As we learned just a couple of weeks ago, Gamevil had a licensed MLB baseball simulation game in the works, and today that game, MLB Perfect Inning [Free], is now available. While the resurrection of the RBI Baseball franchise quenched our arcade baseball thirst with RBI Baseball 14 in early April, iOS gamers have still been waiting for a true, MLB licensed simulation. MLB Perfect Inning aims to fill that role, but being a free to play game from Gamevil it'll be interesting to see how the pay model affects the experience.


Very early impressions in our forums seem to be positive, though there are definitely a few weird quirks with this release. First of all, while the App Store file size is a nice, compact 68mb, the app expands to more than 200mb when installed and then upon first boot up requires an internet connection so it can download an additional 300+mb of content. In fact, the game has an always online requirement just to play, so that's something to be aware of for people without constant internet access on their device. Other than that MLB Perfect Inning seems like a high-quality effort at a true baseball sim, so if you're interested and have the necessary space and an internet connection, download the game for free and give it a spin.

  • Chuck Ankenbauer

    DAMN, was looking forward to this but no thanks. Free to play means trouble, and always connected is a no-go. I do thank touch arcade for always sharing this info BEFORE I try or buy. Thx.

    • HarryWarden

      Yeah, was also looking forward to this but the free to play killed it for me and always connected is just the cherry on top of that proverbial sundae.

    • Stormourner

      free to play means trouble? ppppppfffffffftttt!!!!!

  • chris kang

    Man I'm just glad we finally get an MLB sim. I'm getting used to the freemium model at this point. Especially forking over a few bucks for a real baseball sim instead for farm building or castle destroying...

  • Tanc24

    I've played exactly one half of an inning on my phone and I'm pretty impressed. The total file size is 1gig, but the player/stadium detail is well done. Buster posey and hunter pence's batting stances are replicated very well.

    Looking forward to putting this on the iPad and giving it a real spin...

  • JP Falcon

    I will never bother with a game that has such a large file size if I need to always be connected to the internet.....pass

  • TheFeralWarrior

    Does anyone know how to unlock exhibition mode? It's locked from the start and I can't figure it out.

  • extol4000

    The initial start up menus were ridiculously confusing. Took me a while to figure out how to start a game. After spending some hours with it, I really like the game but I'm not very good at it (hitting OR pitching).

    Graphics are excellent and the gameplay is good. I like that you can choose to bat only and let the AI handle the rest of the game but an option to take over an AI played game is sorely needed.

    If it weren't internet connection only, I'd play it more often standing in line somewhere.

  • TripMX

    I almost decided to download this game, but when I read about the constant internet connection required just to play, I decided to just forget about it! I wanna be able to play OFFLINE anywhere and anytime!

  • worldcitizen1919

    Not so perfect at all. Confusing menu took a while to work out how to play and can't hit the ball even on easy. This could have been a great game but you can toss it on the ios trash heap now. Always on connection needed to play also.