally, Gameloft has confirmed that Modern Combat 5 will be coming this summer, and have stated that they’ll be announcing much more about the game, especially more details about the online multiplayer, during E3 next month. Stay tuned.

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