In a world dominated by quick, bite-sized, "casual" experiences, there always seems to be a subset of gamers begging for something meaty on iOS. Well, this one's for you: HyperDevbox have just released their iOS port of the Xbox 360/PS3/PC game Record of Agarest War [$5.99]. As mentioned, Record of Agarest War was originally released for consoles and PC several years back, and is a massive tactical JRPG that boasts over 100 hours of gameplay. That's enough to fill, like, 1,200 times waiting in line at the movies. It's also stuffed with a full storyline to follow and tons of cutscenes, and rumor has it there's even a dating meta-game where you can eventually have a child with your partner. I'm strangely intrigued by that part.

All of this beefiness comes with a price though. The literal price, $14.99, is far below what the game originally cost, but is upper tier in the world of mobile. There's also a price in terms of space: Record of Agarest War is a nearly 2 GB file size, so you might need to do some housecleaning on your device prior to installing. However, price and space are on par for a game of this caliber, and for those looking for an experience like this on mobile, there isn't a whole heck of a lot out there to fill that void. So if you have hundreds of hours to kill and enjoy a nice, lengthy JRPG, consider checking out Record of Agarest War. For more, check out the discussion of the game in our forums.

  • Zerol3onheart

    Looks interesting. I'll wait for the TA review before pulling the trigger on this one. I haven't played a JRPG since Tales of Vesperia. Actually, I'd love to see THAT on iOS.

    • Themostunclean

      Tactical JRPGs are a completely different breed IMO. They tend to have much fresher mechanics and deeper systems than the dried up husk that is the traditional JRPG.

      • spader623

        Espically games like disgaea. And when they say hundreds of hours of content, they LITERALLY mean that.

    • Leeabe51

      Read the Xbox reviews. Sounds mediocre at best.

      • Morgan01

        Same here, the various reviews I read averaged about a 70% out of 100%. Several people have raved about the game but no explanations as to why.

  • defunct32

    *heavy breathing*

  • otakuzod

    I'm all in!!... But I gotta make some space first.

  • Enker

    BEWARE! This game is no Final Fantasy Tactics or Disgaea, it is one of the worst games I ever played on PS3 (I brought a bundle containing all 3 games in the series and all of them were of a similar quality) on the outside it is well put together and an attractive game - but a bad battle system, unexplained stat tweaking and sub systems and a need to synth or grow specific stats or else be unable to defeat key areas with no in game hints or explanations of how to do so mar the experience considerably. I liked the premise of multiple generations and characters as well as the art/story elements, but if you must buy wait for a significant price cut. The game play is awful!

    • defunct32

      A little bit exaggerated here, the gameplay and the game itself isn't all that awful, true that it's nothing like our familiar legends: FFT and Disgaea but "Agarest War" can stand on its own while it takes a little bit of getting used to once you get the hang of it everything is a breeze. I'll admit here that it's not for everyone especially those who are used to SRPGs like FFT, Disgaea, don't dive into the game expecting it to be on par with those two as you'll be sorely disappointed.

  • vid_icarus

    I am intrigued as I have this game a pass the first time around. The price point is right, but the fact this has IAP is highly concerning.

    I also have heard a few grumblings from friends that this game is heavy with fan service. That kind of stuff makes it hard for me to take any game seriously, unless it's tastefully done. But tasteful fan service is a bit of an oxymoron...

    • swatbot

      That's what I heard as well. I'll wait for the TA plays installment 🙂

  • defunct32

    Here's my short impression, bear in mind that I love SRPGs so I'm mostly forgiving but with "Record of Agarest War" I would say it's worth a look if you are a fan of the genre ... just lower your expectation and don't expect a FFT 2.0 this game is SIMPLY NOT FFT! But don't brush it off just yet, the game itself is not that terrible I immensely enjoy the battle, the menu, the graphics and animations are polished!

    Controls are superb so far I have no issues and inputting command is a breeze.

    I'll play a little more and update. The game cost $18.98 here because I'm from Asia so I spent a little more but no regrets whatsoever.

    • Morgan01

      So we have to lower our expectations when compared to FFT, but yet it costs roughly the same amount...Just making an observation.

      • defunct32

        The amount is justified considering the content is ... according to players and the developer: huge with over 100 hours. I'm just saying if ever anyone has the mindset "yes! FFT!" They'll be somewhat disappointed, the game can stand on its own two feet although not as great as the legendary FFT.

      • Morgan01

        Thank you for a clarification.

      • Ph0lly

        100 hours of crap is still crap.

      • defunct32

        I'm so sorry you have to lug yourself through 100 hours of crap; assuming here you did experience the game in all its entirety to label it as crap?

      • Darkenroll

        I think they were just saying that quantity is nothing without quality in general, not making any specific judgements about this game.

      • defunct32

        I'm aware what he's trying to say and even I'm not impressed with the "100 hours" gimmick that most RPGs try to sell, but I'm certain the price came from the production; graphics, animations, cutscene, voices, etc, these aren't free.

    • defunct32

      Alright! Spent a bit more time and reached my first town in the game, we have the typical Blacksmith (enhance your equipment), First Aid (revive any unconscious members), Adventure's Guild (where you can earn titles, Gold) and Shop that sells equipment and sundries.

      Random battles are abundance and can be triggered at any time, did a bit of grinding and has been great so far. I can't comment on the plot yet as I'm too early in the game but positive experience so far.

      Like I have mentioned in my post above the game itself is great and shouldn't be compared to other AAA or great niche titles FF Tactics, Fire Emblem, Disgaea, you get the drift? If you are on the fence then I suggest do a bit more research on YouTube, if you are a huge fan of SRPG then chances are you'll love it or enjoy it at least.

  • worldcitizen1919

    It gets very good reviews on Android. I can't discount that because such a large number enjoyed the game. Its a game which either you love it or hate it but certainly worth getting if you like what you've seen of it. I'm impressed with it and am glad I bought it. I've got FF Tactics too but there are things in this game that smash it such as the special effects, voice overs, cut scenes and amount of content such as music. For sure FFT has some elements better than this but I like both and made the decision to get it based on what I liked about the game not solely on reviews.

    • defunct32

      To be honest when this came out on the PS3 I was pretty jealous as I don't have the system and read pretty good reviews about it, few years later I saw a release of the same game on Google Play and I was jealous/envious again, lol, then it finally came out on iOS but was marred with negative feedback, I almost didn't buy the game but I'm glad I did, the game is great!