‘Rayman Fiesta Run’ Updated with 16 New Levels and a Brutal Nightmare Mode

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In November of last year, Ubisoft added another entry into their mobile series of Rayman games with Rayman Fiesta Run ($2.99). Like its predecessor Rayman Jungle Run, it blended the whimsical Rayman universe with the auto-running platformer that works so well on touchscreens, but took things a step further by making complex levels that required pinpoint precision and reflexes in order to succeed in. It really was a great mashup of runner and traditional platformer that we absolutely loved in our review. This week, a major update has landed for Rayman Fiesta Run, adding a new Candy-themed world with 16 new levels and a brand new boss encounter. In addition, a new Nightmare Mode will truly test the hardcore as you try to make your way through 36 straight levels in one run without dying.

If you somehow haven’t played either Rayman Jungle Run or Rayman Fiesta Run on iOS yet, you’re really missing out. While I’m still hoping that Ubisoft brings ports of the full Rayman console games to iOS, they’ve really accomplished something special with these games by mixing together traditional platforming with something that has already proven to work well on touchscreens. Definitely check out either or both, and if you’re already a Rayman Fiesta Run fan then be sure to grab the latest update and give the new levels and Nightmare Mode a spin.

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