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New ‘Modern Combat 5’ Tidbits Revealed, “Coming Soon” to Smartphones and Tablets

Gameloft’s massively popular Modern Combat franchise didn’t receive its usual yearly iteration in 2013, but the developer today has released a few new details about the latest entry in the series as well as a promise that it’s “coming soon." Like the Call of Duty series that it emulates, a new Modern Combat game has released in the latter months of every year since 2009. Unfortunately for fans, Modern Combat 5 was delayed back in October, and we really haven’t heard much about its status since then, other than it would be releasing sometime in 2014.

Today Gameloft has broken their silence and announced that the latest Modern Combat has an official name: Modern Combat: Blackout. Unfortunately, that subtitle is about the only truly new information Gameloft revealed. The other information relayed today consists mostly of confirmation of previous news. The game will begin in Venice, Italy where your main character Phoenix must stop a well-armed terrorist group from transporting weapons of mass destruction. We played through this first level last year at E3, and here’s that video once again.

From there, and as in previous Modern Combat games, you’ll be whisked across the globe in a variety of different missions that will no doubt be filled with spectacular set pieces and plot twists. This much is alluded to in a description of another of the game’s missions which sees Phoenix fighting “amidst total anarchy while trying to convince his allies to accept an uncomfortable secret." That sounds like just the type of man-theater I’d expect from Modern Combat (and pro wrestling). Gameloft says many more details will be revealed about Modern Combat 5: Blackout in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.