Gamevil’s Baseball Sim ‘MLB Perfect Inning’ is Now Available

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As we learned just a couple of weeks ago, Gamevil had a licensed MLB baseball simulation game in the works, and today that game, MLB Perfect Inning (Free), is now available. While the resurrection of the RBI Baseball franchise quenched our arcade baseball thirst with RBI Baseball 14 in early April, iOS gamers have still been waiting for a true, MLB licensed simulation. MLB Perfect Inning aims to fill that role, but being a free to play game from Gamevil it’ll be interesting to see how the pay model affects the experience.


Very early impressions in our forums seem to be positive, though there are definitely a few weird quirks with this release. First of all, while the App Store file size is a nice, compact 68mb, the app expands to more than 200mb when installed and then upon first boot up requires an internet connection so it can download an additional 300+mb of content. In fact, the game has an always online requirement just to play, so that’s something to be aware of for people without constant internet access on their device. Other than that MLB Perfect Inning seems like a high-quality effort at a true baseball sim, so if you’re interested and have the necessary space and an internet connection, download the game for free and give it a spin.

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