Maybe it's just me, it probably is, but the insanely hyped up "next-generation" first person shooter Titanfall really didn't do it for me. The titan-based combat was cool and all, but what I always loved about the Call of Duty (and similar) games was the totally epic single player campaign. Think about it, the sniper levels in CoD games are always incredible, they typically end with a massive plot crescendo, which almost always leaves you sitting there saying, "Whoa."

Titanfall had none of that, and instead was entirely online multiplayer with some vague semblance of a story told through campaign scenario multiplayer maps, all of which were exceedingly lame. What I expected to be the most jaw-dropping singleplayer of all time (Seriously, the Titanfall universe couldn't be a better setting for this.) was instead just some objective-based deathmatches to save the universe which apparently all hung in the balance of who controls a space gas station.

But, I digress.


If you're still playing Titanfall, there's a companion app now. The cleverly named Titanfall Companion App [Free] gives players a quick glance at their overall stats which covers total kills, favorite weapons, and all that stuff. Paired with an Xbone one (I believe? The description isn't too clear and I played on PC which seems to not work with this?) you get the whole second screen thing going with a real-time minimap of the game along with a real-time scoreboard.

So, basically, Halo Waypoint [Free] but Titanfall.

  • Samurix16


  • James D Paterson

    You are correct Eli, it only works for the Xbox One. At the moment, it's incompatible with the 360 or PC.

  • jamesgecko

    One third announcement of a thing that exists, two thirds bashing a multiplayer game for not being single player. Quality.

    • Eli Hodapp

      "Get your opinion out of my opinion-based web site."

    • MonkeyChunks

      Yes, it is disappointing to see someone get carried away with petty complaints about a game many people like. Almost like trolling.

      • OrangeJews

        That's Eli for you.

  • scrotally

    I agree the campaign is a joke but the multiplayer is the best I've played for an FPS. It's so well balanced you can play with many different styles and completely dominate if you are an avid FPS player. I love that regening encourages/forces you to try different play styles. Oh yeah, and your a freaking ninja.

    • scrotally

      Oops I meant you're...I hate it when people do that.

  • mutts

    I hope the 1st line is sarcasm... Cause playing COD for the singleplayer experience is like pla

    • mutts

      Erm something went wrong 🙂

      " but what I always loved about the Call of Duty (and similar) games was the totally epic single player campaign. Think about it, the sniper levels in CoD games are always incredible, " so yeah Sarcasm i hope....
      No CoD or other fps is know for it great singleplayer 🙂

      • NinjaKitteh

        I have to agree. The CoD single player campaigns have all been garbage. Same with Battlefield, though the Bad Company games had some funny moments.

      • scrotally

        That's ridiculous. Many FPS games have amazing single player campaigns. Bioshock, Half Life, Portal(bit of a stretch but considered an FPS), Borderlands, Halo 3, Deus Ex, and even the 1st Modern Warfare.

      • Themostunclean

        One catch- the majority of the games on your list don't have multiplayer. Borderlands isn't really multiplayer either, it's co-op campaign.

      • scrotally

        One catch-@mutts said "no CoD or FPS is know for it great single player."

      • Themostunclean

        I'm assuming the original commenter was referring to FPS multiplayer sub-genre and unintentionally implied all FPS games

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  • M M

    Titanfall was fun for a bit but it got old real fast. If they add more I might go back to it.

    • scrotally

      I felt the same way after about 20 hrs of play. I was ready to give up on it and was complaining that it felt too much like COD...which I'm completely over. Then something clicked. I started getting a lot better and dominating most matches. There are just so many wonderful ways you can get kills and have fun. There are a couple maps where you can have a blast just wall running an entire lap, jumping from building to building Sniping everyone from spots they aren't even aware exist, arc grenading a Titan, boarding it, unloading a clip into it, sticking a couple satchel charges, jumping off and then finish it off with the mag launcher. It's all about mastering the game and then no other Multiplayet FPS compares.

      • rojas2

        One question for you, how do you Arc grenade a Titan then also satchel charge them? Only 1 grenade type weapon is allowed unless you use a burn card but it changed only when you die. Have you discovered something I should know about?

      • scrotally

        Yeah u got me there. I was just trying to throw out a bunch of possibilities.

  • runliketurtles

    I too wish Titanfall had a "real" campaign, but the multiplayer is the most fun I've had with a FPS in years. It made me wish all the more it had a "real" campaign! Still, I see myself playing Titanfall every now and then for a long time to come.

  • lr1919

    I'm the complete opposite. I never touched the single player on COD or BF.

  • coheedrocks27

    Except that cod fucking sucks

  • scrotally

    Btw, anyone notice how ridiculously large this companion app is?

  • coheedrocks27

    Also how could you possibly think this was going to be a single player experience when every website and article and I think even the box said that this was a pure multiplayer game

    • Eli Hodapp

      I didn't think there was going to be one, hence the disappointment, as that's my favorite part of West and Zampella's games in the past.

  • Ph0lly

    Big surprise, a mobile "gamer" doesn't like real games.

    • Diaboliq

      Whats there not to love about throwing mechs into a tired formula...

  • Rawk GWJ

    My two cents: I loved playing Titanfall. I keep planning to go back to it

    • Rawk GWJ

      Continued... But I never seem to get around to it. Maybe this app will be the catalyst for a return to battle.

      I've been playing online competitive shooters for about 15 years. Yes, I'm an old bastard. The same old, same old just doesn't do it for me anymore. (CoD, etc) Titanfall hooked me back in for a few months, because of the wonderful variations on how you get to contribute to the battle. I feel that they added something to the genre that wasn't there before, and I applaude that.

  • Irvin

    Had the game, played for a week, maxed out levels now bored and haven't touch it since.

    The thing is: the game lacks perks and builds of COD games, in COD you can tweak your perks and have a completely different play style and gameplay.

    E.g. you can tweak your perks to be very effective in melee and go melee only, effectively bringing a knife in a gun fight......and WIN!

    But titanfall doesn't have any of that, the gameplay doesn't change much and it's just repetition.

  • jeffyg3

    I love Titanfall. One of the best and most well balanced FPS games I've played in many years. Plus I love the dynamics like wall running, mechs, and everything. This game is basically king for me. Loving it. Playing it on the Xbox 360 tho, so too bad about the companion only working on the Xbox One. But anyways, loving Titanfall, it's amazing

  • Diaboliq

    Titanfall did so bad they wont release sales numbers... LAWLLLLL

  • bored2death

    I quite liked the modern warfare story arc.thought it was one of the best campaigns I've played...or maybe it was just captain price and soap that kept me invested.