One of my very favorite releases of 2014, Glorkian Warrior: Trials Of Glork [$2.99], has just received an update adding Game Center achievements, new tilt controls, and language support for Italian, French, Spanish and German. Das ist gut! Game Center achievements are pretty self-explanatory, and should offer further goals beyond just getting high scores for those goal-oriented gamers. As for tilt controls, well, I'm not typically a fan of them, and that remains true here too. But, they work just fine, so for those who have been asking for tilt controls in Glorkian Warrior, your prayers have been answered.

If you're asking yourself what this whole Glorkian Warrior thing is all about, well, in simplest terms it's an arcade shooter that's like a love letter to Galaga with the jumping and head-stomping of platforming games thrown in for a twist. It's also comprised entirely of artwork from comic book artist James Kochalka which is colorful, silly, humorous and totally taps into my inner child. All those reasons combined are what make Glorian Warrior: Trials Of Glork a permanent fixture on my device, but be sure to give our review as well as our Game of the Week writeup a read for even more information.

  • Jake7905

    Great game, but the icon still needs work.

    • Glorkbot

      Thanks for your feedback. Yeah, we've been fooling around with the icon. Expect more icon changes with future updates! We'll also be adding more invader types, more bosses, more weapons, more variety in the backgrounds.

      • Jake7905

        You guys are truly awesome, and your game reflects that. As for the icon, I'd go with the main character, just something with a little more pop then the original. But with a game this fun, it's a very minor detail.

      • ins0mniac1

        Love the game! Any chance of iOS7 controller support in a future update?

      • Jack Skellington

        What happens after you hit 20 thousand Points?? I did that, Are there no more new levels or achievements after 20K????

  • MasonHurst

    It is a *fantastic* game. Best of its type on ANY platform. Kudos to the devs for realizing most of these games get stale with the same opening waves, etc and avoid this by constantly mixing things up for the player. Only game I ever played hard enough to be number three or four on both leaderboards.

    Speaking of leaderboards... can you delete the "top" guy in the easy category? It's an obvious 10 million hack - I know you already did this with a bunch of hacked scores but this one must have gotten by you 😉

    Best game of the year and best iOS shooter... well, ever.

  • Silent Rocco

    All I want is more enemies, more different waves, more silly dialog and more ROBOT 🙂 One of the best and most entertaining arcade games out there.

  • amroc

    So glad I finally picked this up. It's wonderful. Well done devs! 🙂

  • Jack Skellington

    What happens after you hit 20K? I did that, Are there no more new levels or achievements after 20K????