Tactical RPG ‘Record of Agarest War’ is Now Available on iOS

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In a world dominated by quick, bite-sized, “casual" experiences, there always seems to be a subset of gamers begging for something meaty on iOS. Well, this one’s for you: HyperDevbox have just released their iOS port of the Xbox 360/PS3/PC game Record of Agarest War ($5.99). As mentioned, Record of Agarest War was originally released for consoles and PC several years back, and is a massive tactical JRPG that boasts over 100 hours of gameplay. That’s enough to fill, like, 1,200 times waiting in line at the movies. It’s also stuffed with a full storyline to follow and tons of cutscenes, and rumor has it there’s even a dating meta-game where you can eventually have a child with your partner. I’m strangely intrigued by that part.

All of this beefiness comes with a price though. The literal price, $14.99, is far below what the game originally cost, but is upper tier in the world of mobile. There’s also a price in terms of space: Record of Agarest War is a nearly 2 GB file size, so you might need to do some housecleaning on your device prior to installing. However, price and space are on par for a game of this caliber, and for those looking for an experience like this on mobile, there isn’t a whole heck of a lot out there to fill that void. So if you have hundreds of hours to kill and enjoy a nice, lengthy JRPG, consider checking out Record of Agarest War. For more, check out the discussion of the game in our forums.

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