realracing32As pointed out by our pals at 148apps, EA and Firemonkeys are giving away $1.99 worth of gold for Real Racing 3 [Free]. All you've got to do is mash this link on your iOS device. While 10 gold in RR3 is cool and all, what's more interesting about this development is that it's showing that developers can now give away promo codes for IAP items in games.

Previously, Apple didn't have any method for developers to give away IAP items, which forced these really awkward gift card exchanges if a developer wanted to give someone IAP from their game. 148apps' Jeff Scott goes in to detail with how the process works on his Twitter:

Basically, it works just like a normal promo code when you redeem it. If you don't have the app installed that the IAP is for, you get a prompt telling you that by redeeming the IAP code you'll also download the game. It's unclear right now if these IAP promo codes are going to be for big developers only (like EA here) or if it'll eventually be unrolled to all developers through iTunes Connect.

Hopefully everyone gets access to it before too long, as it'll make the lives of developers who are looking to give their IAP items away for free to journalists, contest winnners, kickstarter backers or whatever else infinitely easier.

  • Jamesrooney27

    It does not work in the uk

    • GaZ-OiD


      Unfortunately, your country is not eligible for this promotion.
      Please check out other EA games here!

      • decabao

        Doesn't seem to work outside of the US

  • Gamer1st

    It worked fine for me, (US) but it didn't force me to re-dowload the game. I had it on my iPad previously but not right now.
    I see this as a potential good thing.

  • sirbond

    Well we all like a bit of free stuff right?

  • GPS

    Doesn't work in Australia either 🙁

  • qcfrogman

    doesn't even work in Canada!

  • Coolz

    Do u have to buy iap to get promo

    • Gamer1st

      I didn't

  • Coolz

    Do u have to buy iap to get promo code

  • cofunguy

    Just peachy. Isn't it An oxymoron with EA (one of the biggest a users of IAP) and them giving away free IAP??

    Hopefully not limited to big devs since this can be helpful to all!

  • atmmta

    Perhaps the App Store will finally come full circle when EA gives away free IAPs to entice people to buy premium games!!

    Oh god, this is how badly I want the App Store to go back to Premium instead of Freemium/Paidmium/Pay2Win/whatever.

  • bcredonk

    Ah, this is what the promo code begging tweet was about.

  • Andrew Gaeland

    I'm a developer too, I was actually looking for such a solution not long ago and stumbled upon a service called Trophit that already does this (works on android too), does anyone know it? BTW my app is premium, but I still give away coins that save the user time (not money). It also works without an SDK which is cool...