Yes Chef! is a new Halfbrick-published puzzle game which they've soft-launched on to the New Zealand App Store. Developed by CitrusJoy, and initially revealed as Puzzle Chef Tale, this is a match-3 game similar to Candy Crush Saga where players have a limited number of moves to match up vegetables, trying to get a certain minimum number of points. Cash and coins are earned, which can be used to buy boosts, earn upgrades, and get more energy.


This is the second game that Halfbrick currently has in soft-launch: there's also Bears vs. Art which remains on the New Zealand App Store, and uses some similar King-esque tricks with energy systems and the level-based progression. While Halfbrick has always been a casual-friendly company, they appear to be taking some more cues from King's hit games in terms of what their future on mobile will be. Our forums are talking about this one, though not necessarily in the kindest of terms.

  • kevin8977

    Oh my God, who the Hell cares?

    • Eli Hodapp

      You cared enough to click the story, read more, and comment... So I think you inadvertently answered your own question there.

      • benexclaimed

        Do you have a macro set up to respond to all "who cares" messages this way?

      • Eli Hodapp

        No, but I think Jared might.

      • kevin8977

        I clicked the story because I didn't know what the game was smartass. When I found out it was a rip off of a crappy game, Candy Crush, I assumed nobody would care and thought I'd let you know.

      • Eli Hodapp

        You know what happens when you assume, yeah?

      • gnome9er

        you make an ass out of u and me!

      • VarshaMoretoniss

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      • spokentruths772

        In drakes voice (drake and josh):
        Woooah take it easy man!

    • gmattergames

      I'd wager that millions of casual gamers will care about this, but very few TA regulars. Regardless, Its great that the match-3 mechanic has opened up gaming for so many who might otherwise never play a mobile game, but for me, not much has exceeded the clean and polished elegance of PopCaps groundbreaking Bejeweled.

  • benexclaimed

    Cool of Halbrick to publish a clear Candy Crush clone, I guess.

    • serjical

      Isnta bejeweled the original?

      • benexclaimed

        People like to say that but I think it's sort of ridiculous. Candy Crush is not a lot like Bejeweled. It took the formula and added a ton to it (the way lots of well-reviewed games do).

      • Eli Hodapp

        Technically SameGame is the original-

  • gmattergames

    To me this is a real yawner, but Halfbrik will probably make a mint on this. Hey Carter, tell the guys to throw you some real news on your first day. ; )

    • Leeabe51

      Well they make money on this? Candy Crush pretty dominates the market, is there demand for clones?

      • gmattergames

        The assumption: FarmVille + Match3 = $€£

      • nadav bar kama

        actually there are like 6-7 match 3 games in the top 100 grossing ... so maybe some place for 1 more ...

  • JCho133

    Eh, I've kinda my respect for Halfbrick over these last few months.

    • Scarbir

      Same here. This is the new low.

    • gamerpro2134

      First, they removed Fruit Ninja's online and the ability to unlock blades without starfruit. And now this? At least Band Stars is /was fun

      • nini

        Band Stars isn't theirs really, just like this one.

    • Deewin

      Fruit ninja was great, never cared about their other games. It's a shame because I like being fans of developers that make more than just one hit wonders.

  • nadav bar kama

    why not?! we have a match3 candy, cookie, monsters, gems, bubbles, quest, craft, diamond ... you name it! a bit of healthy food cant be bad!

    does this game offer a vegan version? can i play without eating fish?

  • MisterMiracle

    "Developed by CitrusJoy..." --does this mean Halfbrick is just the publisher for this? Sort of like some Chillingo or Rovio Allstars? Or is CitrusJoy a division of Halfbrick?

    • D. Bida

      Just a guess but I've never heard of any division of Halfbrick called CitrusJoy. It's as you said, they're playing the part of a rovio all stars, just publishing it. Still tho, I feel like almost all of my respect is gone for halfbrick. There's a reason why I'd rather pay top dollar (as far as App Store standards are concerned) to support amazing devs like Illusion Labs or Simogo. Hell, I wasn't even too impressed with glitchsofts X-Men but I would probably rather buy a game from them over halfbrick just cause of the money-grab issues. I know I'm in the minority, as most of us on here are, but it seems halfbrick is turning into a cookie cutter company

      • nini

        It's turning into a whatever-keeps-the-lights-on company, lots of dev shops are. It'd be nice if the core gamer dream of $20 apps and that all games were done for love or passion was true but it's crap. I doubt Halfbrick is hurting much but sometimes the business of making money means more than passion projects and some studios want to grow and not remain some outfit consisting of two guys so though I hate their moneygrab strategy it's becoming increasingly rare to not see it even in paid apps. Don't hate the player, hate the game... in the broader aspect.

  • korkidog

    Candy Crush isn't s 'crappy game' as someone stated. It's actually fun and I never spent a dime on it during the time I played it. I'm just burned out on the match 3 genre at this point and skip any new iterations.

  • DemoEvolved

    In other news publisher changes their name to Quarterbrick on account of the integrity they lost by shoving another " frack u give me money " match three into market

  • Ahmed90

    Been playing Diablo 3: RoS. Geared to the t*ts on torment 6 with 500 paragon. I wonder when I'll come back to iOS for gaming?

  • dixie

    I want something new