When Square Enix Montreal revealed Hitman GO [$4.99] this past February, it certainly received a mixed response. On the one hand, the long-running Hitman series has always felt like a puzzle game at its core, as you experimented to find out the best method for your character Agent 47 to take out his target(s) in each of the game's complex levels. Boiling that down into a true turn-based puzzle game for mobile seemed like a smart fit. On the other hand, this definitely wasn't the Hitman most fans knew and loved, and change can be a scary thing. Well, for the most part Hitman GO seems to have turned out just fine, mostly because it's a fantastic puzzle game in its own right, with or without the Hitman name.

In an interview over at Gamasutra, creative director of Hitman GO Dan Lutz dishes some behind-the-scenes info on the game's development. Besides its great puzzle mechanics, one thing that really stands out about Hitman GO is its visuals. Its board game and diorama inspiration is pretty clear, but it's another inspiration that really took me by surprise. Lutz states that one of the main inspirations for Hitman GO's environments was the Rich Kids of Instagram Tumblr page. Says Lutz, "It’s kids with a lot of money taking pictures of their everyday lives, and there you see these hugely spaced-out mansions and giant yachts and there’s just kind of a lot of empty space. Hitman GO is kind of modeled after that."

It's definitely an unexpected inspiration, but knowing about it now it all makes a lot of sense to me. Inspiration can come from the strangest of places, even Rich Kids of Instagram. There's some more interesting tidbits about Hitman GO's development at the full article linked below, so be sure to give it a read. And, this probably goes without saying, but if you dig stylish puzzle games and haven't checked out Hitman GO yet, that's something you really need to do.


  • Eseres

    Even though I really enjoy Hitman GO, I do hope that we'll get a more "classic" looking Hitman game for mobile devices down the line. With the release of Hitman GO and all the critics, both good and bad, I hope it will give these devs their much needed kick in the rear to make a Hitman game as we all know it should be.

    (IF, for some reason, the devs reads this comment, please note this:

    There is at least two things we DON'T want to see in a Hitman game if you choose to make one.

    1. NO IAP's! (Other than for expansion packs.)
    2. NO energy bars, refills or other stuff that will make us wait for ages to continue playing.

    Im sure other Hitman fans have something to add to this list, but these are the most important things for you to avoid!)

    • thestapler

      I beat Deus Ex and I'm a good 80 levels deep on Hitman without needing any IAP's.

      I too would still be stoked for a Hitman game thats true to the original style. But I will not let that get in the way of one of the best puzzle games I've ever played.

      • Eseres

        Oh, no 😀 Please don't get me wrong 🙂 Hitman GO is a exellent puzzle game in my opinion. To be honest, it is probably the most lasting puzzle game I've ever played. It's just that (most) people who have played the original games (probably) might have felt a little bit let down when they got this game instead of a full action/stealth/story game. Hitman GO also might not be for everyone, due to the fact that the game forces you to think a few steps ahead, almost like a chess game, and not everybody loves chess. I find Hitman GO to be a great game simply because I've kind of started to out-grown the traditional gaming consols, and just want something to fill in for those short boring moments or when Im sitting on the crapper 😛

    • 61050

      i agree, but you do see who the developer is, right?

  • markymarkanddafunkybunch

    Looks can only do so much.