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Ready for a Real Baseball Sim on Mobile? Gamevil’s ‘MLB Perfect Inning’ Could Be It

The iOS platform had been sorely missing a true MLB baseball game, but MLB Advanced Media finally delivered earlier this month with RBI Baseball 14 ($4.99). However, RBI focused on old-school, simplistic, arcade-style baseball gaming and in that sense it really delivered. But fans of more contemporary baseball video games are still lacking a full-blown simulation-style MLB game on mobile. As Polygon reports, Gamevil is taking a stab at filling that hole with their upcoming game MLB Perfect Inning. Here’s a look at a few screens from the Android version of the (virtual button-heavy) game.


mlbpi1 mlbpi2

As you can see by that array of virtual controls, MLB Perfect Inning seems like it might be quite complicated for a touchscreen. But Polygon’s impression is that Gamevil seems to have pulled it off pretty darn well. We already know that Gamevil have experience making great cartoony, RPG-ish baseball games with the Baseball Superstars series, so I’m excited to see how they put that to work making an MLB-licensed simulation. For more on the nitty gritty details behind how MLB Perfect Inning works, check out Polygon’s hands-on impressions at the source link below. According to the game’s website, MLB Perfect Inning is on track for a May release, so expect more details in the coming weeks.